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BSc biochem tox, PhD respiratory pharmacol. 32y new meds research. Left Pfizer 2011 as VP Respiratory. 2012 founded biotech Ziarco, sold to Novartis 2017.

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@Jon_statistics I recommend you pay lots of attention to their observations & inferences. On basic science, immunol… @Jon_statistics It might be my last, long form science article on this topic. I can’t talk with any skill about the… @Jon_statistics ...of the population. Not if we were at or very close to herd immunity. What the dickens were they… @Jon_statistics crisis even locally & certainly not nationally. Listening carefully to the statements abo… @Jon_statistics a large, consolidated & growing outbreak again. Localised, self-limiting & small outbrea… @Jon_statistics ...very suspicious of talk of “2nd waves” the first time I heard it. If as I’ve briefly summarised… @Jon_statistics ...meant that during that long, slow down-phase we witnessed during late-April & into early summer,… @Jon_statistics ...prior immunity plus additional immunity which came from every person who was infected between th… @Jon_statistics ...because every virus has antecedents. So the question was merely, “how much prior immunity?”. It… @Jon_statistics ...was published, showing that, in blood draws taken before the virus arrived, a substantial % of t… @Jon_statistics ...nor now has any satisfactory explanation for the brisk, about turn of the rapidly growing outbre… @Jon_statistics ...susceptible population, aka herd immunity. By the time the decision was made to extend the first… @Jon_statistics ...the date of first lockdown. The implications of that observation were clear to me: we were alrea… @Jon_statistics ...everywhere. In terms of evidence, we could see even during the first three week lockdown that pe… @Jon_statistics ...very busy places. Care homes similarly were visited by large numbers of different people. Supply… @Jon_statistics ...reduction in transmission along ‘the last mile’ might be only slight. In fact, that assessment t… @Jon_statistics ...across the country before lockdown. So it was already too late to have prevented ‘seeding’ in ev… @Jon_statistics know that close contact is required for transmission? So lockdown must be effective!”. Not n… @Jon_statistics Overall though, I became very troubled even before the first lockdown. I’d checked & I knew there w… @Jon_statistics Thank you, Jon, for this download of your “personal telemetry”. I, too, was worried when Boris was…’s important to be proportionate with responses to pandemics & especially with vaccines developed at pace. Please…
@terri072 @SirGrahamBrady There was one. It’s gone & has not returned. Almost certainly the virus is now endemic so… @gyourys @SirGrahamBrady I don’t think that’s possible. Sir Graham leads the Conservative backbench MPs (the 1922 C… @emmarob55386332 @Jon_statistics @SirGrahamBrady He’s already knighted! @SirGrahamBrady Sir Graham, thank you & respect. Your decision analysis is sound. I hope next time we will have bee… @PienaarJm @RealJoelSmalley @youth_unheard @JulieMarsonMP @RossjournoClark I know that Joel has a historical data b… a closer look. @BottomleyFiona @RealJoelSmalley @StuartA05729349 @d_spiegel @ONS @Henry_Jon Isn’t one very large factor that death… @mark_toshner Mark, I’ve spent 32y in pharma & biotech research & early development. My main concern is we’ve misi… @NLeespeaking @SteveBakerHW So, it’s over. I agree. After careful consideration I’ve joined Prof Wodarg in calling on EMA not to approve this d… @COVID19arXiv ...U.K. Govt, called SAGE, have predicted a HUGE second wave, peaking next April. As an immunologist,… @COVID19arXiv which has suffered a “full immersion” pandemic which clearly resolved of its own accord -… @COVID19arXiv ...who correctly note that there have been done real covid19 deaths this autumn quite distinct from t… @COVID19arXiv ...while still calling the events ‘waves’, it’s more likely they’ll be found. I didn’t check whether… @COVID19arXiv I think it’s fair to say that I probably shouldn’t comment on work which is more mathematical than im… @COVID19arXiv ... for a PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic in contributing to apparent waves. In other words, was t… @COVID19arXiv Perhaps your analysis hasn’t fully deconvoluted overlapping single waves occurring in adjacent geogra… @COVID19arXiv -not be toxic to the immune system (I know HIV isn’t a respiratory virus but it serves to make the po… @COVID19arXiv First, the key restriction to my general rule has two components. -not change it’s immunological appe… @COVID19arXiv Interesting piece if work, thank you. I’ve been known to say “viruses don’t do waves”. The main rea… @COVID19arXiv Interesting, thanks. @lcbrown62 @WWakeUpTime @gasdoc1982 Science is dead as a discipline. ‘Experts’ can assert whatever they like & are… to return to normal immediately & by Christmas, the country would be coming to terms with the mess but at… you, and vote AGAINST the motion today. I believe there is not & never was a good rationale for mass tes… This likely is another contribution to deaths. And it’s not the fault of staff in any way. So a long…, one of the most prominent things you notice is the staffing crisis in the NHS. What kind of illness is goi… correct about problems with PCR mass testing. You’d then set aside those test results & instead look onl… time I looked, is to me biologically unfeasible & down to very substantial FPs arising from poorly controll…, instantaneous prevalence is typically <1%, often much lower. So Bolton is a nonsense, but wasn’t alone. A… The has been unfeasible extents of positivity (% of tests which are positive) from PCR mass testing.… virus, are Tim Spector’s respiratory symptom app, NHS111 calls for respiratory symptoms & A&E attend… from PCR mass testing. Corrected for this, the dominant cause of total mortality is likely due to rest… where temps exceeded 34C). Those were circulatory excess deaths & are familiar in Europe. Oddly though, now,… is barely above the 95% confidence interval for the 5y average. That’s not even an epidemic. For compa… we don’t lockdown (or close analogue), the NHS will be overwhelmed is, I regret to say, lies. The hallmark of… amplifies the exaggerated number of “deaths”. Covid19, as a public health emergency, is long over. There’s… of cause of death, is that the #SecondaryRipple has peaked & is declining. Major faults arising fro… are areas & towns more severely affected in spring are NOT those which are most affected now. Same in Liver… herd immunity is evident in London, you surely want to know where things stand elsewhere. If you look for… turned the expanding outbreak in March, unaffected by any lifting of measures, nor for the protection from… previous encounters with common cold causing coronaviruses. That meant that, with significant heterogeneity…, vote to leave Hancock & SAGE in charge of our lives for a further several months is beyond me. Can any…’s no evidence that ‘measures’ significantly slowed transmission. It’s a canard that ‘tiered restrictions’ wil…’s abstention today is interesting. They should oppose as should all MPs. There’s no evidence of a public hea… Atlas - T-cell immunity via @YouTube Shame Dr Atlas resigned because here’s a public… COVID 19 The Empirical Truth Part 1 - Analysis of COVID and deaths fr... via @YouTube S…
@Trade123456789 ...assumed because the balance to HI comes from infection followed by immunity. The profile of deat… @Trade123456789 Not so. 1. The BMJ review is of many studies all of which show prior immunity. Two show how this ha… PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic – Lockdown Sceptics I ask nothing more than that you read this dense piece… @JanWieczorek14 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath On some days, it’s the only plausible explanation for 20%… @Pickles_eToro @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath Boston / Bolton were at or close to 20% positivity recentl… @Reasonableques3 @Aly_Fraser @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath May I ask why you’re discourteous? Specific… @_markross @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath It varies day -day bc the biggest contributor to it is in the… @William25844148 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath We have very few excess deaths this month, or last month… @dthroat @_johnbye @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath That’s definitely true, I’m sorry you’re unhappy about it. @_johnbye @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath No. It doesn’t, sorry. But I’ll bite: what’s your evidence it’s… @ManosDePiedra86 @benp7777 @jengleruk @rich_mellish @ThomasAcworth @ClareCraigPath No. I’m confident you’re completely wrong. Sorry. @zipmeister00 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath I going to scream Who did 300,000.+ tests then ? @zipmeister00 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath It’s getting dull now, you’ll need to wait a day or so @steber232 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath I’m saying it cold be that high easily. It’ll vary every day.… @CarloFabio1 @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath Who will do them ? @4tis @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath It won’t be fixed at all as it’ll depend on operators & pressure I… worth a deep read. It’s at the heart of the issue with PCR Mass Testing & interpretation.
@DriscollLizanne Thank you. This experience is invaluable. Thank you for sharing it & your feelings, which speak… @WarriorBrexit My ‘agenda’ is to avoid harms. What’s yours? @_markross Not scaremongering. This is RECKLESS. @MaizyDaizyZzzz Quite. And FAR more are immune now having been recently infected. @dianemo87846011 Thank you - see folks, it’s not just me! @PleaseDoTheMath @JaniceW78256134 @SteveBakerHW @CGreenUK @DesmondSwayne @MPIainDS @DavidDavisMP @BBCNews @robertscott661 Good on you for volunteering in spring! @robertscott661 Does it contain those vaccine roles? @pjwiffen @lyndsay_hopkins Simon Dolan was source. All images others shared are same Ah! The emails were sent ONLY… @ThomasAcworth @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath They don’t know the op. false positive rate. They’re wrong to think they… @PritchardGriff2 @jengleruk @ClareCraigPath If you’ve asked for the operational false positive rate of PCR mass tes… believe I now know how the evidently very large no of false positives are generated. Lighthouse Labs process sa… volunteer vaccinator ‘will assist if there is an adverse reaction’?? I’ve never read anything quite so frighteni… is frightening. Please everyone; the only people who may choose vaccination are the most vulnerable few %. NO… @j0nathandavis I don’t mean votes. I mean SAGE only need wave another swoosh & kill granny graph, which they will,… @RobsBottin80 Especially among the 15-44 yo age group. Tragic, no other plausible explanation than manmade.