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@MeredthSalenger I'm eating healthy but chilling. Damn blood clot.Mr. Blonde cuts off the cop's ear to reveal... a cake.
@MichnaOfficial @ghostly Billy Ripkin - I have this one. @vcav keanu's accent! pacino laying it on THICK! charlize doing an incredible job despite *gestures* everything... @vcav this movie is a treasure @jordangerous Still remember the sound it made tho @jordangerous Hot on one side and cool on the other - what a concept! @GraceSpelman statistically, some carnies are hot.ereh uoy ekat neht ",tops a wonk I" ,ekil eb syuG
Retweeted by Michael Roche @RachelCharleneL @battymamzelle @BitchMedia like father like son - Nate is absolutely the villain.So defaulting on a SBA loan makes you ineligible for PPP, but child rape does not. Very very cool system we have. what has been done in Chicago? @pixelatedboat
Retweeted by Michael RocheMembers of the exonerated Central Park Five help paint #BlackLivesMatter on the street in front of Trump Tower on N…
Retweeted by Michael Roche @ZelMcCarthy well that is obv not a fav. 👎
@ZelMcCarthy Still one of my favorite horror stories of the '10s @mattzollerseitz who would want to be rude to a #fannibal member? how'd that end up for any character on that show? @matoswk75 will always remind me of Tenaglia at Vinyl for Be Yourself @vcav Call the specialist - see if they can provide a quote based on your models just in case it's cheaper to get a new unit. Good luck. @vcav Yeah I don't mess with Freon - there's a lot of thing involved, better to call an professional heating/coolin… what u losers are arguing about i’m watching a children’s choir sing björk
Retweeted by Michael Roche @vcav That's horrible :( How old are the units? When was the last time they had coolant refilled? I had to get mine… at this Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man ass bitch.
Retweeted by Michael Roche @BAKKOOONN They knocked it out of the park on this soundtrack.I used to hear this song almost every night for years circa 2003. It's been at least 10 years since I heard it last… @lucheezy paula cole voice "where have all the turkey legs goneeeeeeeeeeee"2020 has really taken “cry for help thinly disguised as a joke” twitter to another level
Retweeted by Michael Roche @zandywithaz true - but that dude owns his own island - their realities are completely different from ours - it's a head-fuck for sure. @zandywithaz which perfectly tailored outfit shall i soil today? @zandywithaz Sure he's crumpled up in the corner - but he still looks good. @jowrotethis @battymamzelle PLAY JA JA DING DONG @chicagocrowdsu1 @perpetua @thasoundblog @whataboutchi @SoundCheckChi @ANCHRmagazine @midwestAXN @audiotreemusic @studiesincrap #2 embodies what I think is prime drive-in double feature. #4 for families.
@perpetua has been pretty great. there is also a list of blogs at the bottom of the page!
In an internal memo leaked last September, #Navient details forbearance as an essential profit strategy. “Our battl…
Retweeted by Michael Roche @RalphusMoorus @kraftwerk @franktope @terrystuckshop @FaithFanzine @HardcastleMusic @PaulWoolford I have this one on 45 @BAKKOOONN a bug light for murderers tho @SotoAlfred
@queefappreciatr @dave_schilling his slacker character? first John Locke episode still hits @loudersoft @catchdini I remember this @local__celeb bonus @gnvrcissism @dave_schilling Loved his spots for MTV back in the day too
@scumbelievable I'm very interested in your takes on it. Sound design was superb. @DarthLux so fluff @mattzollerseitz Ain't that the truthI will never know peace like this on this earth.
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@lindseyromain safe journey! @jordangerous We've also secured right from Richard Gere for this model shaped like a little hamster @jordangerous This model is called the Peggie @jordangerous best episode of shark tank evar @jordangerous Make it bobblehead butts and call it the twerk
Edm fans will be like “omg u still drink cows milk?!” and then go snort horse tranquilizer
Retweeted by Michael RocheI met President Clinton so I am two degrees from Ghislaine - how many are you? @bhobbs09 Example: "Can you BREATHE less? You have stank ass BREATH."I choose Frankenstein, the monster who is intelligent but feared only due to his appearance—who argues to his own c…
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@vincentdonofrio have a great one, birthday twin!Rebecca Ferguson destroy me challenge
BREAKING: Gilead is charging $3,000+ for its COVID drug, remdesivir. Taxpayers spent $70,000,000 to develop this…
Retweeted by Michael Roche @gnvrcissism @local__celeb Tis the season @ddoniolvalcroze @LittleMissLizz The reboot wasn't as successful. @mattzollerseitz Who doesn't wake up suddenly exclaiming "My hair!" @gnvrcissism RPat really feelin this role @mechamelissa I honestly miss making you laugh. We are loud in the movie theater. @mechamelissa Can confirm that it is the best
@vcav 1. Remember muscle has more mass and weight than fat. 2. It's a long fucking process and it only takes longer… @harrychoochoo You check out his new work with Younge and ASM?Anytime a song from this album is played it's like a time machine back to the early aughts, though - do I need to listen to the new one? @CraigSJ DOPECast Billy Dee Williams as Two Face you cowards @harleyLunar Me neither @mattzollerseitz Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller @SortaBad Opening of my night club @SortaBad @carolinefm Attn: @cassbwellgirls are like “I know a spot” and take you here:
Retweeted by Michael Roche @rachelmillman Me neither
2020 @cobradoll pretty sure I met you in this costume didnt care about Haim before - do I need to now? @amandamull Your mom's a Cancerian. I'm sure she rules.Louie Anderson and Chelsea Peretti in Search Party S3 alertHappy Pride y'all @vcav I just finished it a couple weeks ago. It operates in a dream space where everything is civil and even the violence is beautiful
Throughout her mayoral campaign, Lori Lightfoot presented herself as a pro-police-reform candidate. During her firs…
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.@LianneLaHavas plays a song from @Radiohead's In Rainbows
Retweeted by Michael RocheClassic Ibiza shot @gnvrcissism You can still be considered Yung tho
Retweeted by Michael Roche @rossxjohnson