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I write and I teach. Absolute Zero Fun. "Tormented."

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@CSlatsky Always stan Kavan
@LairdBarron @nytopinion @maureendowd woah boy @horrorsong That was the move. @CursedMorsels Can Xue writes fiction that makes you see "relevance" as a kind of trap. Her work is actually more… @CursedMorsels Robert Walser wrote stories that don't happen. @CursedMorsels Kafka wrote lucidly about confusion. I don't even know how to describe what the hell Kafka did but nobody else ever did it. @blauwerke I like to lie down in a three piece suit when I read my car book. @FeatCreature @tordotcom Such a strange story. @MadeleineSwann neigh @CursedMorsels Clarice Lispector caught the way a child will suddenly drop a line of thinking and pick up another. @CursedMorsels Beckett wrote about not being able to write. @CursedMorsels Thomas Bernhard would often repeat a sentence with minor variations several times. This produced a… @arkhamlibrarian Old Masters by Thomas Bernhard @jeffreyford8 she'd just flapped some doodle everywhere @arkhamlibrarian Molloy .... Malone Dies by liu qing -- nice and airy @reanimatrixx I'm not sure I remember! I believe it means experiencing a flash-image of San Veneficio itself.
@venusboys3 "I set thanksgiving dinner on the dining-room sideboard at six sharp."if you don't follow @the_ironsheik you are not getting full value from Twitter @mjseidlinger I want it. @mjseidlinger Stuff 'em inside each other and make a novelducken @KarenKahler @weird_christmas "Chanksgiving Greeting" @BillCorbett !gniklat er'uoy woNhappy thanksgiving @JohnAuCoin15 @SeraphicManta super service ! thanks!
@katedollarhyde It's from Fellini's "Casanova" -- maybe not his best movie but the sets!oh hi @BillCorbett well that arrived at its own level quickly
pastel ghostly art by Miriam Cahn @d_a_salas @katedollarhyde Shucks @misanthropemike @goodreads @drahsturgis It's based on a Matheson story, but I believe that he drew inspiration fro… @SGJ72 So he doesn't talk, just punch? I'm in. @misanthropemike "What if someone, or something, made a mistake?"
are we fish in a shit ocean, breathing shit? @adamcallaways Seconded @A_J_Waters I have problems of my own to worry about. Not checking stalls.ghostly art by Görkem Ergün -- click to see it @EchoScreaming Thank you! @CarlBeijer Which of your favorite sandwiches was the best James Bond?
@Night_Worms It's excellent. Nothing like the film though. @LairdBarron Captain ....? Is he golfing on the holodeck again? @antijenic like @jeffreyford8 Peyote Larryart by Adam Burke -- click to undo tweetcrop
art by Benz and Chang @benzandchang Eva Prim and Her Cat, 1921 story prompt -- click to actually see it. @axel_hexed didn't know I needed to see that @rhysaurus dark matter? @ThatEricAlper Oscar Wilde @GiveMeYourTeeth @JonathanJanz I daresay it felt that long to some! @GreatQuail @PeteButtigieg "ivendedmyrun, past Amy and Warren's ..."
@BrianKeene And I know it was season two, but what was up with the Ricky Jay sounding sparkle-mime alien? @LCvonHessen the lien over innsmouth @lossrockhart @JoeBiden Happy birthday, Ross! @BrianKeene why are there pirates onscreen? who are these people? @CSlatsky @BrianKeene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @TJBreen peneutreueneursc damn itlittle dragon cat by Yoko Tanji -- @DineshDSouza ah yes the valiant cartoon Spartans, noted paragons of democracy and vanquishers of CGI monsters from hollywood, quite right @JonathanJanz ANIMAL MONEY was over 100k I think @rhysaurus eat all the gruel
who did this? @BeardedGenius Anything Mifune does -- there's a sort of hitch he gives his shoulder right before he tears into the… @BeardedGenius Barrymore's Hyde @ryanlcooper @charliekirk11 you are all going to contract covid you cretin
ghostly art by Goran Djuravic @NYCAntifa levelled up @DeadGeographies MANDY cake leaking grey acid into a mason jar @DeadGeographies it had better be metal
art by Stefan Koidl @stefankoidl -- another faculty meeting @pinguinus alone by an empty dish -- the cat @jeffreyford8 Invisible Cities!
two days late damn @NegarestaniReza I remember finding Cosmopolitics interesting enough to read both volumes. Your tweets reminded me… @dlbowman76 My hero! @NegarestaniReza I'm curious to know what you make of Stengers. @DamonLinker It'll be fine, because students will immediately roll the debt over into the housing market, which wil… eerie art from Gertrude Abercrombie @LordSteerpike @DeadGeographies aiming for Saint-Beuve but more likely Byron
travelling back in time just to play "In the Pines" for the Brontes @williamlegate yesart by @astrono77153462 -- click to see it @MadeleineSwann I don't think so ... I tweeted Tiptree to express my admiration for James Tiptree Jr.'s writing.Tiptree
@SGJ72 looks like star courier's sword is "passin through" that cowboy's torso ... @StokerCon @Rasnictem Excellent choice! @OrgPhysics @LarryLLapin CHARP @rooneymobile !!!!!!!! @flightofsand you know we're ironic, right? @edburmila YUPwriter's block, by rich rethorn @rethornart -- click to undo tweetcrop @LairdBarron "He's a genius, man! Like once he suddenly paws my lapels and says -- 'Do you know that 'if' is the middle word in 'grift'?" @flightofsand @tadethompson @Tiny_Camels SuperAesop sez: @Tiny_Camels @tadethompson My novel is very tired. @tadethompson @Tiny_Camels Gosh! Thank you! @doctorow the shot's just not complete without Kraftwerk @skinnybdink @flightofsand that's about the size of it @ascannerburkely Amen -- read the Brontes or die a chicken @SteveOnSpeed Yes @MrGaunt @gemmafiles I said hell and I meant it