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@CJTerry 😁 @jonworth Matt Hancock has a special dartboard. He puts the blindfold on... @ECarlssonBrowne 😬 @marcowenjones Give it 10 years or soI'm sure you've seen this @annehelen , but just in case. @Petemetalagist I thought about that a lot regarding the age of the US presidential candidates - basically all a bi… @Petemetalagist I do think there's a lot more to be investigated/written about the way (eg) FB & Whatsapp present w… @Petemetalagist Also, if we're thinking about that demographic, they had the metaphor pushed at them hard from at l… @zatapatique 🔥 @BarclayBenedict @SamuelMarcLowe @jdportes I think an unspoken issue is what taper is the Treasury going to come up…*expensive consultant voice* never underestimate the cultural importance of guanxi to doing business in Britain
Retweeted by MetatoneIf you read anything on extraordinary #DiegoMaradona, read @marc_cart - the achingly human superstar who embodied…
Retweeted by Metatone @celestialweasel @ChairmanMoet people look back and marvel at the electoral consent for austerity in the 2010s, might be worth looking at who… @nonoxcol 😞
Bengali friends, one for you! Also, seems fitting as there’s a sizeable Bengali community in Bristol (not that /I…
Retweeted by Metatone @ChairmanMoet tbf, the OBR have done themselves quite a bit of damage since 2010 @smitajamdar years more of this to go 😞 @_Financeguy @s13GES True, but I think the £ is still in for some turbulence in 2021. @_Financeguy @s13GES It's interesting to me because the market has largely failed to price anything in over the las… @BuddClair @whimsley yes, one of these daysSo, Maradona has passed. A fair number of years older than me, but we shared a birthday, so I always felt a connec… @BuddClair 👏🏾 @sarahoconnor_ It's a deep Tory belief that the public sector is bad and the private sector is good. They've had a… @path_dependent I presume the point is to hobble Labour councils in various places? @aidanskinner 🎶what's that coming over the hill? Is it a model.... a model...?🎶 @BrokenBanker ouch - painfully good callI think this tweet was made for @oldtrotter @JoMicheII The optics of kicking foreigners?A Zoom meeting uses 540 MB to 1.62 GB of data per hour. In Africa, median price for 1 GB is $7.04 w/ some higher…
Retweeted by Metatone @TACJ I'm going to blame you for bringing this to my attention. ow. @MellingBob "The Labour Party have been getting in the way." @JZDurden oh, it me. it me. (hence my reference to genres) @konvolutj Might look better in a couple of weeks. 🤞🏾 @JZDurden Within the specific genres that I like best, I think I pretty much have read all the good books written p… @SocialHistoryOx Crack cocaine for historians. @lobstereo @JZDurden I'm also fascinated by the belief that ramming the stuff at kids is effective, when the histor… @lobstereo @JZDurden 🔥 @konvolutj I should add that for me my personal horror is not catching it, so much as catching it and passing it on… @thoughtland @unherd @freddiesayers Point being, countervailing forces really need to get their finger out. @thoughtland @unherd @freddiesayers AFAIK boringly TNE was a bootstrap inside Archant and isn't getting much mogul cash. @konvolutj If you don't have it and they don't have it, the risks are mostly about catching it on the journey? And… @gsoh31 3 questions, 3 answers: (a) No one. (b) A junior Home Office Minister may mention it in passing in Parliament one day. (c) No one. @ColinYeo1 @IanDunt Every time I think there's a case for claiming some other PM was worse, yet another detail of C… @JamesHarrisNow I hear the Jan 1 edition of UK 2021 has some interesting developments at the border lined up? @thoughtland @unherd @freddiesayers Endowment from Sir Paul Marshall, who you may have heard of. @TACJ @FinancialTimes But do they show less understanding than the average report on BBC News? @stuffysour Yes. Lots of valid worries (Senate etc) about how much USA will turn things around, but we've got 4 mor… @ZoeJardiniere Just to rub it in? @stuffysour I think we all know that it's going to have to be some kind of phallic column. @kirschly "The event was run with the same sense of organisation as the early days of Test and Trace." @path_dependent It's going to be good material for you in 2025 to write about how changing the green book made no difference at all.Obvs. I'm not destined to like a "Festival of Brexit" but I'm interested in the political parallels with the Millennium Dome @dsquareddigest @JoMicheII @crookedfootball Worth noting that there has been a conscious project from the right to… @strictmode_ 🎉 @MartinBelam Gaaah. This infuriates me. Yes, the words used in my industry sound meaningless to outsiders. No, they… is the 7th damning report on the hostile environment and Windrush that I've written about for the Guardian Ho…
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@aidanskinner what's that you said? Jellyfish? @stephenkb Motorway = car or coach ? @stephenkb *Thinks back to logistical challenges the gov't has faced in 2020.* I'm not even sure they know how to think about them? @yorksranter yes @Whatleydude Xbox I'd guess. @JZDurden @willsh @jdaykin @zoescaman Very interesting. @EdRooksby When are you joining the Conservative Party? @dsquareddigest Roughly 2017. @tomescritt 😁 It's like some kind of Masonic handshake. @MartinBelam Has anyone written about how beef joint prices have been all over the place this year? @tomescritt Dow? @yet_so_far Don't see why not? @PreachyPreach Bloke in the bushes with lead pipe waiting for the delivery man? @lmartods yeah, I'm was coping but I'm just about out of cope at this point @pmcray @dsquareddigest @tomashirstecon @stephenkb @yorksranter @t0nyyates @zatapatique @LRB There's always that bl… @stephenkb @tomashirstecon @dsquareddigest @yorksranter @t0nyyates I think (1) is interestingly hard to answer - it… @tomashirstecon @stephenkb @dsquareddigest @yorksranter @t0nyyates I'm reminded that there were lots of "no Keynesi… @lmartods 🔥One more little speedbump @colmanareilly of the situation with European funds, @Europeripheral @kentindell @t0nyyates @GrantLewis1 So by 2024 official Tory policy is going to be “back to the gold standard” ? @colmanareilly @NethertonNews It's a bit of a U shape I think. If the volume is low enough, businesses can just do… more for the "long tail of business affected by Brexit" list. @charlie__ Yes, that's the fear.Good news, I hope. @chirpychappy1 They can go abroad, they just can't come back? @TACJ Very interesting, although the caveats seem to point to the innovation problem being rooted in how our capita… @FlipChartRick Redwood seems to be getting more "whataboutery" every day.Does anyone have a tip for a good online German teacher? I want my B2 by the end of next year.
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@odalisquex good luck @omaromalleykhan Will read. I think it is a piece that needs to be written. @warpedgeoid @marcoarment thanks for the response! @LauraAmalasunta @katherineschof8 👏🏾 very applicable to other disciplines (including mine) too! @respros @simonk_665 set up your own speakeasy @marcoarment I was wary of the memory on the new MBA, is it enough? @naadirjeewa I missed it too and can't work out if that's a blessing or not.JUST ONE GRAPH IN THE DAILY MAIL - a thread.
Retweeted by Metatone @lmartods I think they do. @jrhopkin @juliaflynch @vonkarama I think you're confusing you writing it up with "writing it up in an extremely si…"How chonky are the cows" maps feels like something that would amuse @lmartods @jrhopkin I agree, although I'll welcome a succession of temporary deals if they provide a softer landing than what…