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cant read. can’t do math. also @SheRatesDogs

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@snitchery U would be so good on tik tok omg @cal_gif Wait hopefully I interpreted sensible right @cal_gif What kind of price range do u want? @cowboij PROUD @trilloch HOW DID I FORGET @LoboExplosivo @elijahdaniel fact @aviles_anthony Oh I enjoyed these!!! @cass_drinkwater I don’t think I’ve seen the movie is it good??I have begun compiling my lists based on when I liked them if anybody is interested @awsten U can’t even touch one of those sinnerHello pls reply to this with your favorite few books of all time thank u @brainwxrms What AGE bracket @brainwxrms Who likes g easy 😭
@Arwood_Lucilath @matchu_chutrain @SheRatesDogs Ok this is.. smart @emsheedyy It just faded!!! I wanna fix it but😭 no hair salon rn @puzzleparx_ :’) @tayallard @MileyCyrus Ugh maybe if I find a CD player @LaBateBlue @MileyCyrus I need a CD player I’m so nervousBeing in quarantine at my parents’ house made me discover ... my old Miley World submission @RachelZJohnson I rly did not think I was gonna get a single picture where I wasn’t frowning and squinting @dew_ittLIVE SAME @dogfather @ReavillO I KNOWWWI tried sun pictures (pictures u take in the sun) and it hurt so bad but I think I will do it again
Lets chat :) @icecoldcamofpop LMFAO I never watched Minecraft youtubers 😭😭 I’ve never watched streamers @the_brironman ON MINECRAFT @rey_stardust The audience gasped @linicorn I AM IN LOVE @_SFGZ I do but I also wouldn’t consider it a bragging point or something I defend about myself @shayissleepy I love u I hope you’re doing ok @hey_michaela can’t believe that in real life an adult man commented “u don’t know shit about Minecraft you cum dumpster” on my Instagram @_autumn_meadow I HARDLY EVER SEE BABY RED PANDA CONTENT @_autumn_meadow IS THAT A BAVY RED PANDA @ginadivittorio Wtf??? @helenajade00 Girl how is there so much vampire diaries @jovology Gimme 2 monthWhat’s my explore page say about me @amberralbano :D @BossBit77469984 Haha got me @sunkissedtozier W periscope @cottoncandaddy @holy_schnitt queen @cottoncandaddy That would be sick as hell tbh @kalieshorr I’m so sorry😭😭 @cottoncandaddy human beings if they’re LUCKYSomeone said Ellie got appendicitis for likes I am absolutely losing it they think she had her appendix removed for…
@cottoncandaddy Ok I have to agree here @cottoncandaddy LMFAO THEYRE MORE THAN THAT RIGHT @me_editingemma @holy_schnitt Ellie made appendicitis sexy now everybody want it @holy_schnitt And so it was spoken and so it is written amen @holy_schnitt @NYDoorman SMALLER THAN DUCK @cottoncandaddy I’m @inourpastlives NOOOI no longer have health insurance 😃🤡 @czarcruise This is a Lake turtle and he told me he wants a cracker so bad @HDparx WHAT @hopelessparx I would die for OliMet a turtle:) say hello sir JUST SAW A TURTLE JUMP INTO LAKE TO AVOID BEE AHHHH @mich_okla_stan :DCommitment, to me, is getting the Drunk Elephant “littles” pack and keeping it in his bathroom to always have ur fu… @holy_schnitt This hurts but I laughed so hard but it’s so sad but I also keep laughing @BriForney YAY
@holy_schnitt :( @baldboyblues @notbaldanymore These r amazing... @jovandemic HAHAHA @CaucasianJames @bumble LETS GO JAMESSS @nxtvxkxng No that’s ok @nxtvxkxng I WONDER WHY @notviking I meant why are there four doors next to each other like that @notviking WHYYY @SportsTalkLest This is in the suggestion box and we will review :) @matchu_chutrain 🙄 @matchu_chutrain Salmon cannon:’) @SheRatesDogs :) @TheSharkPunch Holy shit @mydick_isnttiny she’s a bad bitch @mydick_isnttiny LOLWhen I was like 14 some boy at my school texted me saying he was the “Bitch Master” and I never figured out who it… @hasanthehun See in my world that would be a bad sign but I think in the internet’s world that’s a Good ThingCan someone explain the jokes of why it’s bad when ur a guy and the girl u like adds u to her close friends story I… @eddyburback Oop @notviking damn. Thank you @thekombucci Incredible @snitchery My heart 🥰🥰 @snitchery 🥺 @BeefedUpStud Can I have link
@LifeIsPukeDemo 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @inourpastlives Hmm a few days I thinkLOL I AM SO SORRY PROMO CODE “septictank” FOR 10% OFF BYE @holy_schnitt @schnitt_talk She’s in crisis huh @snitchery hiiiiiiiiiiii @alright5sos1 😱😱Is this real life @HDparx 🥺🥺🥺 @HDparx U HAVE A GOAT?Teeth are like fingernails but much older and wiser. Teeth have found a way to live forever. Fingernails last a few…
Retweeted by gov michaelaPeople try to find reasons to cancel me online every day and they stretch truths and overanalyze jokes & they try s…