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Michael Walker @micwalker Minneapolis, Minnesota

Digital Learning Specialist, CETL , Husband, Dad, Learner, Advocate, Cheesehead. Opinions expressed here are my own. Preferred pronouns: he/him/his

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Joined Twitter 11/6/07 This is so good... and as someone who is really trying to make this my work, I'll say tha…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerGreat story! @CurtRees Answers the question of why they got into education with the response: "To suck the love of learning out of my students." @RyanCarlson8 @SVMSEdina Congratulations, and best wishes!
@MrAndersonGov It will definitely be a month, unless of course it is a landslide, one way or the other. Given the c… @MrAndersonGov It will be as big of a mess as June 3, July 3, August 3, September 3, October 3, etc....More bear sightings, @triciapettis10"As we work to better educate ourselves about long-ignored national histories, though, we often miss something righ…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @triciapettis10 Wow! That is pretty close!The Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @amyklobuchar @kairyssdal @charrier #maga #education
There are 2 paths being considered for the use of tech in education: 1) To record/surveil/replicate traditional pra…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @rexrothkingred And this is surprising?!
@jonbecker It is the equivalent of "Some people say..." Lately, it also includes, "masks are bad..." @pernilleripp Thanks for your idea, time, effort, and willingness to share. AND for modeling for others what it loo… Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students via @cultofpedagogy
Retweeted by Michael Walker @karlfisch We are somewhat similar, depending on the ratios allowed. If 1/2 can come, a 2-1-2 model, where Wednesda…
@TheRealCarlG @DanBarreiroKFAN @jgkfan As a fellow owner, I approve of your Attendance. It will be a welcome panac… @tyLanasaurusrex @000Dave "My favorite part of the class was the multiple choice tests." Said no student ever..... @KitOlson27 @erianderson @MrDowningVVMS As an owner, I signed an oath to not allow a Vikings season ticket holder a… @MaryTMM Still plugging away on mine, too! Too busy leading DL...
Palm Beach County commissioner’s meeting on masks — mashed up with “Parks and Rec” Town Hall. The internet remain…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @KerriMPR People NOT seeing discrimination. White people never asking the.selves, "What does it mean to be white?"… K-12 Educators! I cordially invite you (yes, YOU!) to participate in my doctoral study. If you use VR…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @KitOlson27 @erianderson @MrDowningVVMS I already bought the cheese and will run to Hudson for the beer on November…
Hey @DigEquityPLN here is the data points I referenced in our webinar yesterday with source links.…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @DahlHouse500 @laubygirlx12 No. And the odds are strong I never will. I'm not as close to the ground as some people I know...If we want different outcomes we need different inputs. Fearlessly involve kids and trust thier instincts. Then d…
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Eagle on Lake Harriet this morning. @ Lake Harriet (Minnesota)
Retweeted by Michael WalkerAs the conversations about reopening are happening, pay attention to a very subtle distinction. Are the conversati…
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A growing number of scientific studies support the idea that wearing face masks is a critical tool in curbing the s…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerThe Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @TinaSmithMN @E_Sheninger #juneteenth #digilead
@nayrbgo Or have people specialize in DL support by dept or grade. @nayrbgo I think that will be part of the challenge. If the teacher is synchronous F2F, the kids at home will alway… to a Hybrid Learning Model
@jplaman Rib Mtn. State Park in Wausau, WI
@triciapettis10 Needs to be built in to synchronous and asynchronous whether F2F or at a distance.Good to take a day off, visit the folks and get outside!
A small strategy that can make a big difference: Have students annotate your course syllabus, project directions, a…
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As you plan for the coming school year, et up focus group conversations with your Ss. Amazing reflections and feedb… @MattRKay A2 Grades that reflect compliance rather than proficiency. #CultureEd
"What systems and structures are in place that require equity in the first place?" In the equity metaphor, the fen…"Who are my students? What do they need? How do you know? Being anthropologists of our students is the job of every… mirror, window, sliding glass door -every child should experience these in school. Learn more from @k_shelton a…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerWe have to understand the limits of compassion and empathy - walking in a mile in my shoes means that those shoes c…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerHow you do embrace and celebrate differences? Learning from #FlipgridForAll -Get to know and understand people on…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerCheck out "Flipgrid Community Panel Discussion on Race, Equity and Justice" @EventbriteThe Minnesota Department of Education wants to hear from parents about their distance learning experience as they p…
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The Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @GovTimWalz #abolishthepolice #dismantle
@cleo_peterson Always wear one if going in to a store or in to work. Not outside on walks.Today we are excited to launch “Transforming Our Public Schools: A Guide to Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Educat…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerWhat does it look like to be an anti-racist school district? For beginners it means hiring more Principals and Asso…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerStation Rotation Model: Avoid Falling into a Rut - #edchat
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This is our work. @edmnedina @danmcguirempls @edinaschools @bookbagsara did a great job pivoting to provide that opportunity!
@dbrauer Can my Lynnhurst Honda Odyssey be counted as an SUV or armored personnel carrier?The Big Idea Project challenged seniors to brainstorm creative solutions for distance learning in the future, in li…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @MrAndersonGov @PBurley99 This is why no Gen Xer has ever gotten the party nomination for president. @MrAndersonGov @PBurley99 You are wasting paper, and showing your age... #UsingOneSpaceSince98 @Xceedsodablast @DeeerlyBeloved @TheoKeith @AmyHockert I didn't realize black soldiers didn't have the same access… single teacher needs to share this story with every single student. Each one of us has the potential to chang…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerStudy suggests that routine face mask use by 50% or more of the population reduced COVID19 spread to an R of less t…
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@timstahmer You should see all the statues and plaques, guarded by a private company with tax payer dollars, put up… teacher would be required to watch the Netflix documentary 13th. If you want to understand the current climat…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerEducators newly committing to teaching more Black history or talking about racism need to understand that lessons a…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerPart 2 of the FREE @MyPowerSchool Blended Learning Best Practices Webinar Series is happening tomorrow. I'm hosting…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @Lakeharrietumc Awesome! So well deserved! @CallMeUgas Define irony!
Teachers learned a lot on the fly because of #COVID19. They also have ideas on how to do better when schools have t…
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@smartinez @nayrbgo @CarolJago @garystager @Sugatam @DebMeier @verenanz Some WILL require DL due to health, some WI… @nayrbgo @CarolJago @garystager @Sugatam @DebMeier @verenanz @smartinez I might have agreed a week ago. Now with Uo… Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @EmpaticoOrg #edleaders #blacklivesmatter
What is Performative Allyship, how to catch the signs, why can it be deadly, what to do in order to avoid it...this…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerTake the time to watch Maurice Brown speak tonight 1/3
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Compared with children who don't ever talk about race, kids who grow up having more conversations about race tend t…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @jenwagner Here's a list;"I am taking action to build a better future for my children and the children in my care. As a parent and educator…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerZaretta Hammond, author of Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain, shares five steps for incorporating protocol…
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For those who are interested in research-based solutions to stop police violence, here’s what you need to know - ba…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerBlack Math Teachers Are Good For More Than Race Stuff
Retweeted by Michael Walker @000Dave I saw this in my feed today. I've done a few "calling in" posts through DM the last few days. Not sure if…, y’all.
Retweeted by Michael Walker @ijohnpederson That smacks of privilege.
Enough is enough. It's time for change.
Retweeted by Michael WalkerFor any ELA teachers still needing some evidence of "irony". Here you go.
Retweeted by Michael Walker @mrgriggs_ Kind of similar to this... @erianderson Great point....they aren't even my team and I paid for it.... @MrAndersonGov "The People's House" no more...White supremacy won’t die until White people see it as a White issue they need to solve rather than a Black issue t…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerAdded to our staff resources. Thanks! @000Dave You mean, "people say, ..." isn't valid evidence of something being true?! @armstrongbcoach @KFANRosen And when all the White soldiers used the GI Bill to further their education, buy a hous… time...Publishers Sue Internet Archive For 'Mass Copyright Infringement' #DigCitCommit
Awesome! @stades44 @LarsonTizzle @themrdelle Actually, I do not know Gunnar. Here is the course info: @AllilsaF Google Meet does allow for captioning, though not ADA compliant. @stades44 Was it through EPS or Adventures in Cardboard? @dhsEMNEA Just making sure you're following safe social distancing guidelines, my friend!! ;-) @dhsEMNEA When did you take that?