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17 🇬🇧 | Valorant player for @AltitudeHQs | @ez4yas

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@kyoqtt if only i still play fnonly my friends can reply 🦋
Retweeted by ALT Michael @cedrexia lmao @ez4yas evy this may be a bit too far @kyoqtt make ur dream come true @lizziefnn ok @r4ndomblackman @sp4m222 i’ve got nothing to do tho @r4ndomblackman @sp4m222 exactly @kyoqtt wow ur good @r4ndomblackman @sp4m222 i need people to play imsg games with, i got study for the whole day. shits boring @sp4m222 who dis @sp4m222 add on imsg i’m bored @ez4yas good morning evy! @ilycloclo gm, have a great day! @chica_locaaaa americas weird @lunaaxd good morning 🫠 @DJS__24 @AltitudeHQs 🔥
@huhpsycho if i follow you, reply 👇 @kyoqtt no @cedrexia ayo? like how @kyshhannah in bed @jordsxolc hope have a great time jords! @iluvpaula__ OMG HEYY @EpikZens yess @IlyyAngell heyy @ItzD1ego 1 @twizzyjayyy wsg jayonly my friends can reply 🦋 @Zeed1k @DromasGamerHD add @coopsyyy only my friends can reply 🦋 @ImKrizixx sheeesh @kyshhannah gm @cedrexia strawbs @cedrexia wowee @kyoqtt big W @iluvpaula__ idk i thought your name was something else before @iluvpaula__ u made a new twitch? @kyshhannah ye @ilycloclo 😍 @kyoqtt <3 @ImKrizixx guardian @620387 tl
@ImKrizixx ur the best @kyoqtt JOIN UP @theyenvyyjess omg r u serious @theyenvyyjess what @l252222 wassup? @IlyyAngell @birteca gorgeous angel! @kyoqtt here if u wanna talk ❤️ @heartluxvr afternoon @ufweditz @Hound2k W @luvelowen nice @ufwdark Only loyal people can reply…🥹 @sp4m222 mhmm @luvelowen hey how are you? @sp4m222 2 is cleaner @kyoqtt congrats :) @elisavaIentine looking amazing Elisa! Have a great time :) @ez4yas yeah yeah 😂 @ez4yas don’t make me bring up your mini golf 🤭 @ez4yas my phone screen died @ez4yas wanna play imsg games, i’m bored @birteca @luhwiiii only i see @ez4yas heyy @luhwiiii proof? @620387 add @noirbtw HBD
@ez4yas 📝 @ez4yas they are so cute 🥰 @z6ley @ez4yas @GL41VE always on my tl bro @ez4yas @z6ley @GL41VE ooooh @ez4yas think abt me 😊 @asianlovaa add @ez4yas hey there 🤭 @gnglore W @kyshhannah gm @aliceklana bet @qtcharl nice @chnelrose bet @74Vaatie @elisavaIentine i mean that’s fair tbh @ItsAbixo nice @birteca gl @lunaaxd woowii @elisavaIentine oh haha that’s weird @kyoqtt don’t blame urself @vulplis @birteca cute @kyoqtt here if you wanna talk kyo :) @elisavaIentine red bull? @samjaneexx gm sam, hru @iluvpaula__ 22 @kyshhannah cheers
@girlytyla bet @ItzD1ego @ilycloclo luckyy @ItzD1ego @ilycloclo love to see it! bout to go sleep, got school tmr :/ @ItzD1ego @ilycloclo wsg bro hru @linakatsii hi @ItzD1ego @ilycloclo diegoogogogo @iluvpaula__ 😳 why @ez4yas Which one do you wake up to? 🙈 @ez4yas 3