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@RealElijahphill @strandedgringo @RealHiramWorld @LegionHoops @ringernba Hello with the warriors when he joined the 73-9 team
@RealHiramWorld @LegionHoops @ringernba Durant team up rings matter? He’ll never win again and he’ll never be lebronIt always does don’t think I’ll be ever be horny enough to subscribe to somebody only fans
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Is Dallas gettin blown out by the football team?Stop playing with my money! @Dodgers
@SkyeShanel U already paid?I thought TI was Chico Bean @ambertreneice @ambertreneice 😭🤣 @HealthierLonger Just because he’s a man and she’s a womanSpit on me in a pandemic? He let her off easy @3boi_turnt U moved? LolMy problem is I wanna go to vegas every weekend @MikeMayynne He hate him cause he used to call himself Superman too
@smoothieeP 🤣🤣🤣Sweatsuit season is here finally 🙏🏾 @PaintMeColorful Look like she pregnant too inhaling all that 🤦🏽‍♂️ @_BaeBeee_ 🤣🤣🤣Sellin your jewelry is the real bankruptcyI don’t like Joe Biden 🥴 idk how Obama ran with him
Who’s his producer?! Beats be crazy @lilabinladen They actin real unusual @MikeMayynne 🎯 @BlahhJohnson Man fareal I want that gold 8 but they taxingMonitor what your kids, nieces, nephews etc. watch on YouTube it’s some weird shit on there @_justspeedy Yea jeezy whole first album will kill him tho back to back hitsI fuck wit TI but jeezy different!
@So0JasZy Going up for your 30th !!Denzel, Allen Iverson @KingCapanni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I don’t know 1 player on the Tampa Bay Rays
@hellobhristine Yep for no reason either 🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s been months of this BS @bbyhelennn 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ @BlahhJohnson No laker parade yet!When is our weird ass governor gonna open California @BreauxJaidah It’s a consignment store in the Lakewood mall they got a bunch but of course they taxing @BlahhJohnson Professional gambler lol
Idk why people are surprised that rich people support trump that’s all he care about is them @MR92much Hell yea lol let’s betYou should see Instagram they really rich on there teams love blowing leadsDodgers fasure gonna win
@NoPhuck2Give Super annoying @KingCapanni Sucks because they have a good ass team and he terrible @bbyhelennn It is @_loveeeayanna Lol same @_bonitaevita Somebody born in 2006 @Dontkrywolfhoee @lilabinladen Lol hell nah. Loma made it interesting at the end but he started way too late @PrimeRobinson_ @probingtruth @jayisinpain @KingRyanG @andreward Loma wasn’t throwing any punches the first 7 round… @lilabinladen @Dontkrywolfhoee Right person won tho @MikeCoppinger How did u give him the 2nd round? Clear Lopez round Loma did nothing and Lopez was scoring with body shots @BlahhJohnson Won me 420Got big $ on this kid this weekend
Retweeted by King @lilabinladen YesThis is a good ass fight!
@TweetBrianne @tharealsimone @75wrld222fuk12 @__kaineee @PapiChinky @TheLastDiety32 @NotARoleMod3l Lol that’s exact…
@NotARoleMod3l What song is that @bonita_chyna Shut upYou are such a loser lol need to take they weak asses back to Brooklyn
@swagginT @rodervprimetime If he went to the sorry raptors he would easily be a starter @MikeMayynne Vince @ReggieDunnJr @BlahhJohnson That cut was serious 💨 @swagginT @LegionHoops EverybodyGot big $ on this kid this weekend still happy about the Laker championship? I am 🏆 @_MikeBeezy Lol nah my lil bro paid 3 something for 1 @_MikeBeezy Bb Simon @3boi_turnt Hell nah lol they would stone her to deathBig prayers goin up for my nigga Cream 🙏🏾
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🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Prayers Up !!!
Retweeted by KingIf spending $50 is a problem for a adult it’s best you don’t have any kids @ashnaiyema Fayth didn’t tell me y’all was gettin married 🤔 @PaintMeColorful I ain’t buying nothing for a min 🤦🏽‍♂️I hope the homie don’t ask me if I like his music cause I’ll have to tell him the truth @akaTiNaBlow Entrepreneur @akaTiNaBlow @akaTiNaBlow Lol nah it’s on the flyer that shit funny @akaTiNaBlow It say condoms not required if u bring your test results 🤣Dodgers trash I never been a fan
@mamimclovin Lol nah nah u live in la right? Get wit the right team @mamimclovin Comin where? @mamimclovin The warriors?! They time came and went @Jordancashcarti @Sultaaan_mo @OprahSiden @PROdigy1728 @BleacherReport @ChrisBHaynes With a team that woulda went t… @PROdigy1728 @OprahSiden @BleacherReport @ChrisBHaynes Warriors will be good I agree but not sure how good KD will be after Achilles injury @PROdigy1728 @OprahSiden @BleacherReport @ChrisBHaynes Don’t put your money on that @SerenaFournier It’s sadNeed corona to go on a 2 week break so we can have a Laker paradeThe way people in LA gossip people know everything about you before u can introduce yourselfLebron really won us a title in his first 2 yearsNever going to Katana again, left there hungryCome to the Lakers 🤔 @Brejeee He just wanted his name in the news today
That “the Lakers are the NBA Champions” sleep hit DIFFERENT.
Retweeted by KingI enjoyed it @alxpnny @I_M_12 @WorldWideWob @mhc_76 Losers stop hating on the kidShould Avery Bradley get a ring? @3boi_turnt The game was won smh