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@postgeography @MatthewRegula BRUTAL @MatthewRegula If you find them I have test pressingsthis is amazing. a gorgeous recording of 75 dollar bill & natural information society, playing together last summer…
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@johnxela @RussellELButler My mind is absolutely wrecked at the idea of Clipse at the Middle my heart soared as I gazed upon a bucket of mold. valley has champion-level skies @telefontelaviv @BradFarberman D & G are only there to octave up the REAL stringsWho did this?
Retweeted by gedDonna shoulda been at Fare Thee Well. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Retweeted by gedbass strings, ranked 1. E 2. A 3. D 4. G
Retweeted by gedI want to add to this, though, that the term "burial site" was used by the Canadian media to make it seem like some…
Retweeted by gedthere will literally never be anyone with more sauce than parliament funkadelic photos via michael ochs archives…
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@_jakemuir 🥴I think about this tumblr post constantly
Retweeted by gedi hope bill watterson is doing okay and is proud of all the children he radicalized with this stuff
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LL poured chocolate syrup on shorty kneecaps in broad daylight on Jamaica ave while she sat on the hood of his car.…
Retweeted by gedSpotify was down? Oh sorry didn’t notice, was too busy actually caring about supporting artists
Retweeted by gedI’m not crying, you’re crying. I just have something stuck in my eye I SWEAR @zunaito @SKRSINTL Those two were WAY HIGH on our dream list of producers to work with! Only wish we could have got… @ellestad dig in!!Massive respect to @Equiknoxx_Music @BokehVersions @BLAZER_SOUND @thebugzoo @SKRSINTL for the constant and often bl… to be part of this insane movement, for me DUPPY GUN represents the culmination of a life-long obsession w/ t…💀 🌹 🌈 ⚡️ 25 years ago today - the last public performance by the Grateful Dead. RIP Jerry - we love and miss you.
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Powerful obituary in today’s AZ Republic. Regular people are starting to boil over
Retweeted by gedFor those wondering, here's how much of Oklahoma the Supreme Court ruled the Oklahoma state courts have NO JURISDIC…
Retweeted by ged @GoodWillsmith I’m about halfway through the first one and I concur with your analysis @trayert real talk
@pete_swans @keithfwhitman Damn now I did! Thanks for the tip!! @pete_swans @keithfwhitman Never thought to hunt down the tapes, damn you Pete!!! @pete_swans @keithfwhitman Mixman is so good that I don’t even want to TALK about how good Mixman is. @earthensea @sikklaffter @GoodWillsmith This is NEWS TO JACOB 😇💜 La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, and the Dream House need your help - please donate what you can to their GoFundMe…
Retweeted by ged @sikklaffter @GoodWillsmith I miss SKATE LAWS 😩 @editaurus wait you get PAID for streaming??? @sikklaffter @GoodWillsmith I mean we wrote that on the fliers, seems as legit as such a thing could beHello World! Listen to this song!
Retweeted by ged @editaurus Though to be fair it really hadn’t prepared me for any other moment in history either. @GoodWillsmith We did a sun araw/MGG/diva/matthewdavid tour that was ‘sponsored’ by horse_ebooks. @editaurus Had a very similar thought the other day @Boldt oof mine would be a vh1 reality show where a former member of public enemy looks for a partner and I’m not w… Your Silverlake Santa Monica Boyfriend: Boyfriend:
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Everyone must enjoy this modern Rice people ask me how my quarantine has been in a water bottle when you’re expecting water
Retweeted by gedPolice murdered 12 year old Tamil Rice for having a toy gun
Retweeted by gedTony Herrington calls time on the monoculture that is the experimental sound and music industry
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@dnorsen1 @elderbrother_ That’s because they were BOTH willie. @pastrami_mami_ ❤️❤️❤️ @mgeddesgengras There were kind bars / And there were kind bars / and there were kind bars between
Retweeted by gedPeople will say "oh I love moss" and then eat only one small handful
Retweeted by gedBobby's Guitar Tech: So you're sure you want to sound like a buzz saw? "Extra rusty" you said? Bobby: It's the only…
Retweeted by ged @rowj It’s a deep one too @GreyGersten @jerrygarcia @DalaiLama DRUMS>SPACE IS A HELL OF A DRUGEvidence of previous tweet. Grey’s incredibly heady parents fed me tequila from a plastic flask & a kind bar that I…
@kullijhan The inverse law of Rick Ross: one Rick sounds hard, but two at once sounds cuddly @kullijhan really flips the vibethe partitions, the guy in the straw hat ripping off his mask for the count down, the tortured eating champion. we’…
Retweeted by ged @telefontelaviv Also that shit makes me CRYA lot of people are talking about Hamilton so I'm forcing everyone to see this video, one of my least favorite thin…
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the official picture of the 4th of july
Retweeted by ged @MineralDisk Another gilgongo joint. Some noise bro in a bondage mask crashed the show and played the limpest 7 min… @MineralDisk I just remembered that I was BLEEDING while he said it to me. @MineralDisk after a particularly brutal robedoor set at a house show in Tempe we got cornered by a bro who said he…
as you all know, it's wonderful @Bandcamp's support the artist's day so lots of digital downloads at…
Retweeted by ged @CosmicChambo 🥵🤣starting my journey off right w Seastone Obelisk (bc duh I’m a Lagin-head lifer) and my decision has already been r… Homemade. Cigarette. y'all I'm posting it. M*chael St*ck of p*rt t*me p*nks in LA is predatory and groomed me when I was a minor.
Retweeted by geddon’t know why it took me so long but finally subscribed to @MineralDisk’s Suncoast Digest on bandcamp and now I’m… @IonesumQueen Kingston/Ulster County!!STITSR, one of my favorite bands of this century, has their discography up on BC now and are donating all proceeds… the last night we wristband-scammed our entire crew onto the floor & I double dipped with @littlewings333’m on the left somewhere. had a full blown lsd-fueled freak out when immediately after the encore there was a fire… like a new 75 Dollar Bill release on @Bandcamp Friday
Retweeted by gedDid you know that one of the most innovative guitar projects in the last 30 years has a new jam out today? GROWING…
Retweeted by gedFT BANDCAMP - Lots of recent stuff in from Kush Jones, Model Home, Mezey & Nosho, massive Motoko & Myers remix comp…
Retweeted by gedOut Physically Today! The 4th and self titled @PURE__X record. Get it at your local independent record store or d…
Retweeted by gedDid you think we were done?...😈😈 BACK ONCE AGAIN!! This one's for us. HOA011. Run it up.
Retweeted by gedtoday only get my full digital @bandcamp discography for 75% OFF that's 22+ years... 77 releases for $123.25 ! pa…
Retweeted by ged @RachelWithAnR @mgeddesgengras Thank you!!!!! 💕 Here's a peak at the insert 😈
Retweeted by gedNew vinyl reissue of classic 1970 UK Psych album THINK PINK by Twink, Executive Produced by me & remastered by…
Retweeted by gedI have digital, tapes and vinyl available here. Seil is donating 10% of all earnings to indefinitely to causes that…
Retweeted by gedI have some older material here where I will donate all the proceeds to black lives matter.
Retweeted by gedWant to shout-out VDS, my duo with my best friend & synthesis mentor, the late Jeremy Kelly. Moog & modular duets r… to do something new last minute, lol enjoy ❤️
Retweeted by gedWhat would we do if literally every music writer didn’t agree to boost the same three universally-acclaimed, commer…
Retweeted by gedVery happy to share that my new album 'Cantus, Descant' has been announced today and is available for pre-order. T…
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Retweeted by gedWhen you buy from bandcamp the the artist/label immediately get an email saying that you bought their music and the…
Retweeted by gedSome time ago Tim Gray and I recorded a bunch of idiosyncratic, immersive ambient techno / IDM jams in his attic st…
Retweeted by gedPut some 2009-10 era infancy stage Container tracks up on Bandcamp for the day. Pay what you want. Hard to say if t…
Retweeted by ged 3 new releases in the past month & so so many old ones 💚💚💚nu WET TUNA -> eau'd to a fake bookie ∞ COMe dive some kinda water
Retweeted by gedhoped to have something new for bandcamp together today (it’s in the works) but having a hard time working on anyth… BandCamp just erupted: 7 (SEVEN) releases just went live for Bandcamp Friday (so so…
Retweeted by gedso many good records here, including mine!! Happiest of Happy days to you Lawrence!! to apply pressure
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