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Creator of COPRA (Image Comics) • ZEGAS (Fantagraphics Books) • PANORAMA (Dark Horse) He/Him⚡️🇨🇺⚡️

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@egypturnash I don't recall any either, but I'm hardly an authority; I've only come across very little Savage Henry… @jkaylub Lots of stunning examples -- thanks for the write up @MartGray It's more than a fine example, it's a turning point for Sienkiewicz. That's huge @KevFComicArtist Looks like you integrated the tabs, which is better than just having it rest there (unless that's… know me 2 well @zacksoto @MatthewGAllison You painin me, Joanie @calamityjon So excellent @erikmissio Drawing drummers always betrays the artists (these are perfect, of course) @MatthewGAllison I’m into this approach @MatthewGAllison Incredible, that guy @zacksoto @studygroup12 Oh, man — this is a perfect example of how a single tweak can give a totally different feel… @episodio_piloto @ArchiePGH @mars_eve @EntreeHumain @rcall7 Go for it. Show don’t tell @paulakaskip Dammit, Skippy C @pistolerosa Crepax is killer. @chisholmdave These are all great! Love the trumpet pages @AlexanderJMoser Blutch is one of the best #factI wanna see more examples! Please share some. BTW, sheet music in comics doesn’t do much for me (like the musical n… the first issue of one of my favorite comic series on the planet, Rubber Necker, Nick Bertozzi drew the actual i… masterful (duh) Xaime Hernandez shows music many different ways in Love & Rockets. From issues 17, 28, 39: vani… another Zegas page, I used color, symbols, and SFX to create the illusion of music/beats. The panel grid also pl… IN COMICS! Not just sound effects, that's been well covered -- but *music* 🎼 what are some ways to represent…
After Simonson split, I dropped FF but would check in occasionally @JamesQPurcell @PTOSMMH I simply never came acro… @davidwynne Looking back, I noticed that Batman was the common thread. The marketing worked! @LeeByronCarver1 I couldn’t give them my $1.95 fast enough @LawLibrarianLou Tate’s is amazing, I try to make it out there whenever I’m in town. South Miami still has A&M and… @deLisleAndrew Never had the pleasure.Thinking about my old LCS (A&M in Miami) and the beginning of my lifelong back issue fever. This was the first mont… @DocShaner Oh right, it's all digital now, yeah? (Zooming in, I can see a little bit of it.) I was about to throw a… @DocShaner Are those, uh... wait, that can’t be the pencils... CAN’T @LawLibrarianLou A&M was my first shop ever, Coral was just easier to get to. It was run by 3 college students alwa… bought that Brigade at Coral Comics on Red Road (off US-1) Miami, FL. It was a beautiful Saturday.
@andykhouri Sounds like a job for @BaileysPodcasts @jeremylottdiary It varies. I’m on the color pencil stage @gamesbookstore Forbidden Planet, Midtown Comics, and JHU are all strong COPRA supportersColoring Week is HERE #OchizonSaga #CopraComic
@FirestormFan @FWPodcasts @aquamanshrine Oh, you meant recast the Outsiders? (I thought you meant the JLA) Well, then... 🤔 @FirestormFan @FWPodcasts @aquamanshrine I would pluck the Crime Syndicate from where Conway last left them and hav…
Oh hey, big thanks to @FirestormFan of the @FWPodcasts Network for putting out the call. I can do this comics fantasy football all dayPleasantly surprised by all this Stalker love. Always down to spread the Ditko gospel HELL… @CharlesForsman Us as we take over mainstream comics
Retweeted by Michel Fiffe @MatthewGAllison @CoolComicArt Good heavens @FotoCub @douglaswolk Blue Devil almost made my cut! Good call on Batgirl — she might’ve been in a few back-ups only around this timeCan’t stop thinking about this fantasy roll call I made for Justice League Detroit. The conceit was to recruit thos… “Never Made a Bad Drawing in His Life, Not Even Close” Nowlan like this Superman cover from an old Spanish comic:
Retweeted by Michel Fiffe
Can’t breathe Zack I’m dying @zacksoto @Jacq_Cohen @jameslucasjones @RamonVillalobos @hermanos @MattBors Had no idea Adam Kubert was IG! Thanks for the heads up, I love his work. Always pushing, full of life @chrisarrant David Mazzucchelli, Tony Salmons, Mark Badger, and George Freeman come to mindTETSUO 🧠💥🌪🦾 @J_David_Clarke Can’t believe I missed Byrne; he always did that, usually with some measure of restraint. @matiasbergara Like I mentioned in the thread, it organically morphed from traditional to a more abstruse applicati… @badgetoon That’s never gonna print. Someone, quick, get Akin & Garvey on the phone @MaxiBarba @MikeMorrocco Started around here... @MattBors That's why new over-rendered coloring clashes with ink-heavy art, generally found in reprint collections.… @MikeMorrocco Mignola's an interesting point of influence; there were a few Uncanny issues where Silvestri was stra… @nick_lowe_ Always comes back to GoldenFull context @zyblonius @freejamius @kuro_kamikaze @danmcdaid @TimCallahan I think that was Portacio's first inking job, too! Look at all that background marker work,… @MattBors I recall Clowes saying (back in the late 90s?) how ALL political cartooning had a specific style. Re: mod… @kharyrandolph @pmaybury Definitely Shirow & Hara in terms of costume, tech, and gear designs. As for BWS, I loved… Serpieri is a beast @mars_eve @EntreeHumain and Moebius is peerless @episodio_piloto @rcall7 but that's more…
Here's another one of my stabs at it. Who else is a forebearer of the big crosshatch? Someone mentioned Simonson's… crosshatching style was further abstracted and it naturally grew to represent something else entirely. It was…’know, out of the Image crew, I noticed that Todd didn’t really use this method, not in the sense we’ve been seein… of it on the X-cover (left) which Lee inked himself. When next we see it full blown, Scott Williams is on boa…’s inking is lush, controlled but expressive. Maybe his work with paint shaped his inking approach? (He’s a ma… source of influence: Barry Windsor-Smith, particularly his return to mainstream comics during the mid-80s. Tho… up: RONIN in ‘83. Not the thinner lines to denote movement/speed (ala Lone Wolf) but the chunkier lines on fi…’s talk about crosshatching, particularly the 90s variety. Never has an *inking decision* defined a comics era s…’t stop thinking about the comic book ads in this amazing thread
Thanks for participating in this, everybody! I appreciate you letting me know. These details matter. Shout out to t… DOOM: Kirby vs Capcom Edition @vrs_nsmv Do they not offer a pull list subscription upon request? @wcillustration @floating_world Aw, man — Stumptown was a blast (as was LineWork). Would love to make it out to Portland again one day @popbombdenis That will get collected down the line, for sure (with the standalone #25) @JahFurry Practically identical, zero modification in content @CleofisRtP @ae2501maeth Hey, that’s still early adapter territory @BaybleCuber Oh! Thanks for the heads up @wcillustration @floating_world Floating World deserves a medal for everything they do 🏅 @stevensauro Big thanks in both cases! @Gormlessgeorge Deeply appreciated!
@thomas8176 Same here — I’ll see what I can do... @neerwon2CS Florida shops are getting more difficult to come by, sad to say. The few I know of are awesome, tho @Alex_Chung You rock, Alex @jomomma75 Awesome — glad the earlier stuff was made available! @patchworkearth You never say the wrong thing @yung_scorch This one goes out to Bergen Street ComicsArgh, I forgot these options, my badWith a collection coming soon and the single issues still rolling out, I’m super curious how you all engage w/COPRA… @davidrubin CoñoCOPRA PSA @conanriquelme @SonofNimrod Absolutely is Golden. Calimee just drew the issue itself @SonofNimrod Don’t know him too well, only through his brief Nexus work. Loose and cartoony are odd criticisms to a… @Andrew_MacLean Murderers’ row
@ryandaly01 Do it! The Deathwish issues are *grim* @Doctor_Hue Maybe it’s all that gear!Milestone's HARDWARE and STATIC (Icon and Blood Syndicate can't be far behind...)