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Boomer and proud of what we achieved. Anyone trying to debate with me whilst hiding behind a stupid title and stupid picture will be muted. LFC.

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@GaryLineker So true. Just give them the Premiership and the FA cup. @DailyMirror Shouldn't they just stay there until this over instead of running the risk of spreading it further @LivEchonews The accent in large parts of Wirral is no different to Liverpool. In fact, in Birkenhead the accent is often thicker. @toryboypierce Lets be honest, what you are saying in reply is not going to unite the country is it.These green house gases (a gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range) are really… @iainjwatson @LenMcCluskey @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn He's a clown and a nasty one. @tnewtondunn @JPonpolitics It was lost because of Corbyn. Plenty of people who wanted to remain could not stomach v… is not interested in Labour being in power. He is more concerned about being in charge of the party behin… @campbellclaret @UKLabour What they achieved was ensuring this Labour party stay in opposition for the next 10 year…
@LivEchonews Another reason I don't read the echo anymore. The same arse wipes get letters printed in it regular @davidschneider So many people have been criminalised and forced to pay fines they can ill afford and then there ar… @skem64 @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn I left the party because of Corbyn @campbellclaret @LenMcCluskey @UKLabour McCluskey has plenty of money. He doesn't give a shit about the low paid, t… @toryboypierce What a sad bitter lot you Tories are
@FraserNelson @Telegraph You prove the old adage it's not what you know it's who you know because you could never get a job on merit. @RichardBentall @tnewtondunn I do not know if it was engineered but we do not know if the allegations are true eith…
@Independent Most of their vicars are going to be frustrated then. @DPJHodges Why would anyone want to live in a country with so many poisonous spiders and snakes. then there are the… board at Man Utd have come out and said they are fully behind Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. A sure sign he doesn't have… @LivEchonews Yes a big mistake for black cab drivers but such is life @franceshinde It really does make you wonder if some people do live in a parallel universe and pop into ours now a… @toryboypierce What a stupid tweet @LivEchonews Cleaners ? They are going to start cleaning the place. That should be fun.
@weestie97 It's mainly Tories who hate the Scottish in the same way they hate the working classes. They view Scotla… tomato #dontuseasabookmarkI can never make my mind up about Thornberry but fair play, she more than held her own against Andrew Neil. He ofte… @LivEchonews Awful. Is the car ok. Hope it doesn't have to go off the road. @banterbear @charliwise1 @DPJHodges A pair of fucking idiots. Bye. @banterbear @charliwise1 @DPJHodges You and charlie close then @banterbear @charliwise1 @DPJHodges Dick @banterbear @charliwise1 @DPJHodges Who got you out of bed. Anyway more people voted for remain/second referendum p… @iainmartin1 Says a lot more about the members than it does about the leaders. The most popular is the one who got… @DailyMirror Oh dear @banterbear @charliwise1 @DPJHodges No they never. Labour lost because of Corbyn. The vote over leaving or staying…
@DailyMirror McDonalds and KFC get orders wrong lots of times every hour. Everyone knows this so why a veggie would… idiot trying to argue Labour lost the GE due to Starmer. I think you will find it was purely down to Corbyn. I… @charliwise1 @DPJHodges Corbyn yes Starmer no. Never heard anyone else saying this. It's all in your little mind su… @charliwise1 @DPJHodges Hilarious. I have not heard anyone say Johnsons majority is the fault of Starmer but you ar… got it's Christmas trading figures the wrong way round. Sales went down not up. WTF is going on. Don't like… @DPJHodges What the Tories should fear about starmer is that he is electable
@toryboypierce @LibDems @EdwardJDavey @jeremycorbyn @joswinson She came across as a student type with student polic… @DPJHodges Lets not get carried away now. @LFC @MoSalah The greatest club on the planet now has the greatest manager on the planet and the greatest squad on the planet @jones6747 @LordAshcroft @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson Sorry I don't debate with little shits who do not have the bot… @montie Never thought I would agree with you on something @toryboypierce Maybe they are all getting out of the country. The other thing is putting a house up for sale is eas… @LordAshcroft @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson Be very petty of him if didn't. Time to try and unite the country.Went out for breakfast as I do most days. I love my life and I love every day no matter what you wish to call it. I… @Whatthe_Dave @toryboypierce @jeremycorbyn I doubt it. Just shows what a sad bitter bunch the Tories are. People in… people murdered in London and although reported it is not the headline. Everywhere has crime but London is so… @DailyMirror Needs to be demolished and replaced with traditional housing @toryboypierce @jeremycorbyn It's just Corbyn's way of putting a finger up to Johnson. The Tories are so bitter and… whole of Liverpool was red tonight 😍
Retweeted by michael e chambers @iainmartin1 I think the problem is greed. It's not just HS2. Every public project rockets in price once it starts… @freeumind @campbellclaret Haven't got a clue what you are talking about but I am sure your 25 followers understand.
@guardian FFS @Independent Either we are cooling down to cope with global warming or we are morphing into lizard people @Alexander_keeng Correct, no chance. @mrmicheal_ At least you still have a sense of humour if nothing else. @Magoma_KE Man U always try to raise their game when they play Liverpool but they will have to raise it a long way to win. @adamm_mo There are different ways of loving people. Just say it. @Independent She would, wouldn't she. @AdamHadam76 @FraserNelson Their opinion is different to yours. Opinion polls show this country already has a major… @TrishBrocks @FraserNelson Sorry. I don't debate with people who hide their id behind silly names and pictures. Muted. @AdamHadam76 @FraserNelson It's nothing to do with the left. You miss the point. Young people see themselves as Eur…
@FraserNelson Of course it will. Young people will see to that. @tonypatt2000 Couldn't agree more but then I think the 80s was an awful decade for music @TheNewEuropean Of course they will. It's their future @LivEchonews Don't usually judge a book by it's cover but you can see what he is.
@LivEchonews Oxton ? As my mother used to say, the worst type of snob is the tuppence ha'penny snob. @tonypatt2000 Strange. The voice for the voiceless is also faceless. Personally I refuse to reply or debate with th… @LivEchonews This type of thing goes on all over the country. Little wonder we live in such a violent society when… @MirrorPolitics @DailyMirror Any chance she might go back @abbiearoma84 @campbellclaret Name a recent good PM @BBCPolitics It's an endorsement alright. An endorsement for a further 5 years of Johnson at the next GE if Long-Ba… @LivEchonews They need to do something because the pound bakeries are dirty, disgusting, and very badly run. The st… @fleetstreetfox Labour can only win a GE if the people who voted for Labour when Blair was leader return to the fol… @Andrew_Adonis Spot on.My blue wheelie bin identifies as a green wheelie bin which means I have to put it out on a Friday instead of a Tue… @thequentinletts Also lets see. A washed up journo with less than 24k followers and an actor/knight with 3.6m follo… @DaveofBrighton @thequentinletts @Alperian2020 At least he has the courage of his convictions and does not hide his identity unlike some. @thequentinletts Are you really that thick ? If you vote you are involved in politics
@BBCPolitics If she wins it really is all over nd a new party will be needed @tonypatt2000 She couldn't stir a cup of tea @campbellclaret The best Labour leader and PM we ever had. @LivEchonews Some dirty scumbags about
@aisha_yaGuda 100% right now although it often dies
@toryboypierce You mean rub it in the faces of those who voted remain who according to all polls are now the majority @toryboypierce How is it this much. Is it not just a matter of someone pressing a button
@Kevin_Maguire You started off right with 'best person for the job' then threw logic out of the window basically sa… @Independent Burnt to a crisp @MailOnline Hard luckJustice for Helen @bbclaurak The media closing ranks to protect themselves as they always do @toryboypierce More of a sign of how the press are hounding them the way did with Diana.
@CyrusBales In my house, a box. @toryboypierce @DailyMailUK I think the pervert uncle is more of an issue but the pervert press seems to disagree @iainjwatson @UKLabour @EmilyThornberry No. The disaster was making Corbyn leader of the party.
@mcgibbond Dark blue. I still have an old one. @FraserNelson What about his pervert uncle. You would do better to hound him