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Great man @manutd #MUFC Prin❌e Lived the lockdown life before it was cool 😎 🇮🇪

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@isamyelyah I have no sister as far as I'm concerned @isamyelyah My sister decided she was a Liverpool fan after 2005 champions league final. My Ma and Da told she shou…
@AndyMitten I remember how bad I felt after that Burnley game. It really felt like the sky had fallen. The turn aro… Greenwood when starting at RW this season (all competitions): • 9 appearances • 8 goals • 3 assists Unbe…
Retweeted by Magnificent MickSpider-Man be like "I know a Spot" and then punches himself in the face @SkySportsPL Another mad one lads @mcintyre_cathal @jcd1i @BriainFan I've never read the book to be fair. I loved the film for all the wrong reason when I first saw because… Neville needs to stop calling Bruno Fernandes infectionous during a pandemic. He's going to be quarantined.Kill Jurgen Klopp @MaidenSarah1 That's what gets me in the mood @BriainFan Jesus, look how they had NPH suit up. It's about fasc - wait for it - ism @mcintyre_cathal @jcd1i @BeWarmers Just googled it. Some lad called Paddy Sloan played for them in the 1940s. @jcd1i @mcintyre_cathal @BeWarmers Like when Barca was in for Gary Breen back in the day @jcd1i @mcintyre_cathal @BeWarmers Really?So many United fans on Twitter just want something to complain. The team is 2 up and controlling the game so they'r… @RFFH On the day its reported we're only going to offer 50 mil for Sancho. They've plenty to bitch about @paddypower odds for Manson Greenwood winning the ballon d'or in his career? @YSAB87 Ric Flair demanded the best from him. It was the ultimate sign of respectThe corridors of Sky must be covered in spunk and Liverpool shirts. @thombodytolove I had to use Google to find out who he is never mind a joke he made 17 years ago @AyoCaesar *laughs in 4/10* @pixelatedboat He's Michael Bay for people who think they're too smart for Michael Bay. @Okwonga @epiplexis_ But you have to ask yourself, what's Pogba doing about it?
When Kim Kardashians ass is in Ireland and she farts @isamyelyah Don't leave your drink unattended near James O'brien @_jasminebaba Seems mad to me that Matthew Upson was playing in 97.I'll never understand how people stay concentrated and motivated while working a boring ass job.Reckon @MarcusRashford would out do him at this too. anyone who touches a feather on Dustin the Turkeys head. I'm on for him and @RTERayDarcyShowEveryone hates Hulk Hogan until he walks out on Raw and blows the roof off. @AyoCaesar Found the Keys and Grays burner accounts
@jessehawken I'm glad this is finally being called out. Can we now please talk about the misogyny of Michael Meyers? @RFFH The only thing uglier than his politics is his teeth. He needs to ask Klopp for his dentist. @pardonater @isamyelyah They won three elections by appealing to Rupert Murdoch @BeardedGenius United and Chelsea. If they were midtable the game wouldn't matter. Whereas United and Liverpool cou…
@mcintyre_cathal Bad club with a bad fanbaseFuck off. Saying the Klose sending off changed the game is a lod of shite. Had he not grabbed Ighalo then he would… to feel old? This is Chesney and Schmeichel now. #MUFC @AITA_reddit Imagine being jealous of a 15 year old in a blue tux @_jasminebaba @MiguelDelaney That was very good too @bumblesmybees @ir0nreagan Our only crime is holding everyone down so we can be rich and powerful. @jcd1i @WWE__History @WWEotd @CMPunk Now I'm a bitter old man with a full head of hair @jcd1i @WWE__History @WWEotd @CMPunk I hadn't even started in giffgaff yet @ir0nreagan Because people are always after us @BeardedGenius City will win the champions league too. Awful season all round @secondtierpod That's a car crash @ir0nreagan Yeah. David Tennant @redditships Is it lube, is he sticking it up him, is he digging a hole for his dick? This is my new obsessionGiven how regularly corner kicks are over hit, is there a reason teams don't have someone really deep to pick them up? @jcd1i @classicshirts 15 @KirstyStricklan Having two child free hours is a form of privilege that doesn't get talked about enoughWhere was Pogba when they were setting fire to the Liver building?
@KateFlood People still play that game? @DapperDanMan83 needs to go to the beach or the pool when you can conformably sit in the puddle of sweat building in your boxers @RebeccaWiIks Novara is independent though. Their jobs are safe @popepopemichael Read that as Wes Brown and couldn't understand why you'd go after his kids @tom_usher_ It was 2009 for me. I was young, handsome and unemployed. Now I'm old, handsome and employed in a shitty job. @RebeccaWiIks I feel thats people who earn a living being leftist and they'd rather through people under the bus than hurt their own income. @clickholebot @RebeccaWiIks They don't hate themselves. They see themselves as smarter and think they can convert the masses. @SombreroMex @graceblakeley @LalehKhalili Shocked she's not already your girlfriend lad. @Tony_Robinson I completely understand why you would be against Corbyn. He planned to tax the rich and she'd be off… on Twitter #mufc @graceblakeley So serious thirsty replies here
Imagine being sad enough to care about football during a pandemic @BeardedGenius What do you mean?Bt Sports cutting to Liverpool fans when Chelsea score. It's going to be absolutely sickening few months listening to these weirdos.Sky did a special MNF after City won their first league under Pep. @GNev2 said that City jad problems down the left… @possiblynotel @RedIssue I'd almost prefer it that they win it quickly. Imagine suffering through a couple more of those sky ads @redditships 'aheago?' is that the weird thing she does with her eyes? @KateFlood She's the writers surrogate too.
He came from France The English press said he had no chance 50 million down the drain As Tony Martial scores againTheres a part of me that hopes Liverpool wraps up the title properly because I think if they keep making ads like t… sake ref #mufc Score properly in the 2nd half @HarryMaguire93 Rashford should have focused more on training rather than feeding poor children #imascumbag @AyoCaesar I don't remember you being so vocal at an earlier event either. 😂 I'm so funny cause you'd be even younger LMFAORedknapp, Souness, Carragher and Barnes all back for Sky's unbias coverage of Liverpool tonight. @RebeccaWiIks Corbyn would get it. Even more as a woman @harriepw I doubt they'll get paid much if the place goes out of business
@Tempo_Name @DopeEthiopian I need four, I am homeless, I am gay, I have aids, I’m new in town @MeltzerSaidWhat I'd be embarrassed if I was him. It's one of the biggest wrestling stories in years and he behind… @ManUnitedZone_ Bad omens @graceblakeley You're supposed to use a knife instead of just digging in @KateFlood I'm sorry but Himbo is offensive to ugly dumb guys who don't get laid. Believe me, I know. @Tanishq_I They're better than commas @MUFCScoop Fuck sake, Gary had to go to therapy to get over Pogba missing that penaltyMcSauce 😍 @bloodynosediary He's got a point. Look at the women they cast in superhero film. Who would find these grotesque cr… is ableist. Women who sleep with dumb men are predators and these men need protection. I propose an aptitud… is Ableist @kiyokianlovee @jcd1i
@jcd1i @MidcardManiacs @ShawnMichaels Feel bad for Amy Smart @jcd1i @MidcardManiacs @ShawnMichaels Heard about that. Perversely I want to see itNever understood the guys who begin hating women cause they can't get a ride. Just hate yourself like I do. @mattmcgowan99 @MUFC_Larn @RFFH @arghkid @TheSun Deleted the tweet since its apparently fake @RFFH So will Trump @MUFC_Larn @RFFH @arghkid @TheSun If you like. But I've seen screenshots on Twitter of City fans planning to do this for a "laugh"