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Lara Michaels @MickeysIncx La La Land 🇬🇧

Welcome to my world where pain plus pleasure equals art. [#RP] [#MyBitch][#NSFW] [#GraceToHerFrankie] [#FlyingSolo]

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Enjoy the rest of your day/evening. Much love 💖👌🏻 @TequilaTeacup [Laughs] Kinda nervous, think it’s better the devil I know and all that. @JforJAwesome We’re having an Indian summer but reckon it’s gonna be a shitty cold winter. I’m phenomenal thank y… @TequilaTeacup Woohoo, way to go. I’m phenomenal thank you, can’t decide if I should go and dip my toe on the dating scene. @RomeosRequiem @JforJAwesome How are you? @TequilaTeacup Always Goose. How are you? @JforJAwesome Check out that style and grace. Thank you J, much love 💖Thank you gorge. Much love 💖 @InkedSubmisson I’m Lara, thank you for following.Descriptive, 21+ Mature Content, Dark, NSFW, CEO/Dominant Looking for SL's Non shipping for now Single Ship is pos…
Retweeted by Lara Michaels @TammySilverRP Thank you sweetness, much love 💖
Retweeted by Lara Michaels @ILeadTheFive0 I’m Lara, thank you for following. @RomeosRequiem you for the delivery. Thank you also @InkedAshtyn, much love 💖 @InkedSubmisson //I think Chemistry and connection needs to be worked on but for me it’s all about a strong connect… fancy going on a date with someone. It’s been a while and I wanna be spoilt. 😏 I promise to have sensible hair,…’ve hit the midweek hump.. Morning and have a phenomenal day 💖
Adios Amigos, have a phenomenal rest of your day or night! @Ashton_Inc Hey Ash @LorenzoMazikeen Hey sweetie @TomHardyDaily I thought he would be returning #PeakyBlinders #AlfieSolomons @OGHomme Yo... hey 👋🏻 @InkedAshtyn Hey 👋🏻 @TammySilverRP Hey 👋🏻I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE of this social experiment called "I want a HEY" from all of my Twitter followers. Research…’s all so quiet shhhhh! @TheDoctorChae I’m Lara, thank you for following.❝ You can call me The Doctor. Just The Doctor ❞ DoctorWho!AU 13th reincarnation of The Doctor | Time Lord | Time…
Retweeted by Lara Michaels @RomeosRequiem Mhm, that’s not coke but enjoy! @SoberFootballer I’m Lara, thank you for following.Get your tongues out on this #TongueTuesday, I swear anything goes!
My cue for bed... night! 😏 Shoutout 👇🏻👇🏻 ;)
Retweeted by Lara Michaels bring it on!’ll be my goose??Ha ha Vera... wanna be my wing girl?Not one to really share my doughnuts but it is Monday and every guy deserves a #MFM or #MCM! ~Not new to RP, Experienced Writer ~Body guard By Day☆Devil By Night ~🚫 Drama ~⚠️No DMS w/o asking⚠️ ~Sta…
Retweeted by Lara Michaels @RomeosRequiem You, you’re just the perfect gentleman! @MixingDelights Oh crap.. why? @RomeosRequiem [Gasps then pouts] I thought I was special, really special Steady? @DepravedEAC Welcome, hope you had a fab day x @RebeledAdonis Well it’s actually more fun these days as jo two days are the same as I dangle my feet on the impromptu edge. @RebeledAdonis My days been phenomenal thank you. Yours? @MixingDelights Hope Monday isn’t too harsh for you. @CanDivit_RP I do me and let others do them. I like to keep myself to myself. @JforJAwesome Most welcome, thank you and you x @ShaneDC_RP Most welcome. Gotta to my thing to help in the community. Nice to meet you Shane, welcome to my crazy but fun world.#MFM @JforJAwesome @OGHomme @JaySilver_RP @MixingDelights @RomeosRequiem @Dehvastation @ShaneDC_RP I’m Lara, thank you for following.We don't accept negative vibes here ! ---> MOVE ALONG + Roleplay Account / Fandomless + Straight and Dominant +…
Retweeted by Lara Michaels @RomeosRequiem I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair, undress m… @CanDivit_RP I think too many just wanna bicker when writing goes unnoticed as also. @CanDivit_RP I’m Lara, thank you for following.Can Divit North Birthday: 11-08 Height: 6'2 Education: Faculty of Law Birth sign: Scorpio Body: Athletic Shoe s…
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Retweeted by Lara MichaelsTumble out of bed And stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition And yawn and stretch and try to come to…
@MixingDelights Pucker up!😂😊😂 @MixingDelights Kiss 💋Just an observation, all views and opinions are my own. Some people try so hard to be nice here and some try even… Birthday 🥳 #TomHardy @Dehvastation Definitely kiss 💋 @RomeosRequiem Marry Divorce Kill 🤣 @RomeosRequiem Please don’t over exert your brain with all this thinking, it’s most dangerous. @RomeosRequiem I shat in your pool! @RomeosRequiem Well, hey... you’re awake now. A morning drink for you. @LorenzoMazikeen Pucker up beautiful! @DarkArchiekins Kiss 💋 Fuck Not sure about the marry! @RonanDoyle Kiss which will lead to a fuck 😉 @Itspaul_thomas Kiss 💋 @RomeosRequiem Are they trash can bags under your eyes, think you need to go under the knife and have some fillers… and spank
Retweeted by Lara Michaels#Stolen Let’s play, this could be a epic fail. 😂 ❤️’s and I felt them all. @blakelllively Just take it easy and drink so you don’t get dehydrated. @blakelllively Wish you better sweets.I wanna have pillow fights, act cute, laugh until tears fill my eyes and fall asleep in your arms. #Goals @RomeosRequiem Only a 6 inch? Gimme 12 and we’ve a deal!