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Actor. (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Mad Men... some plays you never saw, etc). These tweets will automatically self-destruct. (Really)

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Here's the story behind my new show, which premiers tomorrow morning at 10 on Connecticut Public Radio. 📻❤️📻…
Retweeted by Michael Gladis👏🏼WOW. Listen to @USNavy Captain Brett #Crozier’s send off GIVEN BY HIS CREW. Crozier was relieved of command for t…
Retweeted by Michael Gladisthis apocalypse is booooriiiiiingRandom fact: Jared Kushner’s dad Charles is a slumlord who went to federal prison for entrapping his brother-in-law…
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@BBCWorld “Crowning”??! Keep your Royal verbiage out of our politics, please. We don’t wanna give our would-be dictator any ideas...Save those N95 and medical grade masks for our healthcare workers. Here’s a super simple, no-sew tutorial on how to…
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@jonrog1 After my tweet attack/career suicide debacle with another showrunner earlier in the week, I thought it bes…’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Retweeted by Michael GladisThrow some old people at it and pray it spares our precious, precious stock market.
Retweeted by Michael GladisYesterday’s loaf of bread + milk on its last day before expiration? French Toast baby!! @IMPaulWilliams just posted this on his IG and it’s one of the more beautiful things that’s come out of this nig…
Retweeted by Michael Gladis @jonrog1 one of those frozen dough balls I made a lifetime ago when this all started. Worked out really well! @RonBowman19 100% agree. It’s idiotic. Save that legislation for later. But I’m also not a fan of 100’s of billions…
@brainpicker Bees actually don’t care about jasmine (as a beekeeper in LA I’ve been able to observe and wonder at h… @ColeHenri A month more of quarantine and Mr. Rabbit, some carrot, celery and onions will be in the pot. @foozebox @davidchang DMT diamond plates and King waterstones. Finish by opening an old phone book and stropping on… demon named Magda roams free. A community on the brink celebrates one of their own. A seasoned detective faces an…
Retweeted by Michael GladisI mean, I couldn’t listen to a word cuz I think I just had a huge realization: I bet all these British actors have… @atrupar I gave up hope for lent, apparently.We’ll all need something new to binge come April 26th... the “Dreadful” might read as comedy by then, we’ll see... @Lawrence @PFischler Use the GOP battle cry of, “STATES’ RIGHTS!” against them. @GeoffreyArend Who’s the little Zu??p.s. all hypothetical proceeds from all hypothetical train robberies will go towards the purchase of Personal Prote… @HanksKerchiefs - me and Rosie are ready to rob a train! Any press is good press, right? Reporter: “Sir, can… @davidchang My knives are sharp, thankyouverymuch. When my wife cut her palm slicing an avocado, the ER physician… me one economist who’s arguing that the cure is worse than the disease. I’ll wait.Donated economy is crashing and people are getting sick and dying because you 2 hard dicks think your agendas are bigg…
Retweeted by Michael Gladis @tomakel I accidentally got the Chocolate Chip Kodiak Cakes. Too sweet. @RonBowman19 As I understand it, BOTH sides are making unreasonable demands unrelated to the relief that’s necessar… @FredStoverink @Jeopardy You should pitch that app to Jeopardy. People would use it for birthdays, bachelorettes, Valentine’s Day...I’m gonna be real real sad when they run outta new episodes of @Jeopardy @kevinseccia My company that makes flame thrower guitars is about to go public fyi @superman6966 Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. Right now I’m seeing a bunch of priveledged white m… Weissberg, Whose ‘Dueling Banjos’ Was an Unlikely Smash, Dies at 80
Retweeted by Michael Gladis @JasonIsbell Hear hear!!More bread has been consumed in Los Angeles in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years combined.
Imagine if all the networks just said “fuck it” and stopped covering Trump? Just stopped giving him any airtime or…
@Whyvoni Smell that...? Bridges... Burning. They keep me warm on these cold days.... and now back to our previously scheduled Apocalypse @MacBrandt @briankoppelman They are- but that doesn’t make it RIGHT. It’s not right to ask an actor from NY to pay… @RachelHroncich @briankoppelman Interesting. I’m trying to figure out where this happens in the process. Would love… @RachelHroncich @briankoppelman Yes. That’s the catch. If they can’t find the actor that they need locally, then th… @RachelHroncich @briankoppelman I refuse to do it. I neither want to steal a job from a local actor nor do I want t… @TeachMrOGrady @briankoppelman @RamieEgan It’s the ubiquitous coffee cup that you get in every bodega/street cart i… @MacBrandt @briankoppelman I’m all for those rules! Hire local! There are PLENTY of wonderful NY actors of my type… @WEarlBrown @briankoppelman Now I’m genuinely curious as to where this decision gets made. Is it agents telling cas… @WEarlBrown @briankoppelman Thanks for chiming in ... We should all talk about it. If the showrunners don’t know ab… @briankoppelman @RamieEgan Ha! @briankoppelman Thanks, Brian. Sorry you got the brunt of it, it’s an issue that’s been bothering me for a loooon… @briankoppelman I have a hard time believing that- but giving you the benefit of the doubt, who does make that call… @thepowgirl Exactly. And cable guest star rates are lower than network. After flight hotel commission taxes etc you’re left with nothing. @Jeffrey4relCain @briankoppelman @SHO_Billions @sagaftra They absolutely do. And they’re not the only ones. Like I… @juliayorks @briankoppelman Exactly. So they should hire a local New York actor. (I was one for a long time.) If th… everyone else, please consider making a donation to @TheActorsFund to help performers that are struggling during this shut down.But if we ever make it out of this Armageddon alive, I’m getting involved in @sagaftra - and I’m gonna make it my b… would be seen as profoundly disrespectful. But he counts on the fact that the little guy is desperate enough t… the grand tradition of exploiting workers, the producers like Mr. Koppelman count on the fact that middle class… paying for a flight, hotel, taxes, & commissions to agent/manager/lawyer I’d be left with... nothing. I’d be… I’d be paid as if I live in NYC -where the show shoots. The production would not pay for my flight out to N… for those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about- a primer on a dirty little aspect of showbiz: My last…’know, to feed their families, pay rent, or God forbid pay hospital bills. Passing the cost of travel/lodging… @briankoppelman Here’s a Royale Fuck You for your practice of telling out of town actors they have to be a “lo…, if you can spare a little $$, consider giving to @TheActorsFund @DavidAFrench You're arguing that we should give the benefit of the doubt to criminals that literally smuggled inva… @tomakel No nuts, cinnamon, or dark chocolate in mine. Mine is a celebration of the banana, pure and simple. An exu… @tomakel Banana bread was me cooking healthy... @smickable Me, too. Worse after spicy foods (which i love). Doctors think it’s a form acid reflux.The Hammer and the Dance in point: Let’s just say it plain: Most people are too fucking stupid to own guns. If the @NRA doesn’t know this… @MattOswaltVA Dr. Bernice by Cracker. BAM!!! Nailed it!!!
I’m naming today’s loaf “Charlie Brown’s Football”“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the aircraft takes off against the wind, not with it”. -Henry Ford
Retweeted by Michael GladisMy first banana bread. Don’t let those overripe bananas go to waste!
Yo @Dyson can’t y’all come up with a better ventilator pronto? You’re all about moving air, after all...Something is happening… 1938, #LosAngeles The brutal sun burns bright and hot. A small spark. A city ignited.…
Retweeted by Michael Gladis @franklinleonard Also a wonderful book (goes waaay deeper into the world of international chess/ politics etc) - yo…
Let's also thank the engineers and workers keeping the utilities up and running. Without running water, electricity…!!
@Cummingstime Lean into that thing, son! She's gonna kick like a mule!
My dear wife has been puzzled, and I dare say alarmed at some of my purchasing choices lately. The jam incident spr…