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MaskUp #CLT @wcnc loved writing this! Leslie is a HOOT!
Aw- thx @SarahHosseiniUS - miss you!!! ❤️ (And honored to be among this amazing group!)
Thanks Emma!
Important update on story we’ve been following for awhile now. The virus is rampant in prison where Ronnie Long is… you!!! 🎉
I’m taking the week off to catch my breath and spend some much needed time with family. Hoping everyone stays happy…
Loved writing about my friend @colleenodegaard and all the stuff she has going on. @KellyRBrooks Thx! 😘 @AFewMinerTweaks @corriasmith was a cool one to do. Coke bottles as test tubes...
JUST IN: Face masks will be mandatory in Boone starting this weekend
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinRALEIGH mask requirement starts Friday at 4pm. @RaleighGov @WRAL @maryannbaldwin @Saige4Raleigh @melton4raleigh
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinThis is the picture I always go back to in my feed- I took it the day after the Charleston church shooting as peopl…’ve realized working from home as a reporter (who still has to be on tv) means repeatedly changing my outfit throu… #Raleigh City Council votes unanimously to mandate face masks to slow the spread of #COVID_19. Mayor…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinThx! Such a bummer...
SBA could have saved this popular #clt restaurant- except the loan came days late. Makes no sense a facemask requirement stop the spread of COVID-19?
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin @RW3TV This is a friends neighborhood! She used to live in clt. Insane!!!
@caseystevenson4 How do you figure?BREAKING: appears a big sporting event is moving out of NC because of increased COVID-19 cases masks could be mandatory... New prison outbreak of the virus: 3 offenders and 11 staffers at Albermarle Corrections have tested posit…’s South Park closed for cleaning after staffer tests positive. @MaggioMatt @LayoffsN A number of restaurants were forced to close along the South Carolina beaches after employees… @MrsRonnieLong @wcnc @NCPublicSafety Looking into it!Experts say WEAR A MASK. It could be the difference between more lockdowns and keeping things open.
NC numbers continue in the wrong direction. Wear a mask. Social distance. marks left on Black Lives Matter painting in uptown; police reviewing incident
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Correction: apparently they have had the breakup convo. they still need to have the breakup convo. @NateMorabito I may need to copy and paste this when I’m off in 2 weeks. Minus the golf and house projects. Hope yo… see the new #clt mural? The city has made it easy. state says we are at 10% positivity rate- one of the highest rates in the country. @MFCANDICELOVE @ATT @ATTHelp I wish I knew- I’m sorry!Thank goodness for a perfect carolina blue sky day. We deserve this #clt.We are thrilled to hold @realDonaldTrump's acceptance of the Republican nomination in the great city of Jacksonvill…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinLet's not lose sight of this. On April 9 @ncdhhs reported 38% of hospital beds in North Carolina were available. To…
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Not all testing sites in Meck County have been able to accommodate tests for those who have attended mass gathering…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinBB&T Ballpark, home of @KnightsBaseball, will be renamed Truist Field. As part of the partnership, Truist is donat…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinSo...I think we have a decision here. RNC committee voted tonight. Most of the convention will be held elsewhere. this is lovely.
More: With Cooper voicing concerns about holding a massive convention, GOP is limiting the number of attendees. Onl…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinMore on the RNC decision: GOP is expecting a small number of delegates to gather in Charlotte, hampering the abilit…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinNEWS: The RNC voted tonight to have a significantly pared down convention in Charlotte, per ppl familiar with decis…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinA statement from former #Panthers owner Jerry Richardson through Durham-based Gray III Consulting
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinWe were aware of the most recent conversation surrounding the Jerry Richardson statue and are concerned there may b…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinPaul deserves props but the rest of this experience was pretty bad. You mistakenly cancelled my account & yet 3 “tr… @ATT @ATTHelp After a pretty stressful 3 hours a service rep named Paul noticed there was an error on my ac… me, I’ve had more patience than they deserve. They’ve also transferred me more times than I can count at this… @atthelp I called to upgrade my WiFi, hung up with your customer service and now have no WiFi. Spent an hour on… @atttIMPORTANT READ: we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. expects to move its convention to Jacksonville after dispute with North Carolina over pandemic safeguards
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinLatest on the “where’s the RNC going to be” saga: (after reports that big night of convention will be in Jacksonvil… #BlackLivesMatter 📸 // John Merrick Media
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Cool look at the street art in the works right now in uptown. Multiple local artists- each being paid to do a lette…, so we’re back to where we were. Asymptomatic spread is apparently still a concern. #clt streets with Black Lives Matter. has been historic and painful. Can we just skip to 2021?
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Students, staff and district leadership helped re-paint the school rock at Ardrey Kell after it was vandalized over…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinNC got a call from the White House Corona Task force because our numbers continue to go in the wrong direction. is my favorite photo I took over the weekend. #GeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinAn unlikely partnership: a rural community bank is helping black owned #clt businesses in Historic West End get PPP… Now seems like the right time to revisit @CMPD traffic stops. I've analyzed the most recent data from 2019…
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Ardrey Kell principal responds (Students had painted messages supporting BLM and someone tried crossing them out.) backlash continues...the Hornets have now cut ties with CPI security @WCNC
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin @NickInNC @AmeliesBakery do you have the recipe???!'It’s just not good' | Charlotte woman says she discovered two nooses hanging in Home Depot aisle
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin @michael88larson @Aim_Walsh You’re right - I should have given context:From NCDHHS: “Other metrics that the state i… Saturday, we said we are committed to doing our part and we mean it. CPI Security has been a long term partn…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin.@Panthers just cut ties with CPI Security.’m reposting again...imagine for a few minutes that we can “art-ify” the intersection of Trade and Tryon with “Bla…
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NC COVID numbers set a record today and it’s not good.! Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand announced on Friday they'll be making $100,000,000 in donations to racia…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinWow..92yr old holocaust survivor survives the virus. Her husband died from it. Their daughter survived covid and ga… to curfew in Atlanta
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin“We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier ... We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Mat…
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Tonight’s town hall outside Government Center has been CANCELED due to potential bad weather. @wcnc
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin @josephperson Lol...I feel like it’s similar to Hanukkah: multiple spellings accepted.LUUUUUKKKKE! part of the #RNC will happen in #clt. Part of it will not. We think. For now. Stay tuned... picture says so much...
Compelling and insightful story from my colleague @BrandonWCNC here: Carolina reported 1,189 new cases of #COVID19 today. The percent positive of all tests is at 9%, according to…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinNo wonder people like Shaquania Burgess have to wait months to collect unemployment. Federal performance data show…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin'Deeply disappointed' | Charlotte clergy send message to city leaders after CMPD clash with protesters in uptown
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin.@CMPD preventing the protesters from accessing 277 in any way. Still no tear gas or pepper balls fired or thrown.…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinBravo to @emmakway and @charlotteagenda for doing this profile on @queencitynerve. Very classy move 👏🏻
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin.@CMPD Chief Putney here and apologizes for last night. @wcnc
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.@CLTMayor and #CLTCC takes a knee at location where last night controversial incident happened. Kneeling for 9 min…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinSome powerful moments in #clt tonight heated exchange with #CLTCC community members chant “walk with us” so @CLTMayor walks off to lead hundreds to…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinCmpd bringing in the SBI to investigate questionable incident during last nights protests. Chief says “I don’t like… against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin have been elevated, and three other former officers…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudinThe @cltgov City Council met today for 3 1/2 h to discuss the events of last night’s protest. We decided that the b…
Retweeted by MichelleBoudin @BBThorpe The police appeared to corner the protestors while releasing chemicals on them and firing rubber bullets… responding after video of protestors who appear to be trapped against a building is going viral