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Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack The wilds of Connecticut

Cameo artist. 9 years in the NFL. 2 rings. #9years2rings

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@leilaclaire @NylonMag Why were you photographing her?Why God repeatedly lies to Pat Robertson I will never understand.
Retweeted by Michael Ian Black @KenMarino @MrJoshCharles Just trying to live my truth.If she ever gets the top job I hope she goes by President Kamala instead of President Harris. Much cooler sounding. @MrJoshCharles Doin’ some Moulin spoolgin’People make fun of us #undecidedvoters because we don’t buy the easy caricatures. Is Biden REALLY a decent man with… @MrJoshCharles Was he watchin’ Tony Shaloubin’For real, why have you not yet bought my new book A BETTER MAN: A (MOSTLY SERIOUS) LETTER TO MY SON? New author pho… @MrJoshCharles Do you know if he was loobin’? @MrJoshCharles I got Toobin jizz all over mine. Ugh. @bornferal Manny :(I didn't tweet much today and I vote! @cmclymer @AtoEssandoh I liked it! Thought it was a great little space soap opera.
What if “Tiny Dancer” has been a really good song this whole time? @MrJCLynch @trialofchicago7 Great job in the film! Loved the shocked "I'm sorry" after clubbing the guard.3 years running! @Juliana4evah Probably until Election DayI have been inundated with asks about getting the @washingtonpost page of shredded norms from The List in physical…
Retweeted by Michael Ian BlackI definitely do NOT agree with his blatant corruption or the fact that he sees every life but his own as utterly ex… @brendonwalsh PowerfulI watch people eating very spicy food challenges on YouTube and I vote!
Guy who invents technology to live in own world supports president who lives in own world.'re doing WET HOT! (But I’m in Hint of Lime Tostito recovery mode.) @lisalocicerogh This is a good idea!Privately I shit my pants but everybody can still smell the stink. @liquidbeef Wow. Never realized that before.Reading “The Overstory” which is so beautiful and well-written that I’m treating as a personal affront to me as writer.Agree that Trump is a morally bankrupt fascist narcissistic sociopath but Biden’s son had a drug problem so I’m on… @SusanBethune1 49Can we please get a full voter endorsement slate from the cast of Cheers before it's too late?He did some funny dances today, though @cmclymer Its good! @BrotiGupta @PFTompkins Climate controlled, though, right? You're good. @Happy28633784 2019? @BrotiGupta @PFTompkins Here's what I think: In the future, she will have turn her back on her conservative mother… just don't think Kanye is ready for the job (yet). @MonicaLewinsky @yashar Undecided @DaveWeasel Surprisingly not. At least not yet. @jonhurwitz Bit??? @adamctierney Biden seems like a good guy but you bring up a good point. @Happy28633784 When?Leaning Biden, but I also think maybe we should give Trump a chance? @jargfar I didn't say those things were fun. They're 100% NOT fun! I'm just saying fun HAS be part of the equation… @BrianLynch Biden and Trump tied for 1 Kanye 3Disagree. I said if Ellen ran I would consider her because she's fun! Biden is kind of goofy but he's NOT fun. Trump is f… @Dogwalkerjim I SAID I'm leaning Biden! @KristerJohnson Took a long look at Rocky De La Fuente but I don't think he's got a realistic chance. Don't want to waste my vote.Did I say he's perfect? @Guinz I don't have Google yet. :(I'm voting too! Just haven't figured out who I'm voting for yet. Was leaning Biden, like I said, but I like Trump's… @Guinz ???I'm not saying I'm going to vote for Trump JUST because he's a fun dancer but it definitely doesn't hurt. Like if E… @BernBoi17 I have to think about it. I go back and forth. @cristela9 Around 10? @BernBoi17 I do like fun but I'm genuinely #undecidedNFL was definitely tougher on my knees! 😂😂😂 @lereduverseau It's funny no matter what I am (handsome). @BernBoi17 ???I get so much grief on here for being an #UndecidedVoter and I like a lot of what Biden has to say but did you see…
@ktparkerphoto It's so good.I'm leaning Biden but Trump keeps saying we should lock up Biden, Hillary, Obama, and the governor of Michigan. Why… @TheKevinAllison Yeah I guess it does.TOMORROW, Sunday 10/18: @michaelianblack is in conversation at 11AM ET with Cleo Stiller @Cleomsf. Tune in as they…
Retweeted by Michael Ian Black @BetsyGleick Hahaha. I thought about Emily in Paris but people really seem to hate it. @TheKevinAllison Did you see the body? Didn’t think so!My motto is “Pretentiousness for the People.” Season 2 is at: @michaelianblack hey Michael, came across your Obscure podcast and just wanted you to know how much I love it. It g…
Retweeted by Michael Ian Black @MrPatrickRice I was on David’s side with the soda machine. @Alyssa_Milano Cool! That theme is really good. @BucketOPants Don’t watch yourself. Watch the movie!Netflix made me watch Moneyball again. @corinnespringg ??? His income is listed. You don't have to make shit up. @TheKevinAllison @PFTompkins @joshgondelman It was a lot of fun as a joke but I think it's actually pretty sad now that it came to pass. @corinnespringg I don't have to explain because Joe does. definitely don’t believe ALL of it but you have to admit there must be something there. As an undecided voter, I’… very grim thing I am realizing from this new Biden emails story is how many men are responding to the concept of…
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Retweeted by Michael Ian Black @rejectedjokes @gregorcorp It's not *my* art, Ben. It's the world's art. I'm just the conduit. @rejectedjokes @gregorcorp Yes. @NellSco Long walk off a... never mind. @michaelaWat We are lovers.I don't like the guy but I have to admit that Matt Gaetz was pretty funny as the social outcast Stork in the Animal… @scottwolf @AndyRichter Which guy? Jerker or guy you're jerking? @brendonwalsh Watched both and they both made great points throughout. It's an important election and I want to get this right. @AndyRichter That's why I say you have to time it really carefully. @jschneider77 Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed. @AndyRichter Does that mean you get to leave? The way I envision it, everybody has to stay until last man is done.100% agree! The media and Dems made Trump screw up the covid response, fracture our alliances, decimate healthcare… will decide who to vote for when I have all the information I need about both candidates. #undecidedvoter“The lesson of the last four years is that he cannot solve the nation’s pressing problems because he is the nation’… @AndyKindler Happy birthday!
I think if you’re seated, facing in would be tough because legs would make maintaining equal circle difficult. the mechanics of a circle jerk. Minimum number of people needed? I estimate 6. Also, seems like you’d w… @morgan_murphy @JenKirkman @MichelleButeau Love you, Morgan! @BrianLynch Might lean Biden if this is true.As far as I know, Joe Biden has never hosted any game shows and that’s why I am an #UndecidedVoter @paulandstorm Perfectly stated.Disagree. I think the burden of proof is on Tom Hanks.