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@JimMFelton Remember when Jacob Rees Mogg said food banks were 'rather uplifting'? @JimMFelton He just needs to hand over the ice cream to someone who's already had far too much.You're lucky they don't get to vote on whether or not we have free access to oxygen.
Anyway, the moon’s dead. Goodnight.I’M JUST TUCKING IN MY SHIRT! @agirlcalledlina I see he’s turned off replies (reasonably) expecting a lot of people to call him scum @SoozUK You should see the mess he makes when he puts his socks on @DrRosena @HazzaR1997 She’s right, I’m not filled with confidence.DAMNIT CHER, NOT AGAIN!*Playing hide and seek with Cher* ...3, 2, 1. Ready or not, here I come! @JoeSimms12 It’s not even a particularly old tree @Mundane_Matthew It is merely a video of a turtle tucking in its shell, Matthew.Just a turtle tucking in its shell moon is a socialist conspiracy. @JoshNDawson76 You may as well have an advent calendar every month now though... so you’re well behind. @JoshNDawson76 You have already had 2!? @Mundane_Matthew Where. The. Lie?I want tax payers to permanently fund school meals all year round. @Mundane_Matthew She looks like Jedward in 30 years @JimMFelton There is no moon. It is a lie spread by the media. Fake news. @HavingChips4Tea OH MY GAHHHDSpinach! WOOOOOO!! Please, god, kill me.Watching Hell’s Kitchen USA and they are fucking cheering ingredients.They were simply testing their eyesight. @MarcusRashford @10DowningStreet The problem is, they don't want to work together. Rashford's reasonable request (t… this tonight and boy does it sounds depressing backbenchers:'Excuse me, did the honourable lady just call me a raccoon?' surprised #ToryScum is trending while they argue that poor children should not eat.’s like there’s one rule for them and another *mumbles incoherently* boi News: MP (Angela Rayner) speaks a truth in the House of Commons.Where's the lie tho can't the moronic racist communicate properly in English though? they How they expect live you to live @YesMissMurphy I am 50% happy and 50% sad about this.There’s not a sound on this earth as dispiriting as The Archers’ theme tune. @YesMissMurphy Look, I’m going for a run at five, if you go to the gym. @rich028 @MannyGoldstein2 We’re 7 steps away from anointing a poppy as head of state. @MannyGoldstein2 They care more about the dead than the livingI’m sorry but the size of your poppy does not compensate for your lack of humanity.Confident the bars in Newcastle are using tequila as hand sanitiser @Glitterbeard_ I will have your dream vinyls, thank you. Will collect them tonight. @drphiliplee1 But ministers were mates with the people that provided the terrible PPE, so it’s okEvery child should receive a free hot meal, every single day, regardless of their parents’ income. @benmcguckin Remember Dom Cummings?*retweets* Party of Law and Order are awful keen on breaking the law. Johnson: We will do whatever it takes! Andy Burnham: Can we have an extra £5 million to support those on mi…*trying to work out how to get from Kings Cross to my mate's house* Race Theory is trending and I do not care to dig any deeper.MPs are on a £81,932. They could live on £54,622, quite easily. They simply do not understand the impact of the policies they put forward.Strangely enough, 2/3 of minimum wage is 1/3 less than the lowest wage permitted by law.
@ClippedHussar Oh hello there. Fancy seeing you here. @ClippedHussar WILHELM
Retweeted by MichaelShould probably do something about the Black Death spreading its way across Europe too @bchadwickfrance I was *checks* 19 @bchadwickfrance You know what you didBoris Johnson on the phone to Andy Burnham like that the Tories would economically cripple the north and treat the inhabitants as if they’re subhuman… @MannyGoldstein2 @rich028 @DeanRed123 @disappoptimism Oh good, I am not late to the party after all @DeanRed123 How dare you get there before me my first quick run in a long while. But now, with zero hyperbole, I am dead. @MannyGoldstein2 @rich028 Brown Blasphemy? On the timeline? In my mentions??Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler - this is wholesome. @DanielPryorr Quite a slippery slope giving the government authority to subject citizens to medical procedures, against their will.Andy Burnham: What about Greater Manchester? The government: guinea pig named ‘homegrown’ was born on Hitler’s birthday too. might just start smearing my eyes with shit instead of logging into twitter.I was unaware of Dan Wootton until today and now my brain is tainted with the knowledge of his existence.*logs on* *Nazi tattoos* *logs off* @Mundane_Matthew I have no argument @YesMissMurphy And that were IT, Stephanie. That. Were. It. @Mundane_Matthew This suggests you’re often found knocking one out on the platformConvinced my big toe eats my socks. Literally every pair. arguments don’t deserve to be given a public platform btwThe U.K. certainly has a history with vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. should all be ashamed of yourselves for what you did to Gordon Brown.Gotta train some people in an hour and I can't even organise myself today.Instant noodles for lunch’m always spaffing one out when we’re going through the weekly figures. Really gets me going. @Scattered211 @misterbumface Here is Joe Biden's actual house. see we're still normalising pensioners walking marathons to raise money for public services. @henryfabird @thetimes Feel free to walk mine.I see McCluskey and co are blaming Brexit and Blairites for Labour's 2 recent election defeats.
Ann Widdecombe’s opinions are like staff nights out - I don’t need them and I don’t want them. @ClippedHussar *watches again*I’d wear gloves too tbf @ij_ford I hope it was a particularly pleasant muffin @ClippedHussar I’m going to vote for one of these guys in the next mayoral election. I don’t care about legalities.Jedward should bring out a meditation app @ClippedHussar I can’t ban you from leaving your house? Ok, I’ll ban you from stepping on public soil! @JimMFelton Didn’t even earn a full meal smhPubs are going to need some time to transition between medium and high. was waiting for a friend last Sunday and decided to whittle away the time in Waterstones. #Hamnet, by Maggie O’Fa… when it was too hot? I miss that.