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these b¡tches luv sosa

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12/25 opiummm
Retweeted by mev*🦋🧛🏿 @6MinsFreestyle mannn i cant wait @Scampyyerrr BRO @crohearttags i’m late but tysm!! @giawwbae i nearly did @SaintRoode THANK U SMi hope yall have an amazing day😸 @playboicarti I LOVE YOUimma have to wake up at 5am on christmas for this album 💔 @LILUZIVERT hey again uzi i love youwoke up and saw carti’s tweets my life is going so great @chinatowncahti who * @chinatowncahti why said it to u?😏 new home screen layout looks so nice @thelolbuster BRO IDKheight dosen’t matter 🙏🏼 @versacebladez SO PRETTY#NewProfilePic @B3NITAAA ur gorgeous @LILUZIVERT i love you @xxxvsthewrld @LILUZIVERT right @1miless @mescudiscotts aww ur so prettyi was hacked @B3NITAAA YUPPPP BESTIEETERNAL ATAKE IS BETTER THAN LIR2 THERE I SAID IT
I’m A Friendly 🧛🏼‍♂️ 🦇®️
Retweeted by mev*🦋🧛🏿 @LILUZIVERT uzi x carti confirmed 🤓 @MESCUDl maybe have an uzi take but yall would kill me for it @jaynovva jay whatHES SO CUTE @jaynovva fr it’s one of the reasons why i love uzi sm @LockJah666 GOATED @LILUZIVERT drop proud of you🙃 @nateIikesmusic @LILUZIVERT @SoundCloud vouch @gimmeyourtakes mannnnn:( stay safe! @xxxvsthewrld i just veiw their stories🙄😒 @LILUZIVERT @SoundCloud DROP UZI DROPi’m finding it more and more difficult everyday to speak to british boysTHIS BOY WAS SLANDERING CARTI ON HIS STORY THE OTHER DAY BUT HES LISTENING TO THE KID LAROI NOW NOOOOOO @Rokk_Sinatra @iwatchedhimrage @9Faylon @LILUZIVERT it’s worth it tho🤞🏽 @eternalworldd uzi’s liveWE ARE GETTING LUV IS RAGE 3 @cosmicsolara WHAT THE @jaynovva untrue actually i been listening to more ppl recently 🙄 @jaynovva haven’t stopped playing himi NEED this so bad @mysterygirliee @LILUZIVERT AHHHHH LOVE U SO MUCH @jaynovva @AIKhasawneh sus she dose not follow u @LILUZIVERT hey uzi have a great day 🤓 @mynameisj0j0 i cant even explain it i don’t think i’m ever gonna b sad again i love life so much NOT SCROLL. NUMBERS YOU CAN CALL TO FIGHT FOR PERVIS PAYNE'S LIFE TN Governor's office: 615-741-2001 Shelby C…
Retweeted by mev*🦋🧛🏿HEy . <3 @LockJah666 u the goat🙄 i make a new topster or do a list of my top 10 artists ? @thatXOstan blue @smh_ariaa THANJ U OMG @jasxnvf lmaoooo i used to b like that😭 blonde is my fav album oat tho u should check out his other stuff to it’s worth it @jasxnvf howwwwww have u not listened before @6MinsFreestyle NOOOO😭 @AIKhasawneh @fbhrishi sus don’t make me expose ur spotify @fbhrishi @AIKhasawneh talk to em sus @jasxnvf for which ones? if issa rare one then it’s gonna be around £60-100 or so and then for regular ones like tp… @AIKhasawneh shut he hell up @jasxnvf THANK YOU!!oh yeah i got tpab, thug life, flower boy and tlop on vinyl yesterday 😁 @luvbatool thank u sm<3 @anguzivert THANK U ANG<33 @fbhrishi HEY HRISHI 😁🤍 @thatXOstan he’s so cute @SamiVsTheWorld HOOD MORNING SAMI @SuspendedShoota gm shoota morning i hope yall have the best day😁🤍 @FoxWeber_ @playboicarti thank youuuu! @xxxvsthewrld thanks for dm ing it to me bestie’s live was so funny wtf 😭I love how uzi always makes an effort to interact w his fans he’s fr the best 😁 @cosmicsolara he’s so cute wtf😭😭 @crohearttags AHHHHH @vrclique THANK U🤍 @jackboysintern thank u:) @KNDR_23 😁 @Jund3d 😁😁 @weloveyoudeka 😁🤍 @6MinsFreestyle THANK YOUU!🤍 @anguzivert thank you ang🤍🤍🤍 @Drey_Gread 😁🤍 @AIKhasawneh SUPRISED U SRENT HATING SUSSY @hatenoahh AHHHH @shynedocks thank you !🤍 @chinatowncahti RIGHT @ILUVGdev ong @uzistan486 @1miless appreciate it😁🤍 @maamrulost BAHHRHRBTBHT JIY @kadenysl AHHHHH