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fooler initiative @metroadlib shot a man in reno...

i reside in va, ride in va, most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in va.

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@nightingaile_ I've been doing Too Faced's waterproof Better Than Sex for the last three years. @fmason3 Wait.. Are you about to say you're open to a tracking device? B/c I know a guy. @fmason3 went to the store and was in and out in like 7 mins. Moved at warp speed, Fred. Know why? B/c I don't know…
@chaedria Lol. Yeah. I'm in constant fear of dying of a heart attack. They are....less so? @TallBiancaXO This is.....*wow*. I feel like I have a lot of shoes, but not like.... elaborate systems of storage… @Nice_White_Lady They're good! Thank you for asking. @chaedria Lol. Doubt it. We do food differently most of the time. @raread I feel like it hasn't. It'll be 3 years in March and it's nowhere near the length of all the ig honeys. I'm… @EcksLibris LOL @chaedria Just home to my folks'. @mstharrington @SoAlmondie Don't put salad spinners in the same category. Y'all had me out here towel drying roughage like an asshole. Lol.A few of those picks are going to rile up both Left and Right. Sanders and Tanden in particular. Lol. The time… Exclusive: Biden will nominate Neera Tanden, the president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, to serv…
Retweeted by fooler initiative-Pili Tobar, Deputy White House Communications Director -Elizabeth E. Alexander, Communications Director for the First Lady
Retweeted by fooler initiativeNew Biden staff announcements: -Kate Bedingfield, WH Communications Director -Jen Psaki, WH Press Secretary  -Ashle…
Retweeted by fooler initiative2 more trips to the car. @SoAlmondie Girl. Let me look into this magical shit. @cforde LOLOLOL @fancytomboy Nah. This isn't that. @TallBiancaXO FIVE?! A closet won't suffice? @SoAlmondie What's a packing cube?It's elongating and lovely on (if you're careful to avoid clumpy application), but maybe not quite worth the price point.So I DO like this, but that like comes with a few caveats- (I don't need any mascara recs...I'm good.) 1. It shed… @SoAlmondie Lolol. I'll bet. @TallBiancaXO I always want to pack mine in their boxes. That's usually the death knell for me. @fancytomboy Okay. Well hottdamn. You've got it all patched up. Too bad you can't be outside and naked, smutting it… @fancytomboy How long is your recovery period? Are you staying here for that, too?Okay. I DEFINITELY didn't pack as many clothes as usual. But I still have the same amount of luggage.... b/c it's all heavy winter stuff. @fancytomboy So this is a real New Year New You situation. That's fantastic, JDan. I'm happy for you. @fancytomboy Lol. It was just unexpected. I think of Fredericksburg as more as a place to pass through, and less of… @fancytomboy Oh, wow. Holy shit. @stepansick LOLOLOLOLOL @fancytomboy Wait. Why are you in Fredericksburg?I just bought a dress that is mildly-inappropriate-brunch-casual and have every intention of wearing it in july....… @AmeriKraut Okay... Shot Walker throws dice behind that wing place off Benning Road.... But I *love* it. I LOVE i… @AmeriKraut This took me SOOOO long to figure out. Lol Also. @mannytabloid LOL @AmeriKraut Wait. What's happening next week? I'm just going home for the holidays. I'm allegedly leaving tomorrow.I *will* end up leaving most of the sneakers. 1. I can't cart all these boxes around. 2. I can't withstand what wo… is abundantly clear that I am a manifestation of whatever problems ppl associate with western, consumerist cultu… I NEED 10 logan roy shawl cardigans with matching sneakers during a pandemic? Do I NEED 8 huge books when I hav…'m sitting in the middle of the floor FULLY aware that this is too much stuff. I just never want to "need"… hate packing *so* much. And I'm a consummate over-packer. @fancytomboy What thread?! Yeah, she can't let it go. @fancytomboy She's been throwing tantrums all week. He's definitely gaining weight. Which is a big deal, given how… @bailabomba That is ****so**** sweet. @johnica @AmeriKraut I talk about Miriam Makeba, I start with that "Malaika" recording. That "Stokely, I love you" to raucous… perfect Sunday afternoon song., *shameless* Maya quit this raggedy ass country, moved to Sweden, and is currently honeymooning in the remote wilds of Mexico.LMAO.... *shameless* Maya. @johnica @AmeriKraut You don't know her? I figured she'd be in your personal circle. Like, for real. I've *liter…, I was on the phone w/my mother a couple days ago, and her parting words were, "Be safe. And DON'T go on any… can't remember the last time I wanted to take a trip this badly. I partially blame @AmeriKraut for bringing that… @ineedja_kadeeja LOLOL.AND free shipping for members. @KhanYe_S LOLOLOL!!! @HirotoMats LOLOL @metroadlib And he’s actually more mad that it didn’t work out again this time. When you expect to win by cheating, losing is unimaginable.
Retweeted by fooler initiativeI'm watching republicans all over the country accuse Joe Biden of cheating.... And their standard-bearer LITERALLY… you know what's amazing to me? We don't even talk about the president welcoming and soliciting Russian interfe… both kinda acted like it wasn't happening. After she left, and for my whole drive home, I kept wondering why I… only mention it.... b/c I'm sure she's telling this exact story somewhere right now. @_SteveBurks YESActually. I'm not even going to tell this whole story. I just want everyone to know I had a 2 minute conversation… I turn it down when I'm driving through neighborhoods or when I'm pulling into a kind of quiet strip mall. Lol. B/c right. Adult.So... I play my car music really loud. Not like in a fearless, indifferent rebel kind of way. Just a… hair has been a celebration all week. Just got back to the crib and looked in the mirror. Fam. @azadag NOOOOOOOOOOOO @fancytomboy It might not be a wig. I still don't know. @fancytomboy It's fine. I'll circle back in a month. You'll see. @fancytomboy Smh. You are missing an epic Larri/Noah bromance. @fancytomboy Ugh. I knew you wouldn't like it. *sigh* but I tried. I tried. @fancytomboy Just watch the video. You gotta. @fancytomboy Lolol. I watch *Larri.* But I am hip to the fact that everyone hates James Charles. @fancytomboy You HAVE to watch the vid i sent. I lowkey think Noah has a crush on Larri. Or I want him to? Lol. Wha… @fancytomboy Like, I LOVE watching them all together. @fancytomboy The hair is a mystery. Pretty sure that's a wig...I think his is maybe overprocessed and damaged. When… @fancytomboy Lol. He is definitely at least half black (his grandma hangs in a bunch of his vids) and identifies as… @fancytomboy I only pay attention to the one boy, noah. He's cute and seems sweet. @fancytomboy I realized the other day that I DO know who those d'amelio girls are. They're always with Larri/Larray… the most shocking part of tonight was the 5 wiz khalifa songs I accidentally heard.Mike is ready to go again. Roy Jones wants some electrolytes and some quiet.Everything is so unbelievable. That's the whole of my belief system at this point. Everything is so unbelievable… Jones said "Everything hurts." LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by fooler initiativeMy goodness.Whatever Roy Jones ultimately takes home is NOT enough.FAM.I once watched this man bite evander holyfield's ear multiple times in the ring. MULTIPLE times. Now this guy kee… TYSON GIVING HUGS AFTER THE BELLI feel nervous. Why am I nervous?Not a PIECE of rhyme or reason wrt a single one of these musical acts tonight.When this is all said and done, we are going to have a long talk about our entrance songs and why we've chosen them. FORGOT about Roy Jones rapping.Nate’s kids finna get fried on Monday in Zoom school
Retweeted by fooler initiative @fancytomboy @jackthejoekr LolThis remix is one of the greatest things to ever happen in music. Ever.