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Dave Thomas @Meteornotes Baltimore, MD

Co-host of @thegwpodcast Twitch Affliate Writer/Animator/Musician Love cats, food & wine, travel

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@RoryPlays_ @stevesaylor The Endless Spring Train To Busan Hell Or High Water Parasite Inception Black Panther Kong… @GailSimone The Loop by @JRJ_Is_Probable is the best thing I’ve read this year @TerryTeachout1 The Endless Spring Parasite Train To Busan Hell Or High Water
@Gabino_Iglesias Still working on mine. Hope to have it done today, then some really dumb people that obviously do… @TheKaufmann One of my favorite collections @AaronDries This is awesome newsNeed something to listen to this morning? Why not check out a new episode of @thegwpodcast with @marysangiovanni,…
Retweeted by Dave Thomas @HillaryMonahan Agreed. So disappointing.
@ohlook_Sinesta I am so sorry @TwistedColossus Nice list. I haven’t been to a park since 2017 (stupid cancer!) but I’d really like to go to Europa Park again.
Starting the day with different types of cheese. And crab balls. And wine! @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @edwardleeauthor And it could be worse. She could be making you watch The Hallmark Cha… @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @edwardleeauthor Um, I just want to point out that Shark Attack 3 is available for vie… @SavageMouse @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @edwardleeauthor It is pretty goddamn painful. But it’s one of those thin… Of The Day! This will be one of the best things you read this year. Trust me on this @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @edwardleeauthor The Rifftrax version of Birdemic is the preferred version. I don’t th… @JRJ_Is_Probable As I’ve told people, once you get to the cave scene, you’re not going to want to put the book down until you’ve finished it
@Charrlygirl Allow me to have my delusions! 😀 @Gabino_Iglesias @BrianKeene @ToneCardona This would rule @BrianKeene @Gabino_Iglesias @ToneCardona I too have traveled much of the planet and I totally agree with this assessment @Gabino_Iglesias Was there once. Absolutely loved it and want to go back. @BrianKeene @MUSIC_MAN1974 This is always the best answer to this question. Or as I like to say “make sure you spel… @BrianKeene @Bryan_D_Smith I have not listened to this in many, many years. I will get it out and give it a proper… @BCHvids They are well fed and have plenty of places to nap, so they’re pretty well taken care of. Not that they’d… cats, really don’t need your Octagon Of Death wrestling match on the bed at 4 AM
I will be pushing REALLY HARD to get one of these upcoming vaccines, as if I need to be out of the house regularly… thought is to deal with it with more radiation and/or immunotherapy. We shall see what the Oncologist says to… remember when I had that lung biopsy at the beginning of the month? Well, I got the results last Thursday, and t… @ribbitpiano I was accused of cheating & being disruptive because I would finish assignments much faster than the r… @Gabino_Iglesias I have had this speech written in my head for years. Though it does see constant additions...BIG NEWS, everyone! People have been asking us "When are you going to do another book?" So... we're doing it! Now i…
Retweeted by Dave Thomas @rachsyme Devin TownsendAdult coffee time - Tito’s vodka, kahlua, & creme brûlée coffee! In my cat mug!
@BrianKeene Yeah. I remember that, just didn’t remember the name. I don’t remember it scaring me at the time (I was… @BrianKeene Even as a older kid, I was like “OK, which relative is going to show up next?!?” Like you said. It did… @BrianKeene Uncle Jack was, um, not a good ideaIt’s 8:30 AM here, and I have already seen the absolute dumbest thing I’ll see all day and really, really want to s… out to work this morning? Why not bring @marysangiovanni, @SomerM, @Meteornotes and myself along with ya? A…
Retweeted by Dave Thomas @SimplyTwoTV I love you both and am sorry I don’t talk to you more. You rule.New episode! Listen!!!
@annantrou @Gabino_Iglesias Fun Fact: Hellmark is what we were going to call a podcast where @PhoebeBatCat & I woul… @Gabino_Iglesias We talk about this anthology and the submission guidelines on @thegwpodcast tonight! And I’m work… @SadieHartmann So with you. This crap annoys me to no end. I do not have time for reindeer games, people. Just say… @AletheaKontis I think it looks great!
@CMorganAuthor @AlexFromIA @PhoebeBatCat @marysangiovanni @SomerM That cat looks like he wants to crack the Earth i… @AlexFromIA @PhoebeBatCat @marysangiovanni @SomerM This is us @AletheaKontis Yay! @BrianKeene hey, I hate to bug you again (I feel like I'm panhandling) but would you be able to boost my GoFundMe a…
Retweeted by Dave ThomasThis is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. And it scares me. @SteveLC8349 @thegwpodcast @SomerM @marysangiovanni @Matt_Wildasin That’s a really good suggestion, and im@sure we… @BrianKeene @CMorganAuthor @WesSouthard @JeffStrand I should also say the mint chocolate Kit Kats are also amazing @CMorganAuthor @BrianKeene @WesSouthard @JeffStrand You are very wiseEpisode #2 tomorrow! @BrianKeene @CMorganAuthor @WesSouthard @JeffStrand Whoppers are meh at best. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is cand… @Bryan_D_Smith @BrianKeene I’m in @BrianKeene @TodClark I so hope that there will be changes and there will be actual support for all of these people… @kovacs_bernie @BrianKeene I would watch the hell out of this TV show
@ChuckWendig I have always said the internet is one of the greatest and worst inventions in human history @BrianKeene @ToneCardona @KarlaKay16 This could still happen, as the equipment is portable and easy to set up anywh…
“If you’re going to make a movie about a three-headed shark, at least try to make it realistic” @Erinys I need to get this @outfortune @TexasCthulhu @BrianKeene @ReelSplatter It’s the only thing to use for such a scene @tithenai @QueenOfRats Yes this would be like me saying, no, don’t cure cancer because everyone should have to go t… @outfortune @TexasCthulhu @BrianKeene I demand that @ReelSplatter films this. And I get to write the music. @BrianKeene Whiskers deserves a co-writing credit @Gabino_Iglesias Totally writing “The Cat Who Saved Christmas (Until The Shoggoths Showed Up). HOLIDAY HORROR GOLD! @BrianKeene @Gabino_Iglesias If after having to endure approximately 15 billion hours of Hallmark Channel movies th… wait to hear this! @Gabino_Iglesias I’m all in for this. But I want another cat. @outfortune @TexasCthulhu @BrianKeene This is the kind of quality content I approve of
@BrianKeene @marysangiovanni I never thought she was supposed to be particularly likeable, much like Walt on Breaki… that The Horror Show with Brian Keene ended? Well @marysangiovanni, @Meteornotes and @Matt_Wildasin have a new…
Retweeted by Dave Thomas @ChuckWendig I remember seeing the original trailer and was confused, but now I sort of want to play it.
Here is the first episode of @thegwpodcast with @marysangiovanni, @SomerM, @Meteornotes and our very own…
Retweeted by Dave Thomas @BrianKeene @DeathGingerPunk Or Sleestaks. Stupid phone. @BrianKeene @DeathGingerPunk Soeestaks rule @yoyogod Not yet. I do need to watch that at some point. @ChristophGolden Haha, this is amazing in the level of dumb it takes to do this
@chuck_cfc @Narthexter I don’t think even Hallmark brand opium would do the job @Narthexter There is no way there’s enough of this on Earth to make it possible to sit through one of these moviesA great way to start your day! @cats_luv_coffee He is adorable. And apparently enjoys gravity experiments as much as our cats do
It’s live! @sirclinksalot Easily one of the best things in television. S2 is even better than the first.
@minervax I am so sorry @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden As someone that’s only alive right now because of the ACA (been in cancer treatment for 2+… @RobertSwartwood @PhoebeBatCat This is the most accurate thing I’ll see on the internet todayHad an absolute blast recording the first episode of @thegwpodcast with @marysangiovanni @Matt_Wildasin & @SomerM l… @ememess After a careful study of all the evidence, it turns out that Hannity may be, in fact, an idiotGetting ready to record a podcast...but it's not A Case for Classics! @thegwpodcast or, The Ghost Writers Podcast w…
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@BrianKeene @BCHvids @Liquidnoose Yes indeed. I really need to sit down and put together all the Rush covers, as th… @SteveLC8349 @thegwpodcast @marysangiovanni @Matt_Wildasin @SomerM @Grindcast1 I haven’t been to the grocery store… are recording the first episode of @thegwpodcast tonight. I wrote the new theme song & will be yelling about thi… is awesome news! @BrianKeene @ReelSplatter @marysangiovanni @LaimoMichael @deborahleblanc @MauriceBroaddus @westonochse @noigeloverlord These are wonderful @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni One of the best shows ever. Enjoy!
@SomerM It is easily one of my most favorite things to cook and eat @BrianKeene @outfortune @WesSouthard @SomerM @AlexFromIA Oh, and let me just say that @BrianKeene makes some fuckin… @outfortune @BrianKeene @WesSouthard @SomerM @AlexFromIA It’s called Cincinnati Chili. It’s actually just meat sauc… @BrianKeene @outfortune @WesSouthard @SomerM @AlexFromIA It has to have beans. Cornbread is ok, don’t like it with…