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‘Please read as parents need more awareness of this.' wants to try and normalise kids with dreads week's #WhatIOwn is in London Colney
Retweeted by MetroThat's exactly what we thought too! seven in ten millennials consider themselves ‘plant parents, the average person has killed seven plants they’…
Retweeted by MetroThe wizarding world awaits 😱😱 average person has killed SEVEN plants they’ve brought into their home. You're all murderers. need to sit down 😱😱 piece by @ginamartinuk - "I made upskirting illegal but I still don't feel safe wearing a skirt" via @MetroUK
Retweeted by Metro'Why are we comfortable with famous people taking their clothes off, but not ordinary women who want to use their n…
Retweeted by Metro'I was using my instincts and adrenaline to survive.’ they're still in their twenties MacFarlane donates whopping $1million to Australian bushfire animals
Retweeted by Metro❤️️❤️️❤️️ are we comfortable with famous people taking their clothes off, but not ordinary women who want to use their nu… have been found in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the US, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, France, Austral…‘When we dance we can tell everybody that you can do anything you want if you put your mind up to it’ need more of this 👏👏 there anything they can’t do? #bts_army @bts_twt could have got yourself a bargain 99p four-drawer metal A4 document filing cabinet yep i did say that
Retweeted by MetroPresident Xi Jinping has warned China is facing a ‘grave situation’ you be collecting them? said the boy, who had autism, died after being left in a garage as temperatures dropped to minus 6 Cels… star was set to honour the late rapper Nipsey Hussle in a tribute performance at the Grammys.'The Dogs Trust charity got in touch to tell me they were concerned I may have fallen victim to what they call dogf… Archibald was the only person from Scotland to ever be in the NBA in the US. There has been no cause of deat… Appleton, a teacher, and Ms Seagrave, who is believed to be a neighbour, were both declared dead at the scene.
'The real extremists are the fossil fuel companies who are destroying the planet.' has a criminal history dating back more than 20 years and was accidentally freed too early before going on a… ‘reiterated the need’ for suspect Anne Sacoolas to be brought back after the US refused an extradition requ…'s 10 years since 'Friday' came out and Rebecca Black has come a long way. programme will offer facts and information on new stories in order to educate children over the age of 13 to sp… The woman, the myth, the legend, @MsRebeccaBlack
Retweeted by MetroSome videos circulating online however show severe overcrowding and patients lying on the floor. resigned after she was linked to the firm which supplied the tower block’s cladding.'Two weeks is not enough time to come to terms with the loss of a child.' the freak accident, David's first thought was not about the pain but about how he would continue to make a li… has jumped to the top of our 'must own' list.'s believed the new 'simplified' rules will cut down on food wastage 'walked down the aisle' to the tune of ABBA's Dancing Queen. a transformation
Retweeted by MetroHer bereft father said it 'was like torture' for her. hospitals can be built very quickly due to the use of pre-fab units, and should be completed within a fortnight… duo made TV history #StrictlyComeDancing
Retweeted by Metro‘When everyone else found out, I found out.' is going to be HUGE, and we can't wait! this be a warning to us all. 🤢 😱 police say they are ‘extremely concerned’'One brave man did reply and point blank said that while he’d had a good time, I was larger than he thought and for…
Retweeted by MetroThe #LoveIsland star, who also knows the baby's mum, has done the maths... 👀 Tatum and Jessie J look seriously loved-up
Retweeted by MetroThere are at least 830 confirmed coronavirus cases in China, with 100 people in critical condition. First picture of three children found dead at house in Dublin Royal marine recruit dies after training exercise on Cornwall beach.'We need to educate so that trans men stop missing appointments they need.' Man and girl, 8, die in house fire in Hull. Liang is the first known fatality among staff treating coronavirus patients., who recently returned home from Wuhan, spent 27 hours in isolation.'s Amber Gill knows Rebecca Gormley...
Retweeted by MetroTime for another round! 🍺🍺 people have so far been pulled out of rubble alive, including a pregnant woman trapped for 12 hours. is battling to stop the outbreak from becoming a pandemic, effectively quarantining more than 35 million peop… BBC Sports Personality of The Year was goaded by fans following his dismissal on day one of the fourth Test‘This is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me.' boldly go, where someone else went before Tatum and Jessie J are officially back together!
Retweeted by MetroThe mother of Tetley’s youngest victim, who was just 14 years old, called him 'a monster'. officials, Border Force agents, and airlines are desperate to ‘trace as many people as we can’. has had bowel and digestion issues ever since she was born, and is now trying to raise money £30,000 for an op… this is a very smart idea.'My first thoughts were pure panic. What did it mean? I hadn’t been prepared for anything besides good news and I’d… look at this majestic pair 😍
Could your relationship be heading for trouble? incredible feat of engineering.'Jesse’s father loved him very much, just not enough to put his weed and other drugs aside.' Three children found dead in Dublin house was her dying wish to help save others. What an incredible woman‘If you see your passenger doing it stop driving and show them this.’ shared his rejection letter on Instagram, asking 'WTF is going on in this world… Boris Johnson did I do somethin… my! 😂 news! 👏👏 France confirms two cases of deadly coronavirus. spellbinding sum of money 📚🧙‍♂️ was due to fly home on Monday after visiting her son, who has lived in Wuhan for five years.'This horrifying plotline shows the reality of coercive control. 'It’s a natural reaction to shy away from the awf…
Retweeted by MetroThe ‘sit-down interview has been in the works for quite some time.' three years of bitter dispute, the prime minister’s deal has officially become law, well... sorry, what? Royals will be at this year's Bafta awards
Retweeted by MetroBREAKING: US says 34 troops suffered 'traumatic brain injuries' after Iran missile strike. Health England has warned that it is ‘highly likely’ that the deadly virus will spread to the Britain. are the best fish and chip shops in the UK 🐟
Retweeted by MetroBREAKING: First coronavirus case confirmed in Chicago‘It was a horrible thing to discover in your home.' 🤢‘As a family we feel it was a tragic accident, not suicide. He would have been disorientated by the crash and maybe…'The future of gynaecological care for men is now.' Exclusive for @MetroUK: Activist @BuckAngel urging 'anyone wit…
Retweeted by MetroPolice say the cameras identified 70% of suspects and only generated false alerts in one in 1,000 cases. us up! came from all over the country after the three-year-old's grieving dad called for them to make some noise as h…