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@Rated_COD @ZooMaa Godlike show @Wheel2Wheel_ @ZooMaa LMAOAyo @ZooMaa.. @Swagg guy joined a meeting with the VP with his gamertag @lilyachty @betterdaysahead @ZooMaa I was scrimming and in 8s all night....please forgive me @AccuracyLA @Attach ......My boy @Marner93 rocking @betterdaysahead 🔥
Scrims @shroud Hello Mr Shroud, i’m inquiring to discuss a potential CoD 1v1 between you and @ZooMaa. Please reach out to… @JamesCrowder @ZooMaa someone else tell this guy he’d get obliterated? @ZooMaa 🐐 @HunterSpecht @UYUDrew Let’s get it @UYUDrew Of course @AccuracyLA My son @silly702 Great map @NAMELESS Can't believe it brother...miss you my guyWe just reached 6,500 subs on Twitch within two months of streaming! I genuinely can't thank you guys enough for th… 8s then subscriber giveaway
@Fire40 My b son @TheBoiSantana Someone tell him @TheBoiSantana ?? @NICKMERCS If you’re ever in NYC/NJ we’re changing that shit opinion of yours @AhFlashh #2 @OsBo_ Gus tacos @H3CZ No
@GodXReal he doesn’t know who you areClay thinks he's LeBron LMAO @SlasheR_AL people are on the verge of not making champs and are getting off after scrims DAYS AHEAD @HamzaFrosty Yessir my boy
@JamesCrowder Girl with the dragon tattoo, mystic river, prisoners, usual suspects @OpTicMaNiaC honest mistake..wrong accountMethodz has been unreal. Not only was he the overall kill leader in challengers S3 by quite the margin, he also led… = Omni-Man?yo @Drazah_ happy bday kid...tbs
@xiFuego @Clayster @Temp LMAO @BrianSaintt I’m sorry brother @MrBeast If any directors see this and want to make me an actor, I'm ready @Nadeshot @DaDSHoT Happy birthday Mr Shot sr @MarkyB @CODEclanDewert @ZooMaa @TJHaLy @Huke @DallasEmpire jesus christ you couldn’t spell a word correct if you swiped your card @Attach Make sure to follow the stream and become a citizin of Zin City! @heyitsbaiiley @TJHaLy @Decemate he’s hanging on by a thread @Its_EasyMac hmLet's vibe
🏅 CTRL Collectible Series Vol. 5 🏅 To secure this limited edition drop click the following link and buy ANY big ba…
Retweeted by Ultra MethodzArcitys vs Prestinni 1v1s are so dope @LewTeeCoD there’s something wrong w you @ZooMaa @skrapzg We gotta play this every nightInvincible is incredible television @SpinnaSpence Happy bday brotherGuys... This is a video you don't want to miss. One & Done ft. The Tri-Category, stat-leading MVP @Methodz
Retweeted by Ultra Methodz @Clayster Happy bday brothaIntroducing our new 15,000 sq ft esports headquarters in Toronto! Our HQ includes a @RedBullCanada Gaming Studio,…
Retweeted by Ultra Methodz @OctaneSam ...the title @Clayster @GstaAsim @ZooMaa @skrapzg @silly702 @Enable I am horrendous8s still can't believe we dropped Sam from OpTic in WWII. Especially with how talented and attractive he is. It shou…
big zin x huge duarte @CODLeague ... @hitchariide where we shot vision this day 3 years ago, the best OpTic team of all-time was formed @LoogaTortuga Consistency @scump @hitchariide we were #1 in the league..... “i’m so sorry” @scump @hitchariide .... @hitchariide happy optic day @AverageJoeWo @Stukawaki Let’s get it toes guy @hitchariide let’s dance @hitchariide I am sorry. I wasn't thinking straight and regret what I said. Please unban me, I am sorry. jk fuck yourself
@H3CZ My boy Luca Changretta @alexpenn This is the positivity I neededif you told me I had doge at 1 cent and sold it at 4 cents you’d be correct @SaintsNato @BrianSaintt Let’s destroy these bozos! @CODLeague @TMobile I’m thinking I get in @SibDMDL be grateful you don’t have to go through me @DashySZN @CorinnaKopf vouchGgs to LAG AC & BBG, couldn't win an SnD or control with the new squad 😅
@SHGames I volunteer to come play test!Scrims before the Elite knockout bracket. 30s delay @ThePickleman4 @ryod SoonI have a notebook with the names of every pro who tweeted something when someone else was benched but not when I was. 📝 @sejitino @SimpXO Good work @ZooMaa @Slacked We have business to attend to🤔 is crazy @TJHaLy TTPNo one does it like Marvel
@Loony Wishing you the best brotha @Arcitys anywhere with a swim up barWe're live all night! Starting with scrims @Decemate congrats my brother @BNellyNelson a piece of tape with a line drawn with penI wish everyone could’ve experienced playing GBs on CoD4 / WaW / MW3 / MW2