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Matt Fuehrmeyer @mfuehrme Washington, DC

Hannah & Andy's Dad. Former Research Director for @dccc, @SenatorReid, @alfranken. Tweets are my own. (he/him/his)

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Honestly, under different circumstances I might feel sorry for all the donors whose hard-earned money got lit on fi…
TFW you just snapped at your kid for messing with the lights in your office while you're on a Zoom meeting and real… The ice cream truck is playing even more Christmas Music (secular and religious). While I respect the hustl… is the name of the veteran in the video, Matt. She served for 20 years in the Navy and is proud to support…
Retweeted by Matt Fuehrmeyer @kpottermn They didn't just attend an event with President Trump. They also flew on AF1 with him and his staff. The… me Google that for you @coleleiter I have gone to elaborate lengths to avoid having to remove and reinstall car seats and car seat bases.Wasn't the advent of Parler supposed to spare us from these insufferable snowflake routines? is outstanding advice @AliceinDCland I used a very similar rationale while I was heating them up.Parenting, a one-act play: (Grown-up opens fridge, looks at a plate of delicious leftovers) "Boy, these ribs were…
.@realDonaldTrump and his cronies count on a lie's ability to spread like wildfire before the truth can come to lig… can't think of the last time a Member of Congress made me feel seen like this., show me my favorite Biden digital ad ever, not everything about 2020 is bad
👇Caitlin said it perfectly having this little self awareness this is more true than I usually care to admit 2) be nice to your friends working on campaigns right now don't know who all needs to hear this, but if you're a grown-ass adult at a playground BY YOURSELF during a globa… ... wow
Admittedly, I'm not a lawyer, but this seems flagrantly illegal, unless President Trump is going to argue in court…, I for one am shocked that a violent criminal who lied to the police like @GregForMontana would behave irrespo… Election Day started when the first Americans were eligible to early vote. That's why Dem House and… Roh ... seems like kind of a big deal
TFW you remember after getting 50 feet out the door to grab the 4YOs oost daycare pickup snack! Just released @dccc's BEST quarter in committee history: $70.5M. We closed strong with our best September eve…
Retweeted by Matt Fuehrmeyer @KoryKozloski Billboards? cc: @tyzlawIt's a petty, silly lie, but Trump even claims that Biden and Harris didn't wish him well after his COVID diagnosis…
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerI know that reads as sarcasm, but seriously ... It's almost as if @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are interested in actually stopping the pandemic, while… feels more egregious than Sen. Mccaskill's 2012 Hardball interview Republicans got up in arms about and filed… @realDonaldTrump hid the truth from the public, but tipped off his friends on Wall Street? Got it.
Guys, the message is working.'m so glad I voted to send a grown-up to the White House.I've been reading polls for 15 years and I've never seen "housewives" in crosstabs.
Y'all, @realDonaldTrump is trying to break the law in plain sight. His campaign is in court demanding a private in… Democrats had done this, @realDonaldTrump would have had US Marshals confiscating the boxes within hours and Fox… mean ... "She's a Marine. Shes a mom. He's been in Washington too long." isn't the worst :06 ad concept I've ever…
@DrewGodinich I mean ... It is kind of the same model that worked for his car alarm business. Also interesting tha… @juliaager my 4YO can wear a mask all day at daycare, elected officials can wear a damn mask too. @sammimcclain know how lucky I am that my family hasn't had to endure what @GaryPeters and his family had to, but I have friend… astonishingly pro-life of Mike Lee. @JoshDorner It's been a while, so maybe Senator Grassley's just forgotten all the Republican amendments, including… routinely do their best to break government to prove it's broken so they can "fix" it to serve their ow… @tyzlaw @meredithk27 Skywriters are the new billboards dudeWant to watch a 1YO try the bounce house for the first time since he started walking?
.@SenJohnBarrasso told the truth about @SenateGOP: they work for their supporters, not their constituents.
I'm pretty sure my 4YO taking books and toys and throwing them on the floor when she's mad at me is the universe pa… @jeannemstuart I view it as a personal failing that my fridge is currently ranch-lessSo tonight was pizza night, and, in a moment of peak Midwestern-ness, I ate the kinda bland crust and said to mysel… Congressman apparently has nothing better to do than use his office to complain about an American citizen and… all around the country get tested all the time to make sure they don't endanger their family and loved ones.… they learn nothing from watching what happened to Norm Coleman? Just pay rent ffs way high-ranking Republicans casually conflate consensual and non-consensual behavior is, at best, disconcertin… Just seeing this. Daaaaaaaaamn @PeteButtigieg knows how to throw a good brushback pitch's not mince words here: This is bullshit, and Cornyn knows it. He voted repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Car…
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Chris Christie is in a hospital right now because of you, but please, sir, continue to compare the two candidates o… thought @realDonaldTrump was going to eliminate burdensome regulations. in the middle of a pandemic it failed to control, this administration is trying to get the Supreme Court to e…
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerLast night, @VP got visibly indignant on behalf of the American people, conflating their very real sacrifice with h…, I guess @tomemmer isn't interested in running statewide anymore if he's going to let his staff at the @NRCC at… mails it right on the head. don't know why all these people with Covid didn't just harness the power of positive thinking the way… you have a pre-existing condition, the Trump administration is coming for you.
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerKudos to @KamalaHarris. She did a fantastic job--clear points, handled attacks and lies from the other side well, u…
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerHealth care is on the ballot in November.
Retweeted by Matt Fuehrmeyer @EmilyCrerand Sure, but @BradAshford_NE might still an incumbent if he'd gotten off his ass and run through the tap…'m old enough to remember in 2016 when Brad Ashford was leading in the polls, so he took his foot off the gas in O…
Can the Biden team just run :06 bumpers nationwide of @JoeBiden saying "I'm going to think before I speak"? That's…'m glad the Biden team is too grown up to respond to this by leaving a ticket for Frederick Douglass. hope that Oktoberfest fundraiser @RonJohnsonWI went to while he was waiting for the test results that showed he h…, honestly, this and wearing shorts to work 100% of the time are the only discernable upsides.Call me a Grinch, but not feeling pressured to spend way too much money just to stand in an absurd line with antsy…, if I thought for a second @realDonaldTrump and @MarkMeadows gave a crap about the Americans who live and… This is a lot, but candidate money still goes a LOT further on the teevee) whole chain is infuriating but take an extra moment to grasp that they infected GOLD STAR FAMILIES and then di…
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerI'm glad this country has so much PPE that the President can waste it thusly instead of working from the residence… are the victims of the Republican Party's war on voting. It is why we are in court every day fighting Repub…
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerA sad, desperate stunt from a sad, desperate incumbent #AZSEN she knew how low she was stooping because she was too ashamed to say @GabbyGiffords's name #AZSen
Retweeted by Matt FuehrmeyerFiled under: read before tweeting. He says his test was negative. That said, given how COVID is racing through Team…
We can't rid ourselves this administration quickly enough he gotten the results of his COVID-test back yet? you don't have to be a Marine like @RubenGallego to be tough enough, smart enough, and decent enough to do…"Ok, honey, time to get ready for bed." sold out #IA03 voters when he backed the GOP bill to gut protections for pre-existing conditions. He… miss days when our leaders didn't view common sense as a weakness.
If they dont contract trace they'll keep the numbers down, obv's not how HIPAA works. I should know...I wrote it.
Retweeted by Matt Fuehrmeyer @DrewGodinich for the reminder, Mr. President. Gonna go fill in my ballot for @JoeBiden right now. @tomemmer @PeteStauber @JimHagedornMN I hope none of them end up testing positive and all this is academic, but tha… doesn't exonerate @tomemmer, @PeteStauber, or @JimHagedornMN in the slightest. They knew damn well they'd been… didn't happen in a vacuum, and it hardly negates the godawful leadership this White House has shown during the…