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@oldtrotter Just had a thought - MMT jobs guarantee. @FlipChartRick Looking like it, although the impacts of the pandemic are more far reaching and may in the long run… @respros @thomasbowell It's a good shout, he has the profile to propel a campaign - after all we can't actually rel… @respros I wonder if Khan will have had enough by then. He looks a bit worn down already. @DanPheby @roreiy I'l add as usual that even if one of me and Mrs M could get a job in my old hometown, the chances… @MellingBob smth smth Rugby League songs @auralflaneur @jrhopkin Part of the extra problem is that outside academia, in the UK, debates about the c-word alm… @oldtrotter I am not *that* surprised 😉, but I am interested in the tension between the rhetoric of the moment and… interest @oldtrotter @GarethDennis @respros I think all the not Lab/Con candidates suffered from a lack of coverage. Part corona, but al… @oldtrotter Apparently we didn’t understand the key was to cut Arts and Humanities HE funding by half.May interest/grimly amuse @timoconnorbl @oldtrotter In County Woebegone, every town is above average?
@oldtrotter "Stopping brain drain to the cities" seems... mildly optimistic (?), given trends around the world. @oldtrotter "their potential *as assessed by Michael Gove*" @ChairmanMoet Dwight Rortugal for Party Chairman @juliablunck1 So much this. But as Fintan O T has written, there's an absolute need for this generation of conserva… @claudiakincaid My experience is Day 1 is ok and then Day 2 @claudiakincaid @LeithMotive Get them Labour Party memberships. They will have formed five warring factions by the end of the day ' @ChairmanMoet Good news, although I wonder who actually paid for it @owlsanctuarist @GarlickWitch rocket fuel @prformativcontr I think there's some truth to the "vaccine bounce" enabled by the way the media is much happier to… @juliablunck1 (And I'm not knocking them for this, I don't give the Shadow Cabinet much thought either.) @juliablunck1 There's so much random nonsense going around from the right like this. Lab are unpopular, but even no… @tomashirstecon (It sounds over-optimistic I know, but in fact there are limits on how much they can cut in various… @tomashirstecon As you know I'm a great proponent of sandpile/"works right up until it doesn't" views on this stuff… @willbott4 Maybe people just didn't listen well? @chrishanretty Spaceman meme "wait, it's just d'Hondt all the way down?" "Always has been" @Grasping_kulak @celestialweasel The Great British Voting Public Endorsed More Chaos With Boris Johnson, so that's what they'll get. @alixmortimer For me it reminds me of the way my gran bought a lottery ticket every week for years and never won an…
@omaromalleykhan Do I even want to know? @helenmj7 @stephenkb @okerproker US press is not quite the government cheerleader that the UK media is at the moment. @helenmj7 @stephenkb @okerproker (one might be able to quantify the incumbent benefit this crisis has brought by lo… @helenmj7 @stephenkb @okerproker They were in government and benefited from seeming competent at times during the c… @helenmj7 @stephenkb @okerproker Welsh government had a different profile re corona @theendofthedave @p_surridge yes , typo there @p_surridge I think this is overall how things have happened. It's also worth noting that Johnson has been PM for l… @chrishanretty @ProfAFinlayson No mention of Data! Science! - can't really be Dom. @stephenkb @PronouncedAlva I wonder if an underrated factor in a lot of the “northern decline of Labour “ is decade… @prformativcontr yes, I won't claim to be surprised, but I have been disappointed at how the current leadership have handled party relations @prformativcontr I can't even remember which one that is. When was it published?
@oldtrotter I'll be interested to hear what you think of the corona book. @oldtrotter Where did you find a lawnmower that runs on books? I'm sort of jealous. @oldtrotter Grim, esp. as so many places to go are still closed. Maybe you can read some election coverage to rais… @oldtrotter Is it just your place, or a wider power cut? @SpinnerGrace Aside from Jimmy Anderson, who will still be being picked for Tests when they are in their 70s? Eng… @alexvtunzelmann I suspect you're not going to like the next few years then. (Me either, tbf.) @JackOwainWatkin @stephenkb @JTatLife @Fornbirkibeinn This. Not to go all "on the doorstep" but the people I've enc… @alixmortimer Are you forming the Penge Volunteers as we speak? @stephenkb Isn't the heart of British Politics since 2010 that the Conservative contradictions somehow keep airborne? @respros @YIMBY_Princeton 😩 @respros @YIMBY_Princeton The Discourse is going to be unbearable tomorrow.
The tragedy of the festival/event scene being utterly decimated by the govt's failure to underwrite insurance is br…
Retweeted by Metatone @celestialweasel bloody hell @HzBrandenburg The Fantasy Tory Party That Isn't Out To Dismantle Lots Of Things @chrishanretty @naadirjeewa Also, unfortunately, plenty on the Left are quite comfortable with totalising majoritarianism as a frame. @chrishanretty @naadirjeewa Loudest does rather matter though. Some subjects have public impact and it kind of matt… @chrishanretty we live in hope @chrishanretty UK PoliSci will have gone through a period of totalising majoritarianism defending all sorts of bad…
@rfitz77 Alas I think there would be visa issues for a family member, so no. @rfitz77 Can you get fibre internet there? @Fornbirkibeinn @scandifriend Part of the problem I suspect (extrapolated from EUref/Nissan) is that the number of… @ianeastleeds @RobParsonsYP @yorkshirepost @IPPR @IPPRNorth @MigrationYorks Disappointing.
Does any language have a pithy compound word for “the sharp stab of pain felt in the soul when confronted by a particularly bad pun” ? @ChairmanMoet If No’B is in charge of levelling up I can confidently predict geographical inequality will be worse by 2024 @mike1glyn @oldtrotter It’s really hard not to note that the most powerfully predictive heuristic for our current p… @oldtrotter I keep circling back to this, but newer industries just don’t seem to employ as many people. @oldtrotter yes, if you’re remote working and choosing a new place to live, chances are you are looking at places currently doing ok @respros While I’m grousing, the move of Cafe Spice N to Royal Dock is a bit grim too. @respros @zimarestaurant Baltic 😩Did you see this @oldtrotter ? @thejimsmith I blame a year of pandemic conditions. It’s has lead to hallucinations in the fish aisle at the supermarket @thejimsmith I may not have been being entirely serious @CJFDillow @brokenbottleboy you may want to look at the OED @thejimsmith caviar? @p_millerd Citrus is just the weirdest category @dsquareddigest HJS at it again I see.One for @ArtDecoist
@celestialweasel @roreiy 🤣 @celestialweasel @roreiy 10% tax on red trousers @CarefulTweeter Don't - the last thing we need is a campaign for a set of Airbus A380s for the Royals and Johnson and... @roreiy Maybe you need to put it on the side of a bus. @owlsanctuarist @juliablunck1 This is actually the line Labour needs to find some zingers around. (the large adult son bit, not the scream) @RachelMann123 yes, playing to the base @RachelMann123 Just bonkers, it seems to me.It seems The Telegraph has been trying to talk a new royal yacht into existence for years now... @juliablunck1 @owlsanctuarist dammit, "a good bloke at heart" @juliablunck1 @owlsanctuarist The suspicion that haunts me is that she's no more Tory than you might expect from he… @juliablunck1 @owlsanctuarist In fact of course, the author knows who Johnson is all too well (and has for years) a… @alexvtunzelmann @johnlappin It seems to me to be under-discussed to what extent key senior journalists consider Jo… @oldtrotter @monaghanpj It's certainly difficult to see how the English people break out of this subservient relati… @monaghanpj @oldtrotter In passing, this BBC piece really seems to take the biscuit: @monaghanpj @oldtrotter But in the end, explaining it doesn't make it any better. Poli-sci types don't help, seing… @monaghanpj @oldtrotter This is it, isn't it? I suppose at heart it's the cognitive dissonance problem. People want…
I fixed the "Types of Scientific Paper" meme.
Retweeted by Metatone @stuffysour You can predict every vote since 2009 via the heuristic of "how would people vote if they wanted things to get worse" @crookedfootball @stand_for_all @jdportes Bold new experiment with LSD microdosing? @stand_for_all @crookedfootball @jdportes The NS has a weird penchant for a certain kind of professor carrying a do…
One for @Europeripheral