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Matt Heußer @mheusser Allegan, MI

Software delivery consultant/writer. Collaborative software geek. Catholic. Parent. Cooking, home improvement, games, music, stoicism. Learning German.

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@nocontxtww how much block of cheese is in here bro? Just the peterson projection? Bonus points for things in "Wha… @polotek The jury's back for the documentation camp. They lost. The research is published in a book called "the soc…
@ckenst nope. Wish I could say I was but ... It's time to get busy like schoolboy making an A. Cuz time my friend is tickin' away ...“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up wi…
Retweeted by Matt HeußerOH: "My folks are making regular grocery runs for my grandparents who are in their 90s. Nana says this is a cake wa… dunno if twitter can handle the nuance, but it could start here. :-)I just ordered a copy of Hayek's "The road to serfdom" today; I may have time to read it. I expect it will be ... h… @jaffamonkey full stack. like BOTH SQL AND a version control system!The AWS protest against the JEDI award continues, with the court saying it's likely to succeed. #Microsoft #AWS
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TestRail product manager (and long time friend of testing) @sjpknight is hosting a webinar on effective remote work… @samlaing ages ago - so - like - february?O'Reilly shutters its in-person events business Has the day of digital-only events finally come?This. Them: If you didn't write it, it didn't happen. Me: If you did write it and it gets shoved in a drawer and… @frjohnhollowell Tweet me a url when do you father, or dm. Thanks! Big fan of the divine mercy Chaplet if you wanted to do that. @HrishiHirway The first few seasons of M*A*S*H contain sterotypes of masculinity that were comedic then ... and you… @aclairefication @claubs_uy @Ina_Hoelzel @AgileTD @WizardOfAgile @ClaraSchuster10 @kriscorbus @jdiaz_berlin
"Word count? Word count? you're worried about word count? Just make people want to keep reading!" -- @estherschindler @markallanbovair @eternaljdg 100% up to a limit. From what I can google, in Michigan that is $362/week with dependents.Buying a new laptop computer to work from home is becoming harder in stores and online due to the coronavirus epide… a simple flowchart for tech Twitter
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Create a #GanttChart for its benefits, but be aware of the tool's shortcomings. @Mheusser lays out what these visua…
Retweeted by Matt HeußerWhile we're at we can practice the cardinal virtues, the theological virtues, the corporal and spiritual works of m… zoom meeting of #DeliverFromHome thanks for coming! @Hopasaurus @Grottig @N00bTester @PeteWalen @klarajanova @RonJeffries @DayleyAgile @cgosimon "and who besides me ever says that?" raises hand ... @maaretp @Jukka_Talvio If we zoom away from "finding bugs" and get more and more general, the role of the tester be… @joeydee740 @seanmoran44 @GovernorTomWolf @PhiladelphiaGov I suppose one must expect loss in a tweet. And he used s…
@techgirl1908 @MichelePlayfair ? don't you have a big library you can point the webcam at? And invest in a nice ch… @davenicolette no, but thinking back, I'd suggest getting involve in open-source projects with known corporate sponsors. @davenicolette Non-commercial, dave. I'm not selling anything. I want to talk to my friends in this difficult time. @davenicolette No, I wasn't going to tell you either. I'm saying I'm setting up a lonely cool kids solidarity meeti… @davenicolette i'm doing a devops/delivery/testing zoom tomorrow. Non-commercial. let me know if you need an invite… @seanmoran44 @GovernorTomWolf @PhiladelphiaGov I expect people in emergency professions, police, prison guards, etc… Free and non-commercial.I'm Hosting a free DevOps/Delivery/Testing community meeting tomorrow 10Mountain/Noon Eastern/9AM Pac. DM me for in… @ashleymcnamara Gotta disagree. cocoa pebbles for the win.if you're having more teleconferences and telemeetings, you might think about how to /plan/ for and /run/ them.…'ve never had much success actually managing a project with a Gannt or PERT chart. But for communicating high leve… @cwoodruff ohhhh have better URL? @defendUS1984 @smellnosmallla1 @beingfellow @theghissilent it was subtle and it was several places during the mass… @defendUS1984 @smellnosmallla1 @beingfellow @theghissilent I livestreamed a mass this morning that did something li…
@rebeccawb @awbjs happy birthday. @PeteWalen pretty sure we can go for a walk. I may take julie the 2 blocks to church today. Our bishop said he woul… @PeteWalen wait you took a walk and made yourself breakfast? Is that against the rules now? @defendUS1984 @smellnosmallla1 @beingfellow @theghissilent I'm a certified catechist in the diocese of kalamazoo. W…
“People are very proud. They feel they’re contributing to a noble cause, to serving the country. It’s really a feel…
Retweeted by Matt HeußerThe cynic in me says that as soon as this is all over, tech companies will go back to “Remote work? That’s impossib…
Retweeted by Matt HeußerPete wrote this a week ago. I wasn't there yet. Prescient. Amazing that at this speed a week feels like forever.… general, when people need to voice their concerns and their fears in the midst of all this, it is best just to a…
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@StevenJV @jimwooley @HP I saw online the disease can live for three days on non-living surfaces. So four should do… @Socialtext friends - I wrote a thing about telework. More to come. Appreciate any su…'ve just published my first story on techrepublic - on remote collaboration, and planning for after the virus ends… continues to need plenty of help -- a new report finds that 97% of 36 businesses in Eastern European ne… look into how the relationship is working between Red Hat and IBM: No Culture Clash in the Marriage of IBM and Re…
Retweeted by Matt Heußer @hnicoleanderson @BradleyWhitford that looks, to me, more than a bit like "duping delight." What do you think is going on? @jasonlk @brianc13 @lissijean @MarriottIntl @Marriott @SaaStrAnnual @HiltonHotels well, tell 'em to sue you. I'll… @jasonlk @brianc13 @lissijean @MarriottIntl @Marriott @SaaStrAnnual @HiltonHotels You've gotta have a force majeure… @FriendlyTester @Richardbishop @darktelecom @Marriott You should have had a force majeure provision in the contract…
If you're working from home, let's use this time to get serious about collaboration Do… aren't just for dorky prior ROTC cadets anymore; they are responsible social distancing! @ShortJared @ben11kehoe @jnschrag @DonMagee @stevensacks First 5 jobs: - Bagging Corn - Carrying Furniture for th… @aahunsberger logger1234 short-term. Mindfullness. Go do something physical. Lift heavy… @cyetain it's an agreement, it just includes "if X then Y." Lawyers, for example, might take a case on contingency.… @ron_miller I'm asking what that means for companies that make /things/. Plus services. What does that mean for a l… @ron_miller do you have links on what digital transformation is and what a journey looks like? O'Reilly can go all…
@ckenst @june_park_ likely 10:30AM Eastern/7:30PAC one day next week. @mkltestheadwe're going to do a testing show on remote testing, recording next week. Want to guest? @markallanbovair @realDonaldTrump At this point i'd say we are at voluntary martial law. What more could she do but… @epsilon11 want to set up a "how to be awesome without really trying" webinar late next week? I'm in and could hel… when and where a #KanbanBoard or PERT chart can fill gaps in your software project that a #GanttChart can't. |…
Retweeted by Matt Heußer @quintfilius @markallanbovair brother move to Allegan, Michigan. We have cookies. @Pamela_Yap wait, that tweet might be unclear. There is a general dispensation for essentially everyone in KZ with… @Pamela_Yap kalamazoo michigan hasn't announced it yet, but there is a general dispensation for everyone.
@hugs thanks for taking the time to find and share the pictures tho. I appreciate it. @hugs I would guess the bidnesses that specialize in delivery would do well. We'll see. Plenty of service jobs are… @hugs Seriously? It's been, like, a day. I just got back to work, homeschooled my daughter all morning. Homeschool… @TuttoBolivia @MeeloBaba @chicoharlan okay. Thank you. @TuttoBolivia @MeeloBaba @chicoharlan what if you're a single dad? Serious question. @nocontxtww Margaret Hooper. You wouldn’t be bored!
@techgirl1908 @hphusky I don't get why this is funny. @sarah_edo @jlengstorf An hour is just how we used to do it before 1984, ya know? @testobsessed fantastic, Elisabeth. Sometimes, on a good day, you pull a jewel out of the your past. You ... seem… Someone said if it really was an homage/roast and not a mockery, and I really claimed to be @jamesmarcusbach '…'s no secret that I have gained a great deal, professionally and personally, from @jamesmarcusbach and studying h… @skillinen Google docs. DM me a good gmail-using address? @AdolfoTerron @michaelbolton oh i'll make the go/no-go decision for you. My day rate will force you to price the no… @KirstenMinshall @RonJeffries you can't spell therapist without ... nevermind.anyone want to review a piece on the political/social side or corona and working from home - using this to work fro…
@lizhenry "zero tolerance" is also "zero discretion by administration and faculty." GRR. @lizhenry I don't understand what the problem is - commerce in school? "This container not for individual resale" s…
@testobsessed sigh. Why is it always a duck? :-P @futureinmindd dude, you're catholic? Represent. Nice tweet earlier.I don't put much about my faith here, but it is part of who I am. Including my journey to Stoicism. Thread. If you… @futureinmindd As a catholic stoic, I hear you brother. Have you looked into Exodus 90? @PylesofBooks @lapittenger yeah I was trying to say I can understand where you're coming from. I appreciate the tho… Santos, Baker, and Russel were further apart in the delegate count than Bernie/Biden going into the democ… @PylesofBooks @lapittenger While I am not convinced, sadly I can at least understand your position. @PylesofBooks @lapittenger can you elaborate?? @tottinge 3of3 There are some folks who are, well, people-people, and are good at "individuals and interactions", a… @tottinge 2of3 Then scrum master became a thing. Then CSM became popular. Then companies hired CSM. Then CSM became… @tottinge in the early 2000's there were a lot of people that did something like "XP for one" eg: I cannot convince…