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@lastheavven U were so convincing omggg @amityblightss I went to twitter and it kicked me:( @HDparx @awsten @awsten U KILLED ME WITH THE NAME OF MY FAV DOG @awsten SO FUCKED UPAWSTEN JUST KILLED ME IN AMING USOH MY GOSH WHAT!!!!!!! LOOK @holy_schnitt U are simply too much of a perfect sweetie princess @holy_schnitt So straightforward @_autumn_meadow I THOUGHT WE WERE JOKING... @_autumn_meadow Yes </3 @holy_schnitt Ppl should write up some applications for uOrdered Outback Steakhouse and they didn’t send butter w the bread @FelonCarrington Exactly I never post her on SRDOmg whats got her all worked up have our first guest on @sheratesdogspod this week!! @cottoncandaddy will be joining us which is very exciting😸😸…
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @AGoldmund Welcome to the resistance 👁🤏🏼
@dianelyssa Oh it is...Mmm our backs on the Rock. This is us burning his DVDs last night. He hurt us bad. Hope we made you proud mom 🥺
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @MichaelaOkla give it up putin we have you surrounded
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @dianelyssa It’s hurting more by the minute. Even if we were bots what kind of misinformation is this spreading???… @BrentSpiner Beep boop beep boop we’ve swayed the electionI’m a real person! A real girl with real mold on her ceiling @mailinh :/ @verytiredashton @STLSLD @KenTremendous Omg back to my e girl roots @KenTremendous You might have a point here but unfortunately everyone I know is about to turn our backs to the Rock… @MichaelaOkla honestly the fact that you started online beef with the church of satan should’ve been a bigger story…
Retweeted by Michaela OklandCan we pls move on from this @MichaelaOkla All these dumbasses are like "THIS IS SUCH A BIG STORY" and it's just Michaela shitposting on her couch lmao
Retweeted by Michaela OklandHey besties:) found this mushroom growing out of my ceiling 😱 is that bad or is this just a normal thing😸 @AlanTudyk Send help @awsten @TheAVClub WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! STREAM LOWKEY AS HELL @holy_schnitt ALL I DO IS TWEETmichaela stresses me out sometimes man one of these days she will accidentally start the revolution
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @TheAVClub Ok wait I read it and thank u for actually investigating and figuring out it was a joke and not Russian bots😭😭😭 @eliminat0r85 Honestly I was pleasantly surprised @TheAVClub ANYWAY... unfortunately everybody I know is -DAMMITTT @morgan_murphy LOL a real person did tweet it originally!! But this was just a stan Twitter copypasta moment😭 @morgan_murphy Nooo please it was a joke😭 @bIondiewasabi Free promo @SheRatesDogs Gotta say there are a lot of ppl on dating apps who are looking for pen pals in prison but I did not… @BrookeBarret @Scott85023926 They do not have critical thinking skills it’s ok @Keefler_Elf To the US? @joeygllghr Heck yeah 😈😈😈😈😈 @CaucasianJames @matchu_chutrain Hahahahaha get his ass @SimplyDoNot YESS thatll show himAnyway what are u guys gonna do with ur $1000 each for swaying the electionRich white men have really tricked the world into thinking poor people are a burden while they steal trillions from us each year. 😂😂
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @peterkrupa It is quite literally just a harmless joke @matchu_chutrain I cannot get over this butterfly bracelet 😍😍😍😍I didn’t deserve this...
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @peterkrupa These things are not even close to comparable. A copy pasta about burning the rock’s dvds? You need to nap @sheratesdogspod I DIDNT DO ANYTHING @mylastskittle Oh well it wouldn’t have been the same thing then @lijahdanielstan @matchu_chutrain “this u?” @matchu_chutrain Yes which is something I’d tell my husband about even if we had already been married for 10 years… @matchu_chutrain Their lives u fuckin weirdo @sp00kypatxhkidz Wow, 100 @andrewatwood @traviswanteat THATS HIS FAULT?? I WAS WAITING FOR NATIONAL TREASURE 3 😾😾😾 @WWIPhD NO BOTS JUST PEOPLE @traviswanteat U want a nice fruit arrangement?I cannot believe how many verified political twitter ppl think they found proof of a Russian bot farm influencing t…’m gettin paid the big Buks baby @MikaelThalen @061342 @orinanne @dumbmongreldog Ur so close @amanegfs LMAOSorry for getting us all restricted on twitter 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 @awsten I’m rly sorry about this..EXCUSE ME @1benjamindavid1 U rly need to use an ounce of reasoning @matchu_chutrain ? We have a happy family @simashakeri Bc so cute @matchu_chutrain @CdyRnkn Telling my mom u said this @matchu_chutrain They are married:)
2020 @Coralinemata Queen @clmrsmn I’m not sure someone sent cropped square screenshots @HDparx Right they’re literally .. normal size. Medium size @GLOSSYBRl Most of them were defending my lip fillers and being nice actually I just still don’t have lip fillers 😭😭😭😭😭 @jodieegrace @gecteeth I don’t even mind what people think but the fact they were saying they’re too much when I have none😭😭😭 @gecteeth NO LMAOSomeone made a post about not liking my lip fillers bc they look too unnatural and 27 people commented arguing abou… immigrants paid $11.7 billion in state and federal taxes in 2014. Trump paid only $750 the year he bec…
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @doloresquintana @_laura4__ That my teens are burning dvds........... @doloresquintana @_laura4__ But this one isn’t spreading misinformation lmao @awsten supportive 😸😸 @MichaelaOkla Unfortunately everyone I know is about to turn our backs to Michaela. We used to be huge fans. My chi…
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @doloresquintana @_laura4__ Girl this copy pasta is convincing nobody to unstan the rock @abbygov They weren’t ready to turn their backs @rotmybrain When u become the rock<<<<200 ppl unfollowed me why @blawsten LOLL @tbcstan The feds have been notified @dianelyssa Just an oopsieANYWAY.. Unfortunately everyone I know is about to turn our backs to the Rock. We used to be huge fans. My children…🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 @MichaelaOkla spotted running from the feds
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @paigealves_ Get em kids @NotMichaelaOkla THE TRENCHES PLS