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eating dimsum in the academic center of white lib fragility & latesssst stage capitalism.

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@Pandacakeyumyum @reclaimkorea Oh dear lord this is one of the first things Ive seen after a 3mo break...
A lot of people are right to call out Gordon Chang's obscene Sinophobia, but actually it's much less fringe a posit…
Retweeted by BorganizedEFPA, Ep. 189: Special guests Robert Cheng (@smoothposer), Malaya Arevalo & Julie Jamora (Malaya Movement) join us…
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@catdadaeternal You know what to do.
How airbrushing my jeans allowed me to embrace my Asianness, and why it matters now in the time of COVID-19.…
Retweeted by Borganized @aznbrutalistgrl It's exactly this. Boba libs have so absorbed the desire for whiteness that they're acting white i… @JohannaMarcia01 But neocolonialism, Johanna. @FartTrucker420 @RickMahmoud @uptightrodeo Yea, I thought it was more than ingrained racism among particular white… @RickMahmoud @FartTrucker420 @uptightrodeo 😔
@FartTrucker420 @RickMahmoud @uptightrodeo If you call out white supremacy among self-professed white leftists, I D… china’s numbers being higher make american deaths less real?
Retweeted by Borganized @discoveryduck Skeletor motherfuckerAnyone know of a good co-op computer game that someone who doesn't play games might like? Trying to find stuff to d…'m afraid to take my daughter anywhere. We're distancing and trying to stay home, but even a walk in an isolated p… @vrooooommmmm @SirKelvinTan The pathology is amazing @catdadaeternal I didn't want to say it
Some more precise information and recommendations from am experienced pulmonologist. These measures may be hardcore…
@alisonrohpark And they've likely helped make this a prisoners dilemma for tenants about collective action. Ppl are…
@VacksceneGaming Who the fuck is asking? If they can't handle you sharing a true tweet about the atrocities of the… power dynamics we consume we replicate. @alisonrohpark And we're not liked. We're just convenient in that the model minority reifies the racial order for whites.Schrodinger's Asian: exists both as the filthy yellow peril ruled by base desires or the emotionless model minority… @SirCoreGant Fanon is required for all colonized ppl. Good idea, it's been a few years.
@setochungster Exactly!Hearts and minds, not snark. @erikavelazco_ Oh. My. God. If she's not a nurse, then what's her title? Wowwww @erikavelazco_ This is as bad as anti-vaxx horseshit. Who the fuck are the ppl who believe this?
All that work to preserve whatever you get from the model minority myth is taken away at whim. And replaced with ac… @jessicasunlee Time and time again. @JesuInToast @c_taniguchi Battle cruiser operational.
@jessicasunlee @echewy First asian I see with this shirt gets clocked.
Begging for scraps just left us hungry. We need to learn the lessons of history and tack towards standing in our ow… is a disease. So we're fighting two pandemics right now.
@MokuAraki Right on. 👍
@TimothyS Nice lid.
Just a reminder that all this Wuhan virus or China virus garbage started with the liberal flagship papers like nyti… @GraceToy @chinese_ae @discoveryduck @alisonrohpark @calicoarse @JohannaMarcia01 @soon_old @KaLeeBunny @chinese_ae @discoveryduck @alisonrohpark @calicoarse @JohannaMarcia01 @GraceToy @soon_old @KaLeeBunny
the “successful” Asian diaspora that I went to high school with has suddenly been faced with the hard reality that…
Retweeted by Borganized @SirCoreGant Underrated tweet.
@JingamStyle @HoustonNerak @statuskay Exactly. @JingamStyle @HoustonNerak @statuskay We're all on Twitter and can read. But I can see why you're confused about ra… @HoustonNerak @JingamStyle @statuskay You want a therapist whose responsibility is to help your mental health, trea… hurt Americans because flights from Asian countries were heavily screened while those from Europe were not e…
Retweeted by Borganized @HoustonNerak @statuskay @JingamStyle This is a therapist. Ppl dying every 17min is not impacted by these ppl. Not… @ishkevinc Complaints went through. Think fb acct was disabled, which I think means this all had impact. Given that… @HoustonNerak @statuskay @JingamStyle We are helping everyone, regardless of race. Her point was that we're also fi… @chirantan108 She's being held accountable. Your misogyny should be held accountable also
@MokuAraki We don't need to be trabsphobic, buddy. @caitanya @allysoncurtis_ What do you mean that is hardly anyone's fault? @caitanya @allysoncurtis_ Also, non-white therapists are very capable of upholding white supremacy. A chinese frien… @caitanya @allysoncurtis_ Yes, not all. But the majority are white, and unless they, as a subset of the population,…
@allysoncurtis_ @caitanya Because if the racism isn't a problem, we'll, it must be you. Right? @allysoncurtis_ @caitanya Absolutely. We need to call out why therapy so often fails us. Racism is a huge piece of… @caitanya @allysoncurtis_ Untrue. Most therapists are white. We know most white ppl have an incredibly difficult ti… @discoveryduck Incels. Watcha gonna do? @Mont_Jiang @GraceToy @chinesefishnerd @calicoarse @discoveryduck @alisonrohpark @JohannaMarcia01 @soon_old @KaLeeBunny
“RepresentASIAN don’t matter” motherfuckers have no idea how child lifespan and cognitive development works. It fuc…
Retweeted by Borganized @chinesefishnerd @calicoarse @discoveryduck @alisonrohpark @JohannaMarcia01 @GraceToy @soon_old @KaLeeBunny @CChristineFair You are a good faith person. @BroncRad Lol chill out buddy, looks like I hit a nerve. @gamer4thel0rd Pretty cool school shooter.Behold. If your emt does a sieg heil or your therapist is explicitly racist, thank them for their service.… @BroncRad I'm begging you, read a book. @PlanAMag I like your moves.
I’m starting a self initiated illustration project to highlight the racism East Asian people have gone through duri…
Retweeted by BorganizedIn times of stress, people fall back on their most ingrained habits. So if a lot of Americans are now spewing anti-…
Retweeted by BorganizedIf you're looking for unapologetic articles and podcasts related to asian-diaspora issues, including anti-Asian racism, check out @PlanAMagLooks like this went through. Good work, ppl. People like her are supposed to be serving people who need help. Espe… alias or maiden name for this or the other pic. may have used a maiden name. Had to save this awful pic to my phone to share it.
@Baystate_Health one of your clinicians is engaging in public anti-Asian racism. This is unacceptable from a health… @LolitaAi Yes! @JesuInToast Also, this whole 'autocracies' claim is silly. Communist countries are not the same as Egypt. @GraceToy There isn't a direct email otherwise. I'm also calling (413) 794-0000. @GraceToy I don't work at this company, I meant college broadly since I'm a clinician @GraceToy Yes, and it'd be great if others can also.I don't use Twitter for this often, but when I see healthcare providers demonstrate anti-Asian racism, it makes my… bats can't handle shearing forces and will break if used for self-defense. Axe handles. Or anything desig… @bill_bookersbay It's just so frank. Gotta love it. @JohannaMarcia01 OmgItalian mayors and regional presidents losing their shit at ppl violating lockdown is the based content you need to…
@Mont_Jiang Fascism's opposing ideas? Communism. @guanhannui You get what you measure. This is what we get.Your economy requires poor ppl to suffer and for the rest of us to worry about precarity that is avoidable in a dec… dunno. America propaganda is helluva drug. Poll in France: which country do you think contributed most to defea…
Retweeted by Borganized @discoveryduck THE REAL WOKEBAE @jnewin10 Yeah, we're few and far between, but luckily twitter lets us find the ppl who want to move forward constructively. @jnewin10 Exactly. And if we spend our effort on those folks instead of the ones won't, I think we'll all be a lot better off. @jnewin10 Yeah, we need to come together and develop mutual aid and defense networks around us.
@jnewin10 Yes, people do need to listen to each other instead of talking past each other. @LithiumCa The comments. @jnewin10 Who is blind? @risguey Fuck YeaThere's no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. Unless you eat the rich. @alisonrohpark OK.... Hang in there. This opinion is not just wrong, it's dangerous