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@Zach__Caton HAHAHAHSHSHAHDShe only want me for my retweets 😔She only likes me because I like her tweets 💔 @pinksparklerr Maya I’m sorry I won’t do it again @pinksparklerr HAJSJSJDSNFJJD I’m sorry @pinksparklerr No lol @mackenz03327300 Oh my godThis mf gets ratio’d by Alyssa one time and deactivates his whole Twitter 🙄🙄 @nyalyssanicole @Zach__Caton He said “going dark” LMAOOOO @nyalyssanicole @Zach__Caton LMFAO OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHSSH @undercoverloon1 @overcoverloon1 AMEN @Zach__Caton @nyalyssanicole You fucked up @pinksparklerr SHES FUCKIN LOST IT OH GOD @pinksparklerr Nice!! @SohailNahil This is my favourite photo everEven if it WAS a prebuilt like WHO CARES??? PCs are so fucking expensive a prebuilt is so much more cheaper anyway… reference to the tiktok comments) like how tf u gonna gatekeep computers... in the modern age...LITERALLY WHO GIVES A SHIT LMAO do not understand why you guys want other people to be poor.
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @pinksparklerr Me too maya don’t worry @selanneite i will give myself a Solid Pat On The Back for just surviving the day
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @M4RGIES @selanneite YES!!!! @clairinskii Ill be ur friend claire
btw these are all good things and i 100% support them in case that wasn’t obvious I’m not clowning him lol it just…’s a lot of paperwork in one day bro make sure you take breaks and do some wrist exercises ❤️❤️ @stupidgirltime @pinksparklerr some fire music rooms my friend almost broke a cymbal while we were there @stupidgirltime @pinksparklerr oooo the campus is really nice !! @pinksparklerr @Zach__Caton @stupidgirltime personally maya i HATE menI GOT A 100% ON IT THO LETS GOOOOOO ME THE VACCINE RIGHT FUCKING NOW @Zach__Caton go fix a car stupid male
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @pinksparklerr @Zach__Caton AMEN! @TedNivison GOOD MAN @IowaIsSoSwagFr You are so insightful all of the time @JesusChrist_alt @IowaIsSoSwagFr Hey I can’t find it what’s up with that. @JesusChrist_alt @IowaIsSoSwagFr Thank you genna!!! I’ll look it up on Netflix :)Gonna go watch a Matt Damon movie. What’s that one where they bought a zoo? hate when people make me smile cuz then i can't stop smiling and i look dumb
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @pinksparklerr OH GOD OH FUCK I’M SORRY PLEASE DON’T HURT MEMargaret Li
Retweeted by Michael Hegge#NewProfilePic
Time to change the layout @SohailNahil @abeliise literally how does that apply to any situationTeachers who stop teaching to tell their life stories >>>
Retweeted by Michael Hegge12 days left before my last music class ever and I won’t even get to be in the actual music room with my friends 🔥🔥🔥some of yall need to see this
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @pinksparklerr Yeah that’ll happenMicheal wrote cars fan fic, and I fully support it.
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @noaboa0 DAMN RIGHT I DID!!!
@JayJfijan LETS GOOOOO @selanneite Yeah @noaboa0 I’m so jealousGrapes are goodHad the strangest dream last night. Or was it this morning? Oh well, still weird. @selanneite painSometimes this class b driving me insaneWHO MOVED ME TO TODAY LOL IM NOT READY I WAS GONNA TAKE A NAPVery tiredWhy am I considered an essential worker smh @bearbubb @matthwatson VOUCH @Zach__Caton Hopefully one day Zach hopefully one day @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Hate you both @selanneite @nyalyssanicole I don’t like this anymore @selanneite @nyalyssanicole Yes you would @nyalyssanicole @selanneite No you fucking won’t @selanneite @nyalyssanicole You’re telling me Bree doesn’t have a drum set nor a keyboard? Fuck you @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Guys cmon @Zach__Caton Yeah what about it @Zach__Caton What? @nyalyssanicole @selanneite That trumpet cost me like $400 @selanneite @nyalyssanicole No????? @nyalyssanicole @selanneite You won’t have any instruments @selanneite @nyalyssanicole YOURE NOT ROBBING ANYTHING @nyalyssanicole @selanneite STOP IGNORING ME! @selanneite @nyalyssanicole GUYS @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Alyssa. @selanneite @nyalyssanicole I DONT LIKE THIS @nyalyssanicole @selanneite How, Twitter user nyalyssanicole @nyalyssanicole @selanneite I won’t let you into my house @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Still my property we’re talking about here @urwetsock FR @clairinskii Me too manfor some reason every day i have 2 wait until past midnight to begin the only task i had to do all day
Retweeted by Michael Hegge @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Guys. @nyalyssanicole @selanneite Guys please stop scheming to steal my things. @selanneite But they’re mine @selanneite Please leave my instruments aloneI have worked so hard to curate the perfect collection of musical instruments please somebody stop this woman @nyalyssanicole What the hell @pinksparklerr And what about it 💯💯 @nyalyssanicole Alyssa I’m still keeping all of my instruments @nyalyssanicole My slide whistle.How am I gonna decide which instruments to take away with me to university
@pinksparklerr Survival Multiplayer! :) @selanneite Can’t have the universities catch on @selanneite I l*ve sh*pl*ft**gI STARTED A NEW SMP @Zach__Caton Rain @selanneite It’s fine tho it fr is actually mad easy