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I write and I teach. Absolute Zero Fun. "Tormented."

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@farahrosesmith @flightofsand agreed
Art by Sam Szafran -- the Bruno Schulz is strong in this one @flightofsand a bit of Burroughs there
art by Fursey Teyssier -- death comes in the night, that's fine, but blasting my face with his light, that's unki… @NMamatas I'd say you knew what you were doing with MOVE @davidsirota @Popehat My Sandwich Forced Me Gay Against God
Art by Oscar Manuel Vargas, a sort of fabric trunk @jeffreyford8 I think it was his eye, yes, it was this, he had an eye that fucking stank ...
RIP Terry JonesAlberto Martini's illustration of Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" @farahrosesmith if you keep going, they aren't winning -- @Triptychondrion Nice @Triptychondrion I don't think I am, but a) my eyes are old, bad, and b) twitter enlarges these by shoving half of… has unified elites against him and the "nobodies" for him, #ILikeBernieArt by Hugo Sanchez
@TheSocietyDude Newton @lfeatherz @IlhanMN HRC looks around her country club and decides "nobody likes him" @TheLincoln @CCooperJones I will usually always kind of support the vague or ... @MarkAmesExiled The heart attack would have given him an ideal pretext for dropping out. There are no doubts. @JurcekaJan @iotar oh and a captive nazi tied up and very disgruntled -- Monk was Zero Bull Shit all the timeArt by Abe Echevarria -- Matango Mike Stoklasa? need more album covers liek this. Monk was ahead of his time.
Retweeted by Michael T. Cisco @BillCorbett So we're all nobodies now? Can she get anything right? @ItzikBasman I think that's the point. Hamlet arrives at something like the Stoic sense of being worthy of what ha… @ItzikBasman He never stops thinking, but this is the fruit of his thinking, particularly after learning that Ophelia is dead. @ItzikBasman ACT 3, scene 1: to be or not to be etc ACT 5, scene where everyone dies: If it be now, ’tis not to c… @FBI after the way the FBI treated him? @TJBreen muckout may? @coilingoracle I've never felt more old or out of touch thanks tweet @MattBruenig you got your corruption chocolate in my corruption peanut butter @Popehat "if the bills --" BLAM! BLAM! (screaming) "-- go through as --" BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA BRACKA BRACKA BRACKA (b… @OmNaes isn't waking the sleeping beast kind of your thing? @flightofsand @MrGaunt Why stunned? SEFIRA is excellent!
Throne of Chaos, by Santiago Caruso @farahrosesmith @larissaeglasser Hooray! Congratulations! @flightofsand yes @EllenDatlow @paulGtremblay Kill Everyone With Pickaxe In Eye spells KEWPIE
Art by Rose O'Neill @pauljessup @fbdbh Didn't Bierce set some stories in the midwest? @pauljessup @fbdbh I was just wracking my brains for midwest horror representation. @pauljessup @fbdbh Children of the Corn is set in Nebraska ... @fbdbh The Elementals, by Michael McDowell. Set in Alabama.just every so often @TartarusPress @ForrestAguirre Which piece was adapted? @iwokeinrelief @WeirdLit well one never knows do one? a plan exists, after a fashion ... @paulGtremblay pickle patrol won't pick up their pickle patrol phone @ForrestAguirre @TartarusPress Sarban is underrated! @WeirdLit The only freestanding reprint was as part of the Centipede Press Boxed set. There hasn't been a new edition in quite a while. @realDonaldTrump
@ItzikBasman Never saw him play, but I have seen his guitar on display in the Met. I proposed to my wife in front… @SocialistRA high ranking? @ryanlcooper social security was sending out checks within eleven months of being established -- seems to work fine @Dementia_Grimm i sit down in my room and write horror stories all by myself and laugh @ascannerburkely who? @ItzikBasman He dressed like that for the street. He actually wore more feathers and beads when he slept and had t… @mattkressel that's good stuff @JonOliverEditor @ascannerburkely Haunting book. @farahrosesmith You're the bestsome more Randy Ortiz and bad tweetcrop @TobiasCarroll hang in there
@bland_coffee I'm old. I could be a Cisco the ElderGod I wish paintings came with foley The Alchemist, by Joseph Heintz the Elder @coilingoracle I mean on your way to jail yeah but your legend zowie @coilingoracle now do this in real life and zowie @gemmafiles I love this film @tdelucci @anniekarni There is an idea of Jared Kushner, some kind of abstraction ... @nadiabulkin Anthology of All Cinema @TJBreen Senator Cxaxukluth of Uzuldaroum @heksenhaus @MOXIEGRL1969 may I introduce you and Mike to Dub, my personal savior? @MOXIEGRL1969 echo and reverb makes music good
photo by Emma Katka @KimmyMonte And we who walk here, walk alone, you piece of shit @alisonporchnik if you think it's the magic of art you're right!
"Well, Bernie Sanders is an extremely interesting phenomenon. He's a decent, honest person. That's pretty unusual i…
Retweeted by Michael T. Ciscoart by Mark A. Facey -- hopefully tweetcrop does it at least some justice
Art by Eugene Berman -- I have to look at everything in this painting twice @ForrestAguirre I like The Unlimited Dream Company best. @tadethompson Congratulations!
here's another, which won't appear properly thanks to tweetcrop -- the caption is "you, but wrong" by Trevor Henderson -- click for caption I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius, which to Angels look like torment and insanity,
Retweeted by Michael T. Cisco @flightofsand always @farahrosesmith @LCvonHessen So Bataille is de trop but Ewers isn't too rich? @MadeleineSwann No, for real! He's really funny! @MadeleineSwann he's really, really funny
@WFMU I've found my band nameArt by Franck Losay. This could be an illustration for "The Beckoning Fair One." @trescassmirk there's nothing quite like it ... @coilingoracle @ForrestAguirre @ArtBrovera You will love Proust. @Wayne_June @SFFAudio Sharpe Shaver was a well-named man. Also read texts in rocks later in life. Called them "Rock Books." @farahrosesmith sorry I'm sticking around
Then Angélique Kidjo’s brilliant cover version
Retweeted by Michael T. Cisco @Richard_Kadrey damn @flightofsand Perhaps the way it legitimizes caste?from Carnival of Souls