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mia :) @miaquann Ireland

extremely unfunny | 17 | she/her

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@Sinead_Louie HAHAHAHA suppose with lockdown everyone’s going to be getting them up early since there’s nothing better to be doing @kris_amadeus LMFAOOO @kris_amadeus I mean I am but it’s mf n o v e m b e rit is only NovemberI was napping earlier & got woken up by my family playing Christmas songs and putting up decorations
@100shreccs you’re so pretty woahhh
snowball pics b4 I sleep, goodnight :)
@snitchery how prettygood morning !! @2_moonman hello! @isthatcufs THIS WAS FROM HALLOWEEN BDJSBZVA @fopocketsm @fopockets I got you🤝 @bblack3416 @VisionEfects HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA @Ananimee yessirrr @bobbyscott04 not in this case sirdrew my next tattoo dedicated to my grandpa who was a famous car photographer and owned a 911
Retweeted by mia :) @IcyVertReporter STOPPPP ILY YOURE TOO SWEET @bobbyscott04 not at all omfg shush @Jackinoof no sir you’re too sweet pls @ChukaTheKid LMFAOOOO AHAHAH THANK YOU😭😭 @bobbyscott04 HUSH UP YOURE TOO KIND @crypticsrporter LMFAOAOOAOOA @MarcoAjx STOP ILY @SteadyCam_ anytime cam, same here!❤️ @ballljeeet @TlReporter @Kiid10Da 😭😭 @crypticsrporter WHA @sSuperCam TOO SWEET NOT AT ALL :’) THANK YOU SM ILY @MarcoAjx HUSH NOT AT ALL YOURE TOO KIND @sSuperCam @ballljeeet LMAOOOO @crypticsrporter @Jacob_Storm5676 @scarn0ne HUH @Kiid10Da LMFAOAOAOAO AHAHAHAH THANK YOU JORDAN😭😭😭😭😭😭 @ballljeeet @TlReporter LMFAOAOAOAOOAOAOAAA AHAHAHHAHAHA @MarcoAjx AAAAAAAAAA @scarn0ne 😤❤️❤️ @crypticsrporter ofc I do !! @Jackinoof PLEASE YOURE TOO KIND :’)))) @ballljeeet thank you aj you too whenever that time comes :)) @Kiid10Da do what im @ballljeeet @TlReporter WHZKWBSJABAHAHAHA @TlReporter LMFAO hello hello! @SteadyCam_ well I’m glad to hear you’re getting better! I’m always here Cam❤️ @crypticsrporter STOP YOURE TOO KIND ILY ILY @ballljeeet AYOOO that sounds fun asf! enjoy it man :) & I’m probably gonna sleep soon it’s pretty late LMFAOOO @tokfut :’))) @ballljeeet I’m glad to hear that!! :’) any plans for the rest of today? @C162X ILYSM OMG THANK YOU CLEF @SteadyCam_ IVE BEEN GOOD THANK YOU HOW ABOUT YOU!! @tokfut stop that @tokfut yessirrr @lxttleladi MEOWWW @tokfut HUSH STOP THAT!! @ballljeeet I’m good thank you!! how about you? @SteadyCam_ THANK YOU CAM ILY @Iovesafety ily so much omg @scarn0ne NOT AT ALL HUSH @VisionEfects LMFAOOOOOO SHUSH @ballljeeet hi Aj!!! @HeyEIf thank you elf !! @tokfut hush not at all @tokfut will do!!🐈 @tokfut very :/ how about you? @tokfut I’m good ty, glad to hear you’re doing well too :) @tokfut :’)) I miss you too! hope you’re all good kris, ily man💜Halloween selfies or no hmmm
wood fired pizza? how will pizza get a job now!?
Retweeted by mia :)
she got long legs @MarcoAjx @queejo LMAOAOAOOAOAO @MarcoAjx @queejo FR LMAOOO @MarcoAjx @queejo my one and only good comeback @MarcoAjx @queejo fitting into lockers a banger too LMAOO @MarcoAjx @queejo “you spell like a middle schooler” that was a good one ngl @craig_stewart11 @MarcoAjx @queejo 😭😭 @MarcoAjx @queejo LMAOOOO
@LadiLxttle LMFAOOOOOOOO @ItsXodia @bobbyscott04 KITH KITH ILY @bobbyscott04 AWWW ILY @LadiLxttle VEJSEVEHAHHAHAHAgood morning everyone!! @jxsmxnep I love you too cutie💜💜 @offthetvbles @louvplace @sammyadoresari @borderlineneedy @grandesmuffin @imhmotives @fleurbaekkie CRJZVH NO U!!! y…
@tokfut :’)) not at all hush! you’re too kind @astoruno good morning! have a good day today :) @ballljeeet good morning aj!! have a great day today :) @jxsmxnep you got this, keep up all the hard work I’m so so proud of you cutie! sleep well too! it’s well deserved… @tokfut no u!! @jxsmxnep good morning love! gonna go for a walk and study later, how about you cutie?❤️ @tokfut good morning kris! have a great day today :) @lolidinosaur good morning!! have a great day today :)goodddd morningggggg
@MarcoAjx 😭😭😭 @MarcoAjx this is what my life has come to @MarcoAjx I hate that I laughed @MarcoAjx nope I’m right thank you @jxsmxnep yes ma’am😤💜💜 @pastamanity @undunnes mf it includes you @MarcoAjx maybe so but I do know that your cuteness is superior @HoodieSmart respect🤝