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Harvard ‘19 Cannot read so please don’t dm me 🥳 merch and podcast linked below!!⬇️ rep @wme

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Damn he moves on quick
@underscorelizzy YA @jazz_inmypants Yes☹️All I put into this world is Love and all I get in return is disgust @jengolbeck @dogfather Oh My God @NeilBensch I WAS WAITING FOR POLICE TO SHOW UP ??? @NeilBensch YES WTFOH MY GOD PLS this supposed to be a flattering photo of him @katieoIivia @kangzard NO THIS ONE WAS VERY BADOk how do I see what QAnon ppl r saying @jodieegrace BangerHelp ??? What is the Truth?? @haleynemo13 @hoeybug All furbies are haunted🥰💜 @alexmlange TERRIFIC circumstances 🎉🎉🎉every day I am forced to wake up !! BORED !! I AM SO BORED !!! LONELY !! BORED AND LONELY !! I AM!? @traviswanteat We watched the other two this year so SEARCH PARTY IT IS😈😈😈 @ashaarae Ahh I’ve seen it I loved it tho😭Anyway I need a new show..
@DaleMoss U just vibing Dale? @kungfupandaslut She didn’t lie @SkylarBair18 @matchu_chutrain @sheratesdogspod WTF QUEEN!! @SkylarBair18 @matchu_chutrain @sheratesdogspod What collection ... @cottoncandaddy That’s the implied subject line when I send you photos of animals @poopoobuttjr @SheRatesDogs So true @matchu_chutrain @sheratesdogspod I’m INCREDIBLY kind and loving toward my friends... selfless really. I’m just an excellent pal @gabbycastano When u say you’re walking a baby does that mean via a leash @gabbycastano OH.walking around fairmount park with @sheratesdogspod outloud and @MichaelaOkla yelling out “poop kinks are so cool t…
Retweeted by Michaela Okland @Sammxney Yes lmao @dovenymph Well I’m into it but I’m bingingIS THIS SHOW P O R N ??? @jodieegrace 5👀 @jodieegrace I WANNA BE HAPPY BUT I AM UPSET AND CONFUSEDWhat if I’ve never truly vibed after all @holy_schnitt @cameron_kasky Hm
@snoopdogfanpage EXACTLY and that is .... too much @TheTinyManatee Yea!Never again will we wake up and say “it is a Monday and also Donald Trump is President” @dianelyssa Because now I’m thinking back to eating at people’s houses and u know how some people have a weird home… @dianelyssa Maybe it’s time to delete this app for a bit @nxtvxkxng I know @emilyfayehart NO!!!!!!!Took an edible took my Zoloft I’m ready for the wings of sleep @abbygov Oh no @lewiskay That movie is GREAT @traviswanteat @andrewatwood Been thereDo you guys have any favorite bad movies, I wanna watch a really stupid movie that is Enjoyable nonethelessU ever look at your tv and just say no. I’d rather watch this film on my computer, thank you @holy_schnitt I was across the country failing it too <3 we didn’t know each other yet but there we were. Vibing @holy_schnitt I DID TOO
@someweirdguy69 @tyler1tyler Ordering ginger tablets now!!!!🥰 @_naturalnoah Ahhh thank u it’s supposed to only be a 1-2 week thing!!💜💜 @someweirdguy69 Ohh I have a juice with ginger in it would that help?Anybody got tips on dealing with nausea from ~meds~ @_autumn_meadow Wait also couples Messing with each other @_autumn_meadow Animal with sometimes funny stuff and sometimes kids being cute
@expmichaela I’m throwing softballs @matchu_chutrain Oh...:.I still make monthly payments on a flip phone I got Mat as a joke when he broke his phone for two days @AvaGG Ok huge agree @cal_gif Rock climbersI should be in the FBI.... @sortofabby Idk him but I think just a bitch @internetanja Love YOU bestie @internetanja TRUE @internetanja Never thought of it like that. I nearly cried @mailinh Oh that is WONKY @gwensubwoofer True @CoolEmoGhost Omg so many negatives idk @mengi_TM Ok good point @dreamboygiselle Omg yesHe’s so Fucking jealous of me @CoolEmoGhost YESS @turbulentvhs :( goodnight :)Do u think little bunnies with tiny ears know they’re little bunnies with tiny ears @turbulentvhs TruDua Lipa and I would be besties and she knows this @mailinh Idk what this means but I support you so go off @cameron_kasky Bottoms up for my Homies who only wanna hurt people ~a little bit~Today a psychiatrist asked me if I ever think about hurting people and I said “uhhh not like, ~seRiously~” and then… @420insidejob Hey girl 😃😃😃😃 @420insidejob I’m sorry but I’m laughing so hard
Good Morrow fine comrades ur girl is going on antidepressants for the first time wahoo what a thrill @holy_schnitt Ur a cutie and a clementine tbh @holy_schnitt WHAT @holy_schnitt Girl so is a peloton ? @holy_schnitt Ellie oh my god @holy_schnitt I got little pink treadmill I haven’t set up cus heavy @holy_schnitt What happened to us getting little bikes in front of our TVs @DrunkRobGuy @royaleparx My own life @pant_leg I love Leslie Mann @pant_leg This is very smart @DrunkRobGuy @royaleparx NoAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
@JohnnyBerchtold Thank godLISTEN to this week’s new episode to hear more about how @dog_rates inspired @SheRatesDogs , how the accounts get m…
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