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The last day of Donald, as told by Style’s ⁦@MrDanZak⁩. Don’t miss the last line—wow.
Retweeted by Michele Norris#AmandaGorman That’s it. She was made for this life-changing day.
Retweeted by Michele NorrisWhile I argued that doing this out of sight in a bunker would have allayed concerns about security. I will say wit…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisRespect to @stefcutterAre we dancing"We need longer tables not higher walls." Jose Andres. Wow.
Retweeted by Michele NorrisLord, I love @chefjoseandresThis is totally working for me staring with the anthem to Let the sunshine in. All of it. Joy. Hope. Optimism. Forward @AshleyRParker @karaswisher That Miu Miu coat! However.....Michele Obama’s 70’s era maxi coat gave me fever
OK. They just caught itThese folks on CNN don’t recognize @hudlin_reginald there with his beautiful family at the viewing stand but we see you!Welcome home, Sir is hitting in a new way. Seeing @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris at arlington. Backed by those three presidents.… picture is an entire novel White House is the People’s House, so I'm asking for YOU to reply with your questions. I'll answer you in a vid…
Retweeted by Michele Norris @VP The honor is ours Madam Vice PresidentSix years ago I did a poetry event at a high school in Santa Monica, CA. When I was there I met a brilliant student…
Retweeted by Michele Norris“Democracy has prevailed,” President Biden says in his inauguration speech promising unity and healing. Tune in to…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisThe Arts are returning to The White House'This Is America's Day': Biden's Inaugural Address, Annotated
Retweeted by Michele NorrisNot a fan of superlatives or hyperbole but ALL OF THEM apply to @TheAmandaGorman for her poem today @jsundmanus JoyI don’t recall an inaugural address that addressed white supremacy right out of the gateAmanda Gorman, 22 years old. The nations first youth poet laureate. When I spoke to her back in October, she joked…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisExcuse the grammar in my last tweet. I do know betterIt seemed at moments that @TheAmandaGorman was dancing her way through the poem with elegant hand gestures. She h… is always light If only we are brave enough to see it If only we are brave enough to be it - Amanda Gorman, Inaugural Poet. Age 22That was more than a poem That was a sermonThis Child!“Don’t be alarmed, at one point there will be a cannon salute, don’t be alarmed by that.” —@michele_norris with a very 2021 warning
Retweeted by Michele Norris!!!!!!!!Cuz the flag was made for you and me. Sledgehammer symbolism.Here we go......AhemBetting that @JoeBiden has a rosary ring in his pocketA whole bunch of Bidens @IMHOTEP111 Don’t bring that mess to me today cuzShe walks with confidence I am talking about Madam Vice President @KamalaHarris. She walks with bearing and purp… of the furious work being doing right now in the White House and at the agencies as the gears of power sh… Lord. @MichelleObama in that Cabernet-colored maxi coat with the wide leg pants and the Wonder Woman belt!!!… can we get Blunt out of that pictureFashion on fleekWhile I argued that doing this out of sight in a bunker would have allayed concerns about security. I will say wit… @marykarrlit @LeftBankBooks Will this be recorded? So admire both of you.This is worth watching:
Retweeted by Michele NorrisThis day belongs to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris And yet cable news right now is all about the departing president…'s my Inaugural poem: "...You want to see, in spite Of my mask, my face. We imagine, in time Of disease, our g…
Retweeted by Michele Norris @nhannahjones Flick away stay away @mayaharris_ Oh what a beautiful morning !At the Lincoln Memorial earlier. Via Kamala Harris’s Instagram.
Retweeted by Michele Norris @JoyAnnReid @SpeakerPelosi @MSNBC Strong interview all around. Sharp Q’s, easy rapport but all the planning was ev… @CapehartJ AmenMy abiding hope—my abiding prayer—is that we emerge from this ordeal with a new wisdom. To cherish simple moments.…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisTomorrow, a lot of people are going to say, "We made it. We survived four years." And it's vitally important to rem…
Retweeted by Michele Norris @rebel19 So I guess I need to see thisYes Madam Vice President slayed in her Pyer Moss coat. And in case you need a tutorial, spy this 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 @nsndc Thank you Shilpi💕 @Nelba_MG 💓💓💓
America is fragile this Inauguration Day. Our power rests in the ability to pick ourselves up, @michele_norris writ…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisAmericans will be looking for the punctuation they need in this transfer of power. Certainly not a comma or colon o… latest column for ⁦@PostOpinions⁩. Read. Share. Discuss is fragile this Inauguration Day. Our power rests in the ability to pick ourselves up, @michele_norris writ…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisThis is the last night that the sun will set on an America that has never had a woman Vice President. New dawn New dayThis memorial service is beautiful and soon I will gladly stop looking backward but for now I will say, because it… @MagicJohnson @IamDebraLee Yes indeed it is. Congratulations to @IamDebraLee. Always, ALWAYS lifting as she climbsLoving that purple @Luvvie This is fantastic advice. So sorry for your loss. She clearly gave you wings“No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years
Retweeted by Michele Norris @JouleBean @TwinaNobles US Senate @leah_boustan Right there with you on this. Grateful that I too am daughter and granddaughter of women who grew up… @AprilDRyan Last gaspOn the day of the breach, we put together this comprehensive visual timeline:
Retweeted by Michele NorrisLast week, video we obtained shed new light on the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt
Retweeted by Michele NorrisOur third visual forensics piece since the siege of the U.S. Capitol just published. Watch:
Retweeted by Michele Norris"...We have to teach them that the discomfort is not theirs to solve." #genderequity #womenempowerment #WomenInSTEM
Retweeted by Michele Norris"If we want to push our daughters to compete side by side with our sons, we have to be willing to teach them to be…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisInspired reading this @NatGeo article by @michele_norris on #genderinequality I really wanted to quote 2 sentences…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisFacts.
Retweeted by Michele Norris @mayaharris_ @KamalaHarris @tonywest Family Strong @CarlosLozadaWP Far fangled'Collective Hug' Over Bryan Monroe: Funeral Tuesday, Scholarship Established #BryanMonroe
Retweeted by Michele Norris @krupali Oh no!!!!!! @MickiMaynard Calling @Sonari !!!!! Micki you MUST read her memoir, The Legs are the Last to goAs of noon today there is not a single black woman serving in the US Senate. Stop what you are doing. Write a lette…
Hey Twitter chefs! Awesome college kids went overboard in chopping nuts. Have a mountain of finely chopped pecans.… @ValerieRussDN @DeNeenLBrown 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @mignon_moore @marthasjones_ @ericaadunbar Yes yesCongratulations @Sifill_LDF on creating the most ambitious pipeline of legal talent committed to racial justice in…
Retweeted by Michele NorrisAgree Gil Scott-Heron and Stevie Wonder set up Martin Luther King Day
Retweeted by Michele Norris👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
@terrichelle Ahem. We were all distracted on....January 6thWaiting on sis to produce that exercise video it time for King Cake yet?Happy birthday to my love, my partner, and my best friend. Every moment with you is a blessing. Love you, Miche.
Retweeted by Michele Norris @jrezaian @brett_mcgurk Your strength is a thing of wonder. Your heart after all THAT a thing of aweAmidst the pics of chaos & clamor & the full animal house sacking of the Capitol — there is an image that stands ou… Birthday ⁦@MichelleObama⁩ !!!!!!! are turning in friends and family for their alleged involvement in the Capitol riots. by @KnowlesHannah
Retweeted by Michele Norris