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eating dimsum in the academic center of white lib fragility & latesssst stage capitalism

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@JohannaMarcia01 Had to sharpen her sword in the belly of the beast @JohannaMarcia01 Very western lol
@LolitaAi I remember having a good bank of dumb lines that can help get a response. Part of me misses it, part of me doesn't. ExhaustingA big part of Asian American racial insecurity is the knowledge that when racist shit happens to you, you will not…
Retweeted by Borganizer of EggsI joined @chrisjesulee and @Mont_Jiang on @PlanAMag this week to talk about Coronavirus, anti-Chinese racism, and g…
Retweeted by Borganizer of EggsI don’t mean to be rude to diehard Warren supporters. It’s just that your candidate voted for sanctions that killed…
Retweeted by Borganizer of EggsPetey B. says:
Retweeted by Borganizer of Eggs @indochic Yeah. We do. So mad.Wonder if Italian restaurant business will decline given the outbreak... the Asian woman has been so highly sexualized that the word asian invokes hard-core porn to white apple eng…
@Splendidfire Latino machismo and Chinese confucianism. Essential characteristics of static cultures. Not like the… @KyleJamesHoward Or, when one partner is white, that that partner is unaware of and refuses to see how they act out… @JohannaMarcia01 She's invested in oppression olympics pessimism. Just promoting this silliness around who is more… catch myself having racist thoughts as I go about my day. Like,sometimes an Asian cuts me off and I have an immed… @dungeonerator Why are we killing this calm-eyed insect?When you get nazi scientists, you get both nazi content and nazi process. A twofer. @CelticAnarchy Based.feels weird to quote assata shakur at a bernie sanders rally when he unapologetically voted to extradite her
Retweeted by Borganizer of Eggs @helpmeskeletor 'HEY' 💀 @przidnt1 Ppl espousing this aren't thinking about how it's impossible for that kind of 'luxury' if you have global… @FinalOverdrive @anarchist_black Mixed race bees know that buying into whiteness is for chuds @przidnt1 I've seen it used by utopians describing a future where everyone has an infinity pool. Only possible if y… @cogitatotomato I love this idea. Makes me wonder if we can start having informal food clubs that keep us trying ne… @catdadaeternal @ploughandstars Hang in there, Cap'n @BoughtTheRope and this guy @BoughtTheRope White Democrats. @chr1shuang Warren and her native heritage claims. Capitalist to her bones. Said jailing ppl is more torturous than… @anarchist_black Racialized name for a bee that has European roots as well. Asian viruses, African bees. White supr… automated luxury loot the global south and make a social democracyNow, do I think the beauty industry and pressure to be beautiful in South Korea is perhaps even more intense than i…
Retweeted by Borganizer of Eggs @harikondabolu To a cynical maintenance of their power. Democrats have been like this for as long as I can remember.
@LithiumCa @jkellyca @mcfunny @ketokeren @krebiozen @mel_we89 @ianfmusgrave @PatrickEnrigh20 @alisonpalk @bencsin Playing the role we've been given by whites to a T @bencsin It's be hilarious if so much of this weren't due to us seeing each other through the white gaze. Diseased… is down at my favorite dim sum place. It's patronized mostly by Asians, in an Asian enclave of Boston. The… @TimothyS @jeffhermanson Remember hearing this song, really hearing it, after having had enough experience to under… my family in China have been staying safe from #coronavirus but my sister’s family in US became sick. Sh…
Retweeted by Borganizer of Eggs @jlicomedy @discoveryduck Oof cutting through the disinformation to the truth @ThatTasteTester @mythmakerbackup Clinton was the first black president, after all. Yeesh @mythmakerbackup Yup. 'woke' = fragile @mythmakerbackup Grifters. Starts 'woke'. Then stans electoralism with his platform. @mythmakerbackup Grift. @mythmakerbackup No, but I was curious if that would have made it different for you. I remember that cartoon. @pinko_snob @TheSocietyDude Use of brewers yeast to make bread is a new development also. @mythmakerbackup He's still online. Yanggang acct @mythmakerbackup If he had a pnel about AW domestic abuse, would you have felt like it was better? @mythmakerbackup Ah OK @mythmakerbackup MRAsian comic?
@Jaina_Solo_85 @Miamiblues We know where you and yours will be when the browns hurts come out. Look forward to more… @Jaina_Solo_85 @Miamiblues Haha OK Jaina, house less advocacy, undocumented immigrant organizing, anti racist organ… @Jaina_Solo_85 @Miamiblues Your Cadre of apologists does that. @Jaina_Solo_85 @Miamiblues Dead non white kids, at home and abroad, the cost of white fear and ambivalence. @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 By the time your incrementalism works, another couple generations of native kids that yo… @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 Don't have to be white be value white supremacy @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 This is a dumb question. White ppl did, silly rabbit. @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 Enjoy your white comfort and white silence.It is a somber day for me, remembering how 55 years ago #MalcolmX was assassinated on this day, remembering how Ame…
Retweeted by Borganizer of EggsYt liberals using woke language to promote incrementalism to non-yts on the anniversary of Malcom X's assassination. @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 We call this truth, buttigieg voter @Miamiblues @Jaina_Solo_85 White bashing? @Jaina_Solo_85 We know what whites like you would have done during the pogroms, during Japanese incarceration, duri… @Jaina_Solo_85 Regardless of your personal experiences, you support the position of the white moderate you claim to… @Jaina_Solo_85 You are a white person who is refusing to hear feedback about your positions, positions that privile… @Jaina_Solo_85 Jaina Solo, you're a white moderate. You're okay with slow, steady progress. You're a white person t… @Jaina_Solo_85 @Jaina_Solo_85 It was definitely a mind blowing exchange.White liberals will actually decry the white moderate MLK warns us of while promoting exactly the ‘wait your turn’… @kianoway capitalism really took adult women having sex because they want to, and advertised it as feminist praxis to underage girls😶
Retweeted by Borganizer of Eggs @risguey Screens plsThe puppets can’t vote out the puppetmaster. @Jaina_Solo_85 I encourage you to read Frank Fanon, Wretched of the Earth. He was a black man, a psychiatrist who d… @Jaina_Solo_85 And more black men are incarcerated now than back then. You think incrementalism will help them...slaves. Actual slaves. @Jaina_Solo_85 That’s patently untrue. The data show that schools are more segregated today, despite the laws. You… @Jaina_Solo_85 I read it. So these black men shouldn't have defended themselves because whites will always come bac… @risguey @Jaina_Solo_85 Segregation is worse today than it was during jim crow. Electoralism has failed. The masters that ow… @risguey Seeing the western pathology over China is so instructive - especially in how others react to it. The Orie… @Jaina_Solo_85 Change can't magically happen. Bezos, Trump , Biden, Bloomberg, Koch, these guys are not going to gi… @risguey "Treating and trading with imperialist nations and their clients makes China as bad as said countries even… @risguey And if we allow that China engages in imperialist actions, can we not look at the severity or degree of im… @Jaina_Solo_85 Sorry, I apologize. That was rude. I meant to describe your politics, as your position in supporting… @Jaina_Solo_85 And what black radicals are saying that we need to change the system from within rather than fundame… @Jaina_Solo_85 Face of all this. Who does that incrementalism serve? For years, I was a liberal like you. And worke… @Jaina_Solo_85 Yes, and it's a balance between making sure our kids are safe (often means being further inducted in… @Jaina_Solo_85 And they made a call to arms. To reject the status quo that you are defending, regardless of your in… @Jaina_Solo_85 The very pervasiveness you describe should spur us to action that will aggressively target these opp… @Jaina_Solo_85 Yes, I'm aware of how racism induces a cortisol reaction that literally kills us whites. All the mor… @Jaina_Solo_85 The sacrifices made for progress were made in blood. Where is mlk now? Malcom x? All the black radic… @Jaina_Solo_85 That sounds a lot like what your favorite mlk quote warns us against. White moderationism. Increment… @Jaina_Solo_85 Even the most left candidates will not change our constant killing of innocent families with drones… @Jaina_Solo_85 This is the system working as intended. This settler colony has been consuming innocent non white li… @Jaina_Solo_85 You know, mlk supported violent action to stop us imperialism in Vietnam and capitalism. Things are… @Jaina_Solo_85 So what do we do? When synagogues are now getting shot up? When southeast and South Asians are being… @risguey @andraydomise Classic white anarchist. Discussing countries outside the US exposes their chauvinism and ra… @Jaina_Solo_85 Some black women do what you're talking about. Others didn't or don't. We all need to find the path… @risguey Yeah, he called @andraydomise a boy in a thread arguing about communism, iirc. I told him I followed him t… @risguey Pls screen for the blocked. Lol @Jaina_Solo_85 Look. The original tweet was meant to point out that anime pfp accts are sus and often fashy. That h…