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Developer Advocate for @Ionicframework. Google Developer Expert. I've been known to do stuff with code. he/him. npx mhartington

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@ThomasBurleson @MarkPieszak That’s just how we look ThomasFriendly reminder that Web Components v0 will stop working in Chrome 80 🚨 Be sure to check your old sites and foll…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonSo if I get this correctly, @Ionicframework and @stenciljs can help us build UI components to share design systems…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @stenciljs and tools like it are the future for component library development. Use the platform, support the framew…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonAdam Bradley @adamdbradley, Creator of @stenciljs and co-creator of @IonicFramework now on stage!
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonMr ionic @mhartington in the Florida proper
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @joeflateau @maxlynch I don’t think so, at least not this year
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 22)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Verified Adventure' badge on @untappd! inappropriate @MarkPieszak. For shame. JK soon to an Ionic Framework near you! Been working on some cool 😎 updates to our pull to refresh component 🔄…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @maxlynch @JimTheDev Sounds like something we should make....I feels seen @JimTheDev @maxlynch I mean, with capacitor, the calls are all similar/simple. No DI neededThere is a good friend of mine, father of now three daughters who can code and needs help with education. I was won…
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We recently released a WYSIWYG editor to help you format messages in Slack. To the users who preferred the text mar…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonI am running for the @w3ctag again, so if your employer is a @w3c member company, please consider voting for me so…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonKicking off the third day of #PWX2019 with @mhartington talking about PWAs across platforms. Excited to continue the learning today!
Retweeted by Mike Hartington*people arguing on the internet* Why...why is it the same 4-5 people every time. @jedihacks @Gartner_inc @Ionicframework Say hi to @achaire and crew! @brianleroux Florida! Enjoying decent weather instead of snow back home! @brianleroux Do it. @mhartington I wrote an article on color. Check it out,
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonPretty much sums up my feelings about react hooks. attending some talks today, it’s clear devs still need to be reminded about color contrast. What are some g…
We are told that today is #CyberMonday. How about we offer you this exciting technology news to celebrate the start…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @dtaalbers @maxlynch @AureliaEffect @Ionicframework @EisenbergEffect The only real need for framework bindings are… @aaronfrost @herodevs @angular @gatsbyjs YESSSIt's true! a bad view this morning an Opal IPA by Deep Blue Brewing - just earned the 'Middle of the Road (Level 11)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Beer-giving (2019)' badge on @untappd!
@MarkPieszak I leave Thursday! Let’s grab a beer while I’m in town! @MarkPieszak Yeeeesssir! Gonna be in Clearwater for this hello Tampa! @MarkPieszak We know who the real gift is 🐈 @wesgrimes @John_Papa I bring the cold! But for real, snow is happening back home right now so I’m happy to be in warmer weather @wesgrimes @John_Papa *cough cough* Safari is really good here.... *cough cough*Surprisingly accurate. down to Clearwater, FL to: 1) Escape the weather and 2) Present at Progress Web Experience! Let’s chat wh…*Finally getting around to adding my first pin to my bad. Thanks for the gift @_jaehess ! 2 is EOL in one month. happy new year
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At JSConf Japan tomorrow, I will talk about @getcapacitor, and how bridge JS to Swift/Java!!
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonThank you for sending great presents from @mhartington and Ionic Team. (I got this through @laco2net 🙏) I came a…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @halftes6 @cotufa82 Yes. @_jayphelps @markdalgleish @evanplaice @dabit3 @cotufa82 I feel seen and attack @halftes6 @_jayphelps @dabit3 @halftes6 The lava is lava. @halftes6 Or vise versa. At some point, it’s just jumping from screen to screen @halftes6 Must be a bug @halftes6 Same here @tomayac @kennethrohde @_zouhir @darktears @MSEdgeDev We should chat more about this and involve @adamdbradley on t…
@robwormald I looked at stitchfix, but I just need some shirts. Style is not much of an issue on my end.Mainly I just want to get rid of past conference swagThe urge to just donate all my clothes and start fresh with a minimal wordrobe is back. Black, grey, and simple shi…! Our good friends at @IonicThemes have put together an awesome bundle for devs!'s this time of the year when you can buy Vue School for a fraction of the price! Learn #vuejs, #nuxt, and…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonMidwest Thanksgiving: ⊂_ヽ   \\ ope, excuse me    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\just gonna sneak…
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Laptop has shut down twice today at 40% battery. Upon start up, screen flashes “charge laptop” symbol. Time for new one. @sonicparke Pfff, these hybrid apps man. Such crap @abeisgoat 2 sunsetting is like the new Y2K
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonNumbers & metrics are 1/4 of the story. Especially in a people-focused environment. Always remember this. # of us…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @brandontroberts It’s always egg nog season.
Yo. @Ionicframework community!!! Make this so! during how I say it the project went during…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @BryantPlano @SlackHQ NEVER. Markdown is perfect and I will DIE on that hill. @dee_bloo @SlackHQ Yes. @SlackHQ Not just complaining because of change, but the auto-formatting requires so much more work to escape forma… I want for Thanksgiving is no more rich text editor/experience in @SlackHQ . Kill it with fire. @mhartington @mattduhon We are a collective.
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @mattduhon're going to be in for a surprise... someone is running @HartingtonBeard @wesgrimes @MarkPieszak @Brocco Did someone say web components?There are just some people who are in it for the fame.Hello @mhartington 👋🏻 hugs from #FrontendCon2019 🤗
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonThat's me 😊 @codemickey78 Thanks so much for tweeting 👍 #ionic #Dyffa #SocaSnap #Kuuote #CharleDrive
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @GarthDB Curious, what camera and does it have clean hdmi out?
"watched" a 15 minute video on the history of the screw, and why robertson screws were typically only in Canada. I do not regret a thing. @likeOMGitsFEDAY @ladyleet Scotch. Lots of it.Saw on my ig account. Person submitted 4 @Ionicframework apps this year! Great stuff. Always enjoy hearing how succ… @stephenfluin That is until APIs like display locking gains adoption!W3C in the news: "Passwords should become a thing of the past. Here's why" via @wef “..the work of bodies such as…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonI wish I could take credit for this. It’s all @bitandbang’s fault 😄 an @Ionicframework sticker with @mhartington on it 🤩
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @jchiatt I feel seen.It’s always fun seeing what @halftes6 and @ken_wheeler change their names too!Only took a few years to get it back, but I now have my original hoodie from when I joins @Ionicframework over 5yea…
@jthoms1 And the order of css class namesCan verify. Jennifer does indeed get drunk and shit post. And is also funny.
2019 more “welcome new user...” notifications @SlackHQ. They are not helpful.This is just wonderful
Retweeted by Mike Hartington @s0serene SavageHey thanks @apple for the super fun game you made! Just keep tapping a Bluetooth option and try to make the spinner…
Retweeted by Mike Hartington24th of November and the weather is good enough to chill out at the beach ☀️😄the #ionic socks are relaxing with me…
Retweeted by Mike HartingtonI will never not play new noise if it’s on a jukebox