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Struggling Marine Vet with tons on my plate, needing a job and have no transportation. Life isn't fun but I'm living.

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All the boys are dead and out looking for a miracle. 🦁
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake)We just hit 5,000 Subscribers on Twitch 🤯 what the actual hell 2 weeks ago my life was changed and to hit this go…
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@SplitDaWig right, I saw it and instantly knew what was upWe are aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter. We are investigating and taking steps to fix it.…
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @ElevateGG @GFuelEnergy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports @JaredFPSWTF @MrBeastYT account was hacked, DO NOT send him $ you will not get anything back. If you fell for it, it's your loss… and @Walmart is everywhereAre we just going to ignore the fact @Walmart and @Wayfair have business ties? @CashApp $KyloRenThaBoss disabled vet and covid has struggling extra hard for side work and extra money @SplitDaWig don't forget the flamethrower @PulteDaily Ford F450, it's been a dream truck of mine forever
Who knew a beer so cold could be this 🔥? Get your #BuschLightApple before they’re gone.
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake)This litle man is a king.
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @DammitRooster @BBNotYourWaifu @JohnCena @TomCruise @XavierWoodsPhD @TwitchSupport @Twitch @TwitchSuppSquad @Twitch @pulte been on sirCake: The Movie
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @DonutOperator same with a corn dog @DonutOperator true facts @RESPAWNProducts @RESPAWNProducts well y'all popped up as my 3rdSorry for delay on stream, working on some cool stuff for tomorrow 👀 FPS Mouse Pad XL is now available From…
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2020 wanted a .50 BMG? Here's your chance to win one for FREE! Just click the link, enter your info and you're in t… @entrustenergy what is wrong with your website, need to make a payment and your site has been down all weekend.I just entered to win a Zastava M93 Black Arrow .50 BMG Rifle w/ Zeiss 3-12x44 Scope from @ClassicFirearm! Valued A… @TeamPulte Weekend wasn't good, I did absolutely nothing, just sat around being depressed.
@pulte I need a blessingSo this is what we can do with our @WatchMixer shirts
@pulte $KyloRenThaBoss #PulteDropsBitcoinThe media cannot admit that we have effective COVID-19 treatments because then they wouldn’t be able to continue th…
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake)I have deleted the TIK TOK app off all my devices. Hopefully a less intrusive company (data farming) that isn’t own…
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@pulte $100 for bitcoin would be nice, but $100 would be better for some groceries or food right now, I live off of… @pulte $KyloRenThaBoss @pulte $KyloRenThaBoss
@PulteDaily try and buy a car @TeamPulte I can barely help myselfDepression sucks, and life is becoming unsettling. Beginning to believe I'm never going to amount to anything again… @JaredFPS pork belly burnt ends @SplitDaWig
Pork belly burnt ends are finally done @HaleyyStout I'm always super out of it @SplitDaWig imagine being the creator of the first dispensary drive thru like it @SplitDaWig damn Killary is gonna pay her a visit soon @HaleyyStout well that'd be nice lol @pulte Oh man if I got that DM I'd respond in a heartbeat
bout to go live on some COD even though i'm not showing up on your list or in the directory. Need a solid squad for…
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @pulte I love the transparency @pulte you keep doing the wonderful work. @Alex_zedra fireworks? more like sounds of freedom makersI’m going to give $1,000 tonight to someone random who retweets this tweet by 8pm (must be following me so I can dm you if you win)
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @Ki1ika @ChrisCovent @britniTweet any grilled cheese action? @pulte 🙏
@pulte grillin n waiting for fireworks
Wish I could have played in @MrBeastYT tournament, I could really use the money right now, heck I'd probably still… @theonlyak47 yes, there's panic and striking out, or in my case have a pistol right next to meMy life would improve drastically if I had a car, I wouldn't have to be a burden or rely on others, and I'm sure O… @theonlyak47 Right it's even worse when you have PTSD @QueenEliminator was that Pax South 2018? @ShanghaiSix cinnamon rolls @D0cCupCake well that's good news, wish they would call and say they messed up with all my stuff and put me at 100%… @HaleyyStout what if I wanna cook for you? @carnivorerub where can I get this?If you know, you know.
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@BaddieStreams gotta throw on a plate carrier @DammitRooster it happens, been there done that @DammitRooster tha baby faceWe'll give $1,000 to a random person who retweets this within the next 24 hours. Must be following @Reverse2k & @DNPthree Good luck!
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake)Drop those links 👇👇👇 I will try and hook some of you up Rt/like #MoneySquad
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @moneycomment $KyloRenThaBossWe'll give $1,000 to a random person who retweets this within the next 24 hours. Must be following @Reverse2k & @DNPthree Good luck!
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake)CLICK CLICK CLICK, enter now to win your very own sniper rifle. just entered to win a Christensen Arms Traverse w/ Leupold VX-6 HD Scope from @ClassicFirearm! Valued At $4900!… got a little to much Texas sun today while outside doing yard work and stuff. @makaysmith10 I want to see the entire video not just a snippet of a lady pointing a gun, you don't just pull a wea… @Alex_zedra so jealous
@pulte I need some good food after all the yard work today. @pulte you do what you do best good sir @pulte It would be very appreciated if I could get some help. @MrBeastYT if they would disable Siri that wouldn't happenApplied for a job with Goodyear in one of their manufacturing plants, and within 10 minutes had a digital interview… a late night reminder that we’ve announced one of our three new chairs for 2020. 👀
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@real_gizmo @SplitDaWig it uses the force @SplitDaWig is that a router only? if so DM price @JezCorden food poisoning usually last about 2 days @MrBeastYT didn't get to play because you don't have an Android app
@QueenEliminator yea huh, a deep fried ball park pickle and spicy ranch dipping sauce @CallofDuty We’re gonna need for you to turn off crossplay before you have 200 cheaters playing on PC. Just turn it…
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @RespawnProducts mmm that red n black looks so good, think my 205 needs an updateRetweet. (or my boss will get mad I leaked this a month early)
Retweeted by KyloRenThaBoss(Jake) @moneycomment I could use a pick me up