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Mica Burton @MicaBurton Los Angeles, CA

actor ᐤ cosplayer ᐤ freelance host ᐤ Reani on @CriticalRole & co-host of #CritterHug ᐤ ᐤ Go Blue

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@wyverning What the actualIn Tagalog Mythology, Aman Sinaya was a goddess of sea and the protector of fishermen. She prevented Amanikable, th…
Retweeted by Mica Burton @ChiggityChives 🥺🥺🥺 wehhhhh I miss you so much! @ChiggityChives The circle of life @ChiggityChives BRUH THIS IS ENABLE PAYBACK FOR EVERY ARTISTS ALLEY 😂 @ChiggityChives do it @ChiggityChives DANG BRO THATS DOPE @ChiggityChives Lego... retirement?
That sweet, sweet new dice feel! ✨ (set by diceforgoblins on insta) @ChiggityChives C h i v e s @amethyst_leon ALWAYS!!!! No mater the temperature, I will wear no sleeves when skating/dancing @amethyst_leon I’ll never forget the first time I watched YoI I was like “SKATING IN A CROP TOP?!” and then I start… @amethyst_leon OOF TOO REAL. HIP FLEXOR PAIN SOLIDARITY ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 @amethyst_leon @misspenart @heyshannuckles @AnnaProsser @Shadypenguinn @NateWantsToBtl It couldn’t have happened without you and y… @heyshannuckles THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ART AHHHHHH ❤️They’re finally out!! Here’s my individual character art for the Nights of #Eveningstar crew! ✨ (currently live on…
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@jobielee YAAAAAAS @nemesiscos AN ACTUAL HECKIN GODDESS @jobielee OMG THIS IS MY DREAM COSPLAY I WOULD KILL TO SEE YOU DO IT @nemesiscos No u @adriofwands @AndyLunique Omg it’s totally a wig but I’m glad it’s convincing!Happy 1st of Christmas, everyone! 🎄 you just have to watch videos of hydraulic presses crushing things at 1am to cope @Malindachan I’m SO excited to see it all done! MCH is one of my fave classes so I’m extra 😍😍😍 @samriegel The musical theatre nerd in me is panicking that he will see my face in 70 episodes @officialaesthel @yoemilyrey Yes I’d love to! I’m just getting used to everything first 😅 FFXIV makes more sense to meI’m way too used to having rare mounts and being the highest level and wearing cute armor in FFXIV so this is PAINF… I tried a thing today... let's see how this goes...
Humans are not equipped to face global bad news 24/7, daily negative criticisms on things they might enjoy, nor are…
Retweeted by Mica BurtonYeah, they got me. I’m an easy to please kpop fan. Damn you, KDA. 💖\\速報// 新大規模エリア 『スーパー・ニンテンドー・ワールド™』 2月4日(木)オープン決定🎉 最新鋭技術で実現した「マリオカート」をはじめ、日本が世界に誇る、任天堂ゲームの世界が現実に✨ 先行体験が当たるキャンペーン情…
Retweeted by Mica Burton @SomersetSews 😍😍😍 @megturney He says what
@kasumikamigawa I would pay so much for that to be a game @AndyLunique NOOO ITS TOO ANNOYING I promise it’s not as adorable as people think 😂 @CaptainPlanetOW YES okay thank you for the validation 🤣One of my most embarrassing gaming habits is I will just mumble to myself/narrate combat whenever it gets intense.… four years of Final Fantasy XV! Not only is it one of my favorite games of all time, but it’s absolutely the…
@asunnydisposish YES STAN BEAU your mother is incredibleLooks like 👀 Azara 👀👀👀 may be... multi-classing at level 9? Find out this Tuesday at 4pm PST at… got these amazing class/race dnd pins from the DoizeDemos (on Insta) Kickstarter and I am in LOVE. I think I cove… @SomersetSews BONO???????????? @wyverning As a kid who used to sit in the horse’s stall and just talk to them, trusting they wouldn’t kick the shi… @gearstation TRUTH ❤️ @gearstation @wyverning HORSES ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF BONK @gearstation LEMLEY??????????? THAT IS CONCERNING!!!!!!!!!! @artofjoenni OH NOThis is just the universe telling me to stop doing dangerous sports I think. ‘Mica what do you like to do for fun?’… first time I took a horse into a canter successfully, I lost control while going around the ring, went over a b… @jettila ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @InternetSlums ??? her name has been trending all day I’m just responding to people asking if I’ll ever cosplay her… duh I will obviously be cosplaying Ahsoka Tano
sometimes i’m just feeling’ it 🖤 📷: vonswank on insta
Retweeted by Mica Burton @joeynoelle THANK U I JUST REALLY LOVE PERSONA @ModeratelyOkCos OH MY GOD A BABY???? @ModeratelyOkCos Fucking perfection @ModeratelyOkCos I need the story @nicoletters Listen they are both there for boyfriend representation. You’re welcome. @nicoletters I searched so long to find a cute matching promo image for a dlc and gave up LMFAO @nicoletters LANSJAOSKSLAPA SHUDDUP ITS NOT MY FAULT YUSUKE IS IN THE CUTE CASUAL CLOTHESNov. 26th 11:59pm vs. Nov. 27th 12:00 @bisoulovely got myself a constellation necklace! <3 @runDEVINrun HAPPY THANK BB @NipahDUBS HE DESERVES IT!!!!!!!!Even just for the 4 of us (5 including Reani) the Burton Family likes to get a little fancy to stuff our faces ✨
@BrenCasts @nicoletters TRULY!!!!!!!!!!! @nicoletters GOD SAME @AsianLammy I’m coming over @eddyrivas 6 am is too early. 6:02 and onward is fineStay safe and healthy this Turkey Day, y’all! I know it’s a strange year without friends and family, but I’m so tha… dreaming of 5pm tonight where I’ll be consuming my weight in turkey and yams... 🦃✨ 📷: vonswank @shinjaninja on Ice finally gets more teasers for “Adolescence” the year I go back to figure skating training? Coincidence? I THINK NOT—昨年行われた「ユーリ!!! on ICE TVシリーズ一挙劇場上映」にて限定先行解禁を行った特報映像を公開しました。 We've added a teaser PV, which…
Retweeted by Mica Burtonroommate is blasting the nutcracker on vinyl because he says the dance of the sugarplum fairies is, and I quote, "a straight fuckin banger"
Retweeted by Mica Burton @nicoletters literally all hours
@VintageAerith AN ACTUAL ANGEL @gaygeeknerd Listen. Just @ me next time you make a call out post. @RiotRogers 3C1 @adriofwands PLEASE TELL HIM I LOVE HIM @acarboni @acarboni BRUH @erikaishii Oh that’s just awful carrying eugene bridal style is something that can actually be so personal. happy 10th anniversary tangle…
Retweeted by Mica Burton @misspenart I have one of your candles! I should've lit it! @madredelluna OH that makes sense. Its always shocking to hear footage of you is somewhere you are unaware of 😅
@madredelluna Wait what? @Charalanahzard Why is the world like this @maridahdotcom They are!!!! Idk of they’re in stores yet, but these are legit pop tarts 😂Okay there must be some actual wizards at @Wizards_DnD, because I was just craving pop tarts yesterday and today I… @quiddie @newtnewtriot GASP @quiddie If they’re not I’m going to write them a strongly worded letter
Front covers for the 1987-1988 Japanese D&D Basic and Expert sets
Retweeted by Mica Burton @erikaishii LOVE U SO MUCH @erikaishii KILLING. IT. EVERY. DAY. ❤️ @GabeJamesGames