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Jorge R. Gutierrez @mexopolis Tijuana & Los Angeles

Director of The Book of Life, Son of Jaguar VR and creator (with muse Sandra Equihua) of El Tigre. Cooking Maya And The Three and other spicy dishes at Netflix.

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Color keys by Herb Klynn for The Magic Fluke (1949), dir. John Hubley, UPA
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezAre we really surprised that 50 CENT is mostly concerned about money?
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezThe #StudentAcademyAwards… where filmmaking journeys begin! Hosted by @EugenioDerbez, watch tomorrow at 1PM ET/10…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @chrisprynoski are proud of the Titmouse artists and support them as we move into the future together!
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@EricDrobile\\ An incredible panel of directors, @tommmoore, @mexopolis, @elbooga and @pumbaaguy1, moderated by @HighSierraMan:…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez#ElTigre #appreciationpost. It ended way too soon.
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezA #dreamteam of directors at #viewconference2020! @tommmoore, @elbooga, @mexopolis and @pumbaaguy1 speaking about t…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @ViewConference's Tuesday ends with a great panel! Tomm Moore, @mexopolis, @pumbaaguy1 and Louise Bagnall will tal…
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezCatch this talk tonight for FREE over at @ViewConference Animation directors @tommmoore @mexopolis & @pumbaaguy1,…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @Jonezee99 This is a great double bill with Pekinpah’s Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia ! @Jonezee99 Love this border western!For anyone who didn’t catch it live today, @NickAnimation and @Variety posted the whole enchilada!!! Variety's 202… @SunilHall !!! cover artwork for I Can Fly (1950), the classic Little Golden Book by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by the inco…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @wardomatic I believe @CrackMcCraigen owns the original !Mil gracias a mi amado @diegoluna_ por la palabras tan bonitas, carajo!!! Que honor es poder colaborar contigo, her… million thank you’d for your beautiful and joyous message today @zoesaldana !!! I will be eternally thankful for… you @officialDannyT for the super kind words today!!! I owe you forever, Danny. to share our @TheAcademy discussion on breaking down the barriers for people with disabilities in media on… @Jonezee99 @DanStoneArt1 "Trainspotting (1996)", the 'Choose Life' monologue by Ewan McGregor, was originally planned for the middle of t…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @pixie_punch @amandaliart Gracias amiga!!!Big love to everyone but especially to @amandaliart and @mexopolis Because I’m biased as hell.…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez“I got my time comin’ to me.” From director George C. Wolfe and producer Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Chadwi…
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezLes comparto por aquí el trailer de la película @WanderDarkly que se estrena el 11 de diciembre. A ver que opinan!!…
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezStream the @Variety 10 Animators to Watch event on our YouTube channel here: Congrats to A…
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@GenevieveTsai @MykeChilian @aminder_d @amandaliart @ttoffany @JohnTrabbic @BrittneyMeyers @TrioscopeStudio my god
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez🔴 LIVE: Variety's 2020 "10 Animators to Watch List" Awards Special | Nic... via @YouTubeEveryone has a story behind their name. Here's mine @mexopolis :)
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @MadebyNathalia Jajajajajajajaja!After Puno, 1987 #newyorkart #jeanmichelbasquiat
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezUntitled, 1982 #jeanmichelbasquiat #americanart
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezBaboon and Young, Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, October 1951 (cast 1955) #moma
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrezmural design for an Elementary School in my beloved Dallas, Texas!
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @ArtsyPabster — students from the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancing in New York City 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezGetting the Breeders, Pixies & Beastie Boys to license their music for your political ad is a Gen X bunker buster.
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezThere are lots of great badass warrior characters in movie history, but for my money, none greater than Kyuzo from…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @BaldMelonTim @Jonezee99 @marlonw Sure! I personally think looking directly into the lens is breaking the fourth wall. It’s all semantics I guess.Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman in an outtake from Young Frankenstein
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezI’m sorry. This election is an existential threat to me & my family. It is a referendum on whether or not people li…
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezJeunet & Caro’s gothic/steam-punk/retro-sci-fi masterpiece is now on @PrimeVideo in the US.
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @Jonezee99 @LiaBrisa @Jonezee99 greatest and most human father and son film I have ever seen. The raw emotion is monumentally truthful. The fir… @PatentedPhil Depends on who’s paying for it! @mdaviles1 Yes!!! @mdaviles1 make gourmet artisanal tacos for your eyes and ears.*The school mascot is the bald eagle.mural design for an Elementary School in my beloved Dallas, Texas! @Lucyisamazing70 Disney owns it
@Lucyisamazing70 Lasso is the American Paddington I didn't know I needed! @thefilmszone: ... "4 amazing voice-overs you have to watch. 🎙👏🏼" #losttheplot #filmlicensing
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezI love doing this. cameraman😲 🎦via: @thefilmszone
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @bannister01 We've been meaning to move for the last 14 years just as soon as we have some free time to look around.I love em!!!Just ordered my set. I’m happy for any “homage” to our film!!! neighbors upstairs are the best @Manu_El_Suarez @neilhimself Gracias a ti !!!!! @Manu_El_Suarez @neilhimself Wrongs - Dir. Corey Yuen
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @Xolo_Mariduena
@Xolo_Mariduena (Gem Spa), 1982 #basquiat #americanart
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @rheaseehorn @chrisdocnee Rhea, thank you for the kind words!!! Champloo #sidebyside #samurai #SamuraiChamploo #anime #animation
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @HaywireKnight Gracias, Daniel. If we were at a bar I would buy you a shot of the most expensive Tequila in the house! @artie_stico @MiriamOrtizz07 And skeleton Manolo is in another page. This book has a bunch of Easter eggs...what a week! Thank you all for the kind words and all the messages of encouragement. Gracias a todos. I feel like… ways to support your immigrant coworkers in the US
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezThis was her reaction. sent the muse this pic to let her know I found her outfit for our Maya premier! But she should paint me on the fl… beauty just arrived and I just can’t hide my excitement!! Today I will Celebrate The World Día de Los Muertos…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @ShannonTindle_1 @mexopolis, #LatinoMediaFest, "Fireside Chat with Patricia Riggen @riggenpatricia & Jorge Gutierrez" panel!…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @mexopolis, #LatinoMediaFest, "Fireside Chat with Patricia Riggen @riggenpatricia & Jorge Gutierrez" panel!…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @cristela9 @chrisdocnee Mil pero mil gracias Cristela!!!Thank you to @TheAcademy! The Fireside Chat with @riggenpatricia & @mexopolis made us laugh and smile! Looking forw…
Retweeted by Jorge R. Gutierrez @karenidelson @officialDannyT @CalArts thank you Karen!!!
@iraowens @boredpanda Photoshop! @cristela9 Julio Torres talks about how far the Latino identity is stretched: “It’s such a colossal group of peopl…
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezThat’s right. I said it.
Retweeted by Jorge R. GutierrezI adore how both respectful but crazy over the top they are!!!These are now my favorite sexy Halloween costumes! 2020 Miss Mexico Contestants Compete In Traditional Outfits An… this won't be the last time I'm in an article with my beloved hero Chris Nee @chrisdocnee... @chrisdocnee NO! That was MY dream!!!For anyone who couldn't get in here is the posted panel! Netflix Animation Presents: Latino Creatives in Animation… @danimichaeli1 @melbethc Gracias Dani!!!