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This week and today been have been rough. Wear a mask and stay safe y’all.
Why do people still listen to this toxic fucking moron
Retweeted by Mike Hartington✍️IE11 Mainstream End Of Life in Oct 2020 Making the case for why web developers can drop *free support* for IE 11…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @ThugDebugger Beard game is strong. When mine was extra beard, I had a kind-of-pick to help get knots out
@cotufa82 Thoughts are with you! Sending positive vibes ❤️A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonWhen Apple improves privacy protections for the web, some claim that's an insincere attempt to favor native apps. H…
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@laurieontech Sammmmeee @rgolea @Ionicframework Yeah, it’s a known issue. Ios14 beta broke animation easings. @LiamDeBeasi opened an issue… @rgolea @nomadtechie @laurieontech @KimCrayton1 Attended the first one. Signing up for the following events. Amazing stuffStop dragging me into your conversations. Or maybe instead of a grip, I should just go seek professional help.…“Normally intelligent MINOR figure” I think I’m a bit more than that. And you’re goddamn right I am asking for… on In3DC and Thoughts on Being Patience, when the "Time Is Now" for change...
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So it seems like rhode island has no commercial cabinet shops or places for woodworking co-ops? _le sigh_Guess this stuff is ok huh @Shopify @tobi ? Then again, you have never had a issue with nazi/white supremacy in th…
@brandyscarney @manucorporat Improving on spanish/english: easy Understanding Brandy's accent: difficult 😂 @ChaseAucoin @guyroyse @reverentgeek Very very real... @KimMaida @samjulien @WordPress @sanity_io @GatsbyJS @Netlify Also look at @ButterCMS. I’ve been trying it out in a… is my birthday and all I want is for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to tweet at @GovAndyBeshear @LMPD
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonCome work with us! @DiversifyTechCo, would you be able to include this in your newsletter? totally forgot about this gem @mhartington
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @cotufa82 We have a lot of hair 😬 @MarkPieszak @niklas_wortmann I've become a fan of Phoenix Lightweight, fast, and it's co… out how @mhartington from Ionic connected ButterCMS to his app built with Ionic and Angular.…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @jedihacks Why did she sell sea shells by the sea shore? Because they were actually fossils! @cotufa82 @DoesitPew It really was!
I am completely blown away...this is the graph of participant engagement from last Saturday’s "Introduction to Bein…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonGood time to think, what *does* a future look like with security and privacy centered at all web apis? Blocking a… to render all the talks from #ioniconf. Hard to imagine how quickly it all came together. Thank you to all who… CSS you can apply filters from an external SVG with: .target { filter: url("filters.svg#filter-id"); } Well,…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @xeenon @webkit Ah, alright. Forgot this feature existed to be honest 😀 Thanks for the responseAhh the joys of Google and their deceptive privacy practices. Not surprised by this. Now imagine how much worse th… animations is pain. You get one little bit "figured out" only to discover the other thousand little details.
is this new @webkit? Haven't seen this before friend's team @nbc is hiring for multiple mid and 1 senior level #ux #ui, #uxresearch, and #motiondesign roles:…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @tomayac All @Ionicframework and @angular 😁 @cotufa82 Oh hai!Working on some updates to Star Track with the newer iOS design language changes post wwdc. Need to really look in… @jlengstorf Still got that angsty look going strong @swyx @github @npmjs @AdamRackis Spoiler alert: npm went from having 4 black engineers to zero. ALL BLACK ENGINEERS…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonObservation: There are people who "want the web to win" but then work to put down other browser instead of helping/…
Apologies for misspelling @KimCrayton1 @nomadtechie. corporate Blackface from @github @npmjs laying off their remai…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonIt'll be the 100th issue anniversary of Diversify Tech's newsletter in a couple of weeks. 🎉 It would be pretty awe…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @basicBrogrammer Yah, we have a spectrum chat, but we are not active in there. We use for any official support/help is laminated. Time to flatten and assemble @basicBrogrammer @Ionicframework Between the main repo and the ionic docs, those would be the best place to help ou…
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@bunopus @yallen011 Tech isn’t not apolitical. It’s ok to make changes like this that help improve community. It’s… @helloejsulit @capacitorjs @maxlynch `rm ios/android`Sponsor some new Angular packages? Router Forms Schematics Something else??
Retweeted by Mike Hartington💖 Our team loves Brandon, what he stands for, and all of the work that he does. Please consider sponsoring his tire…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @AbaAssar @ButterCMS @dotNetkow Will take a look!
@PrabirShrestha Vim got a lua API? @LaurentDuveau @angular Have you opened any issues to report this? Twitter tends to not be the best place to report any issues. @mhartington Thanks for using ButterCMS to get a simple app up and running with Ionic and Angular. Check out this…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @mhartington from Ionic connects ButterCMS to his app built with Ionic and Angular. Click on the link for the tutor…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonJust bc the media has stopped showing it doesn’t means it has stopped.
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @KevinKelchen @maxlynch @brandyscarney @dotNetkow It's pretty open-ended at this point. Best thing I can say is i… @KevinKelchen @maxlynch @brandyscarney @dotNetkow As for components, we're always open to pull requests to help mak… @KevinKelchen @maxlynch @brandyscarney @dotNetkow Hey Kevin. No shift on our end. We're still working on a better d… @swyx @dimaip I'd say a healthy amount of stress is good to keep people on their toes! I was just happy you were a… @scotups There's a lot of joy and simplicity when dealing with ESM and not having a bundler involved
@ceceliacreates Thank you for being a part of today! Great job on your presentationToday has been an exhausting but fufilling day. @brandyscarney @LiamDeBeasi Liam can you finish ionic vue first? K thnx baiListening to @karobotco talk about IoT and Javascript during #ioniconf. SO EXCITED!T-minus 30 minutes until I talk all things animations and performance! Be sure to ask your questions using…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @bitchwhocodes You probably have already heard of it, but foundation has a tool to make the template part simpler @ceceliacreates @YuniorGlez @John_Papa @simpulton @schlimmson branch names to use terms that do not comes with a history of oppression and racial supremacy, especially to… @ceceliacreates @YuniorGlez @John_Papa @simpulton @schlimmson I already see enough slack in my life 😂 @linesarefuzzy We're using streamyard! @manekinekko @SFTViv @mhartington Name that album cover ☝️ We would call it... Two Abrocados 😏
Retweeted by Mike Hartington#askioniconf
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonIf you're not watching @simpulton right now, you're missing a great talk! #IoniconfThanks @mhartington for mentioning us in the #Ioniconf. Use coupon code IONICONF to get 25% OFF on any template jus…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @chimon1984 @ibrahimshehuib4 @maxlynch @Ionicframework Pulled from app figures @HenriHelvetica Sony* @HenriHelvetica Also camera is song a6100 @HenriHelvetica don't use twitter much but have to thank @yallen011 for a great talk on Web VR! #askioniconf
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonNow! @cotufa82 with "Smile! The web is your photobooth!' come to #ioniconf 💖💖💖
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @GaelFoulon @LiamDeBeasi Yep, sessions will be uploading to youtube laterI didn’t know #WebVR until today! Thanks for your insight @yallen011 #ioniconf
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @yallen011 great job!! Sorry about the loading issues but learned a ton about new Web VR things. Definitely checkin…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington#askioniconf Question about WebVR and A-Frame: How good is mobile web support at the moment? Building 3D Experience…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonVery cool dog!! #ioniconf
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @yallen011 Thanks for sharing! I feel the tech struggle ❤️ Awesome job #ioniconf
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonHearing @cotufa82 while working :) 🚀 #ioniconf
Retweeted by Mike Hartington"Internet Explorer will always be Internet Explorer, so there's nothing more to say there" Thanks for making me sp… @jeffschneller Yep! We'll be publishing them after the conference is done!Questions for the Ioniconf speakers? Use the hashtag #askioniconf to submit questions and we’ll answer them during our next Q&A session.
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @hiteshjain29 Hey! Thanks for the heads up! We'll take a look#Ioniconf is LIVE now. A full day of awesome mobile development topics! @Ionicframework @IonicUtah
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonAlright let’s do this!!!! #ioniconf is today and these jams are keeping me in the zone! Atlanta’s @yallen011, @cotufa82, and @ceceliacreates are speaking today at #Ioniconf! 🎉
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonReminder: the Ioniconf starts very soon! #Ionic #Ioniconf #AskIoniconf
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonHappy Ioniconf 2020! Today I will be talking all things animations and performance at 4 PM CDT / 5 PM EDT. Ask me…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonGood on us Rhode Island. Now let's do more.