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@Flying_Inside Oh boy. @GavinCurnow Haha! What's going on?Extinction Rebellion are Led By Donkeys, but with whistles. @rcuffy Haha! @guywalters @armoaning @untypicalboro @bernieslaven Bernie's third goal was Van Basten-esque.Boro v Coventry... one of my favourites game: a brilliant @bernieslaven hat-trick in a 4-3 win at Highfield Road. R…
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @SP_Duckworth It got very dusty in here when I saw this earlier. As I said to Mrs G, there are a lot of good people out there.Every major online outlet has reported Woolworth's is returning to the high street. One call from me to owner Very…
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @actiontiff Yeah that looks shit, mate. @ddebralouise By the way, the #TeamArthur hashtag always makes me smile. @QuinnGem Cheers! @ddebralouise Who is this strange old lady? @MatHempell I see what you did there. @teaforpterosaur He's struggling to hold it here. This is a look that says "For God's sake, hurry up".Busy afternoon with Arthur and friend. Trump's odds (12%) are quite close to the chances of catching an inside straight (9%), low but still well…
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @MJowen174 Probably after seeing the first episode. @sarah_melv Probably for the best, tbh.I don't know if they show the new Spitting Image in America, but if they do I bet Donald Trump is shitting himself. @DeanoB24 It's the ultimate impulse buy."We're out of MIG welders, sir. But can I interest you in..." @alexwm82 Those big dinners take their toll.Gary Sambrook has just finished his breakfast.Famous epidemiologist Owen Jones there. Walker just asked Arlo Parks "Which comes first, words or music?" @Supersonic_Frog The '93 one? @mocent0 Make a list. @SpittingImage"Carry On At Your Convenience?" Sambrook mangia grandi cene.
@maybeavalon I think we've got the entire spectrum covered when I say that this 49-year old white man also loves it. @andrewsillett Just looking through the goofs section. That bit when Hitler fell off his skateboard at Obersalzberg is amazing. @matthewjbutler I should have seen this coming. @andrewsillett Haha! @andrewsillett @moneyfunker @DaveMun1 Cheers! Glad you liked it.Laurence Olivier's persistence with calling Stalingrad, Schtalingrad, is deeply impressive. #TheWorldAtWarGoing to put the cap on a perfect Monday night by watching the Stalingrad episode of The World at War. @mocent0 This, Mo, is art.
Retweeted by Michael GlasperThe Man Who Would be King a close second. @SirMustard @jwusher Carter is, hands down, Michael Caine's best film. @SirMustard I'll be honest, I hadn't even heard of him twelve hours ago..."We're shopping for Mr Sambrook, and we'd like the largest goose you have." Sambrook could murder a wafer-thin mint. @DavidMuttering @bartramsgob Wait, what? @armoaning He's got the best of any deal here. @den_jw @tonkerthomas @damprice @nalaknip Purely for the vitamin C. @tonkerthomas @damprice @nalaknip Big lol.Water on the Moon for years and they didn’t know. Buzz Aldrin is an absolute clown. What the hell was that guy doing
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @Iantrytobenice And you would be right to. @bartramsgob Courtesy of @DavidMuttering, who sent me it from there.Another great evening goes by on Twitter where I wonder how the fuck I would explain all of *this* to my 74-yr old dad. @damprice @nalaknip Oh, very much so.'Later we'll have Garry Sambrook's Big Dinners in session, playing from their new EP... Fans of A Certain Ratio mig…
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @MrMutantes I was Gary Sambrook I just wouldn't eat big dinners.
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @vocjam Christmas in a bag.I'm sorry to say it, but this has happened. Sambrook
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @make_trouble I reckon every town and village has its own legendary graffiti. @bartramsgob Woolyback is definitely a thing down here. @Cat_n_Bagpipes Well, I'm 49... @Cat_n_Bagpipes Why not? @bartramsgob My guess is the latter. @KingMobUK No one on here would ever have seen it if Gary himself hadn't shared it. Amazing scenes. @nalaknip Gagging for one, mate.The phrase 'Gary Sambrook eats big dinners' in and of itself is brilliant. Everything else is just a bonus.One for for teenagers, there. @das_munch When the material is that good, how can we fail?World-beating, you might say.Say what you like about the Tories, but their MPs are providing some absolute Twitter gold at the moment.New Blur album sounds good.
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @MrMutantes Where are the rozzers? @RossFootball The Crown! @riffraffhands "My kitchen" @riffraffhands Couldn't even be arsed to switch accounts?It was Jim Davidson, and he did the entire call as Chalky.
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @RossFootball Seems a very 'low-brow' choice, doesn't it?Lad on Mastermind just had 'The Crown' as his specialist subject. That's the kind of revision I can get behind, tbh…'"Gary Sambrook eats big dinners." out fallen leaves can be a delicious alternative to crisps for the budget conscious household. Follow me for more recipes.
Retweeted by Michael Glasper @galahadlake @Cadmarch did a tweet that got 12k likes, and then someone essentially nicked it. @galahadlake The Trump/Gail Platt thing? @katyjem Fantastic.Cray Valley Paper Mills get an away tie in the first round of the FA Cup. Let's hope they don't fold too quickly.'ll say it again, but what a fucking hill to die on.The free school meals situation continues again to lead Look North, with a ten minutes long report explaining how l… @DavidMuttering @Cadmarch @Cadmarch @DavidMuttering He's awful, to be fair. As is the Tees Valley Mayor. @alexandrakuri Failing to get the the This Morning gig this morning was the final straw. @armoaning Schofield has me blocked on here, and I have no idea why.🎶 Tory in a food bank, I know, I know it's serious 🎶 @kfingleton @andreww1967 Seriously, this is a worse take than anything I've seen from you about toast.