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@ComedicactorAli Happy Birthday!!!Let’s try this again... “Wear” a Mask!!! @halloweenmovie @Halloweenmovies @Michael_Aiello @Halloweenmovies @halloweenmovie
Retweeted by Michael Aiello @BrandonKleyla @Halloweenmovies @halloweenmovie Everywhere a mask mask. @HHNmeanone Christ I couldn’t lift my hands over my head for a week.Not all heroes wear capes... some wear heelys.. @NikkyWalks @waxworkrecords Totally agree!
@DaBeardedXeno @waxworkrecords Did the single release. @NikkyWalks @waxworkrecords In my top 10.Sad I won’t see it this year but this teaser is great! I think I’ll do a double feature tonight! I never need an ex… Cow!!! This @waxworkrecords release of the #Unbreakable score is fantastic! Love this flick and the score is o… @GRVTY_Studio @BottleneckNYC @zombiebacons I’ll take one tonight!😓 @wheelsee @ThatKevinSmith What did I miss... @iamcg83 Whoa!! Nice!🔥🔥🔥👇👇👇🤪🤪🤪 got this beautiful Frankenstein Print from @zombiebacons & @BottleneckNYC up in my office! And it glows at… can do this all day... @doublicatapp @LURKINGGRAY @netflix The cashier at ABC literally said “oh you’ve found a unicorn!”The Guest soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥@netflixTuesday night. Buffalo Trace in my glass. “The Guest” on @netflix on my screen. Homemade Scallops and Garlic Parmesan Risotto in my belly.
@frightrags @Shudder Thanks for offering it!.@Shudder @frightrags #BLM, our years working together were a blast. You are passionate, thoughtful and your balance between being cr… @HHNmeanone Love you brother.I’m scared... composer Ennio Morricone has passed away. A friend and collaborator, his talent was inestimable. I will miss him.
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I binge watched “Don’t F**k With Cats” last night on @netflix... @trianglevinyl 😔What a legend... rest easy. @FloridaFlyer86 No, the head was carved specifically for the maze.
What do you want us to ask our buddy @TheScotty2Hotty? Post questions below. @mcwyman How cool!Concluding my 4th with Hans Zimmer in concert. @NikkyWalks @CNN @AintTooProud Wonderful my friend!Boom!
2020 Daily #Jaws have signed an exclusive #BreakingNews deal with #AmityIslandNews to bring you the unfolding storie…
Retweeted by Michael AielloHahaha yup. @HamiltonMusical @NikkyWalks @NikkyWalks @HamiltonMusical @HamiltonMusical with my family this morning. It was a blast and I love how it was all put together for TV…’s a heckuva lot of creative horsepower on one DeLorean. Happy anniversary, Frank, Kathy, Bob & Bob. Thanks for…
Retweeted by Michael Aiello @NikkyWalks Great Scott!!
Wowoowwowowooeow!!! Happy #BacktotheFuture35!! @RavensburgerNA @BacktotheFuture @dexlectar @kinky_horror It’s indeed a thing!Finally arrived!! BLOODSUCKING FREAK!! @badtechno @IAmJericho @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @shudder @STSPhonoCo @flanaganfilm’s Hush with the amazing @k8siegel! Good grief I love this flick! are absolutely insanely innovative and incredible...
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Adventure doesn't come any bigger! On this day in 1986, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA was unleashed in 🇺🇸 theaters! H…
Retweeted by Michael AielloThis Day in Horror History: John Carpenter Unleashed BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA in 1986 -
Retweeted by Michael Aiello @frightrags @Halloweenmovies Thank YOU! @Botanicus8 @netflix @Unsolved Yes @LuLuCornbread @netflix @Unsolved Yes! @Chris_Ottum @netflix @Unsolved It’s creepy isn’t it!If you gotta wear a mask (and you should) do it in horror style!!! Just got the two @Halloweenmovies versions! @netflix new @Unsolved is creepy and fantastic and mind-boggling! The theme is forever the best. @PhilNobileJr @bmoviesd @onezumi .@onezumi is awesome!Scenes from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure were filmed at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix. This afternoon a bunch of…
Retweeted by Michael AielloMy movie "Innerspace" turns 33 today! I think we could all use a little Tuck Pendleton in our lives right about now…
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Awww yeah!!! @frightrags with the @Halloweenmovies win!!! #Halloween #Haddonfield @TheSideQuestBar @bjcolangelo @Veloci_trap_tor Hey CONGRATs!!!!
So flipping proud of this team! Congrats to all! @DeloreanRentals @AielloCaden @BacktotheFuture I’ve known Rob a long time! A supreme human being!
Had a blast celebrating my son @AielloCaden’s friend Evan and his Birthday / Graduation! It was @BacktotheFuture th…
@Leder88 @KLRodgers4 @kenplays2grin @RavensburgerNA @BacktotheFuture @AielloCaden Ha! Shocked!Finally repaired the space time continuum!! @Leder88 @KLRodgers4 @kenplays2grin @RavensburgerNA #BackToTheFuture“Why,” you ask? Here are some reasons: - You need this show in your life 💥 - There are SPECIAL interviews 🙊 - Behi…
Retweeted by Michael AielloBourne in the house, in 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 house Bourne. No, really! On 6/29, we’re hosting a virtual sneak peek of The Bourne…
Retweeted by Michael AielloMy Saturday!! Birthday gift of #2112 @rushtheband @trianglevinyl @mkerrigan7 @thebandGHOST @trianglevinyl Justin is THE MAN!!! @ComedicactorAli Miss you brother! @thefriedlos Happy Birthday! @JMichaelRoddy @Summerbellies I sliced it 6 times!!! 6 times!! @NevsWife Hey! Thanks and Happy Birthday almost birthday twin! Make it amazing! @mkerrigan7 Oh yes! @thebandGHOST to all for the wonderful birthday messages!! I consider myself extremely lucky to have you all take the time… @nlinguini So sorry to hear this my friend.. I’m sad for you and so many that have been affected by this.. @RavensburgerNA @Leder88 @KLRodgers4 @kenplays2grin @BacktotheFuture This is heavy...Yeeaahhh!!! @Halloweenmovies @halloweenmovie #MichaelMyers
Thanks brother! Hahahah @JonDonahue @krisrehl Cheers @HauntersPOD @Leder88 @KLRodgers4 @kenplays2grin @RavensburgerNA @BacktotheFuture It’s a strategy game through and… Gigawatts!!! This game is so much freaking fun!! Congrats to @Leder88 @KLRodgers4 @kenplays2grin @BBindman Thanks so much! @Skipper_Hoss Thank you and I love this! @BrandonKleyla @Fazolis Done! @wendigutz Aww thank you!!! Love this pic! @Mrfurious32821 Thank you!!! I have no photos from this!!! This is awesome! @BrandonKleyla Thank you my friend... love being able to work with you on {redacted}!! @BrandonKleyla @Fazolis Duuude!!! I lost my balance when I heard.. @kyzman Ha! Wins! Thanks! @NXOnNetflix @AielloCadenThis is 42! #NewProfilePic @hauntscene @Summerbellies Ha! Thanks man! We’re just getting better! @joshmonahan1 Thank you! @Lee5 Thank you!! @Shannon_Lyver_ @ArianaGrande Thanks!