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Futures/Equities technical charting. I teach people how to trade the markets! Always happy :)

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live at @MarketTradersTV early morning trade talk
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful MikeWhat does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various ca…
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Mike @AndySwan to serve and protect unless? fuck @AndySwan I just don't get where these guys were during the riots @robmahrt @ifelsefi @QTRResearch stop being rational rob, the rest of us aren't @The_Real_Fly "fun" @caroljsroth @donnasaul its never me! DaNGIT :) @caroljsroth I feel like we've done this one before but: Concern yourself with things that are in your control wo… @RampCapitalLLC @AndySwan @iheartstonks @katieeperry do you like bluegrass? @shaundeeb ooof @FefferCapital @AndySwan hahah but kinda different think about a car crashing into a jewish deli shop @FefferCapital @AndySwan just imagine a baby hyena coming out of that tube and what happens to it youll get the gist @FefferCapital @AndySwan if you wanna go learn a real life horror story - read about how female hyenas 1. how in… @RampCapitalLLC pay the new hire more and tell them to brag about it so the loyal employees get off their fat asses and start earning @AP WEW!
@Breaking911 such a clown show - this isn't how it works at all :)globex price action is EXTREMELY spicy - hunting shorts on failures :) get in here! @QTRResearch yet it still means nothing @robmahrt @QTRResearch what I meant by companies is like... BUDWEISER and stuff :) @AndySwan @ExtremeLew @MattBraynard @robmahrt @QTRResearch being that Thanksgiving & Christmas are pretty major for the beverage industry... one woul… @AndySwan banning alcohol sales before Thanksgiving is a pretty far new low well... all things relative theres muc… @QTRResearch I really don't get how this is within his right to do - how is it legal? @tiagovrtr @QTRResearch I know, I know..Lots of new followers today, welcome! Make sure you follow us on Twitch as well:
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Mike @JoshManMode @Breaking911 can they actually do that? an alcohol ban?Happy Monday! Welp this week already started of SPICY! $NQ_F & $ES_F large swings and $RTY_F at ATH! Little late… thought this song would be relevant to the united states. @davidchang @ChefBrookeW the answer to this is the easiest voters vote them out @FoundersGirl how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your REDICULOUS FUCKING MANDATES? @TonyVoiceof @QTRResearch @QTRResearch If this were to happen... id ... I don't wanna say it but... Portugal seems nice! @DavidRamsdenWo errr... well... sadly none of this matters only thing that matters is a degree and even then thats… going bananas over for this Sid Powell thing not understanding attack vectors
@Timcast nah man @sp3cul8r @naval I do as well my dudeAnother NQ100 review in the books - MASSIVE amounts of long term PT's hit (or damn close) this week! 2 - new entri… peaceful transitions cannot be overstated. For four years, your Involvement in the most egregious lies against…
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful MikeHappy Sunday! two hours 'till our weekly Nasdaq 100 review - 100 charts reviewed and briefly discussed (if interes… the queen wins again! @rosenblumr @PizzaPokerPsych @DougPolkVids you didn't get what I said at all if you adjust the fucking definition… queen is fighting right now! @PizzaPokerPsych @DougPolkVids such is saying exploiting your opponent is wrong, right? @DougPolkVids GTO only works when every opponent is a new person by default every hand is a new person so many of… King's Hawaiian rolls for the gravyHoney ham, peas & potatoes for Thanksgiving you are welcome @MarcLobliner ask yourself if you don't find it odd if you don't - you have a bias that is anti-American think a… will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I will be celebrating Christmas. I will be walking my dog (if he needs to poop) during lockdown. @cenkuygur Imagine tweeting this and not being banned by twitter oh right... @JoshManMode you grab any dog coin when I mentioned? 16 to 20 so far today with another 400% to go :) @RampCapitalLLC could be the balding sorry this is a @The_Real_Fly joke apologize to everyone... i should just delete this @JayWoods3 it wasn't a good joke I guess :( @JoshManMode up 7% since this tweet dang :)
proud of @JayWoods3 for winning the poker tourny today! man of every skill!Oh ya, getting the good stuff put together for dinner. Bacon Wrapped Filets, baked potatoes, stuffed jalapeños and…
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Mike @BitsBeTrippin @Barnacules @OGBTC k coming over carter!weve been talking about this support spot on #xrp for ... over a year (3yr support) and now people are surprised? smart people took it! @landonswan honey jalapeno sounds good to me“President Trump has done many great things (biggest tax & regulation cuts in history, Space Force, rebuilding our…
Retweeted by Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Mikeone interesting thing: this time around near 19k the mempool isn't being monkey hammered and #bitcoin xfer fees ar… Saturday! so #bitcoin is still moving quite a bit and #xrp finally had a decent support off the 2017 swing (… @AP 386? SHUT IT DOWN!
@sp3cul8r this one is a favorite @sp3cul8r look up billy strings! its not country - its bluegrass - but hes A M A Z I N GThe best time for market Q&A is when the markets closed for the weekend. #bitcoin never closes, by the way :) joi… @JoshManMode DOGE is actually at a decent level - seeing accumulation here look at DOGEBTC monthly chart and you'll see it @realjuliasong to @GavinNewsom we already can't get 1AM pizza freedom @MattBraynard Appreciate your efforts Matt. I think Rudy might be the key though. Hopefully your findings are fed to his team. @realjuliasong I'm sliding in to those DM's right now @realjuliasong meth aint pretty @Morfulus @DougPolkVids no I've just stated that you are not a smart person so you're arguing with that accept it… @mark_ledwich @Timcast both of these tweets are on the right path to correctness @Morfulus @DougPolkVids you are not a smart person :) @Morfulus @DougPolkVids you wanna know something? If neither were bluffing and only played the nuts there wouldn't… @Morfulus @DougPolkVids you're saying this as if I don't understand it k dude captain obvious? @Morfulus @DougPolkVids conclusion is what though a lot of you guys aren't getting my point about exploitation vs… @TheOnlyLiron @Aicraftsman @DougPolkVids if you don't understand the opponent you try to play "GTO" if you underst… @landonswan you watch todays presser with Rudy & team? curious on your thoughts if you have time @DougPolkVids @shaundeeb still rooting for you btw! @DougPolkVids btw this isn't meant to be confrontational or anything but I've also played a bazzilllion hands of p… @DougPolkVids My point is you are over bluffing in many spots vs a person with a really silly opening range why ar… @Ziggggysk @DougPolkVids thats not my point though (btw I agree with you and I think he will win) @DougPolkVids meant to type hate not had, whatever you get the idea @DougPolkVids I'm not saying that you're playing bad doug but theres a thing about playing your opponent thats a li… @DougPolkVids yet you're losing because of your bluff freq maybe you should think about that instead of his opening rangeso sick of the conversation that goes "what do you think about this?" "oh sorry I'm on my phone" fuck offTo be a good person all you have to do is a lot of little things wellits like these idiots don't realize that everyone hates them for a reasonOKAY @ap @cnn @msnbc you can go ahead and stop running a headline when every GOP gets a positive covid test No one cares. Stop it.I will continue to walk my dog under curfew. His happiness is more important than your stupid rules. Dog > you forever @Acosta you ask this question is if you don't know the answer such outrage... calm down kid @kevinroose they are setting themselves up for a bad time and don't realize it @FoundersGirl this is 'merica @The_Real_Fly takes awhile to come to realization especially when you're libs right @Breaking911 fake nudes :) @The_Real_Fly Also I dont have a coyote like you. One day, though... @jonnajarian @savetherhino @RhinosIRF @lincolnparkzoo @LPZooEvents got a link? @DKuzNY @AP yeah! Its so awesome ! No lies here ! llooooove it!! wew!! @AP oh yeah, K keep up the good work and inform the people !