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Michael Walker @micwalker Minneapolis, Minnesota

Digital Learning Specialist, CETL , Husband, Dad, Learner, Advocate, Cheesehead. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Interesting data on widely held beliefs... Lawrence has been a member of our Tech Advisory Team for over 20 years. Congratulations on this well-deserved…
Grace Murray Hopper would have been 113 today. #CSEdWeek #HeroGreat tips here. @MrAndersonGov Freshman year of college....Innocence lost...DOK in the Content Areas. #hacklearning
Retweeted by Michael WalkerThe Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @hrheingold @naomiharm @AaronNagler #packers #edchat
@JeremyMikla @irvspanish @iste @ecmecc Wow, which is more special, #iste2020, #GalaxyEdge or taking your son to see the Axe head back home?! @pianobrothers @donnaroper5 I do think US impacted. We don't allow at MS, but also recognize that Ss need practice… @donnaroper5 Interesting that it speaks more to home use and cell phones that 1:1 devices. Is there a link to the a… @MrAndersonGov @GovJVentura And then a few years later we were in the red and had to move to austerity w/ Pawlenty!
As a mom and as Lt. Governor, I think about a future where my daughter and kids in our community will be targeted b…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @SmakaChemist @EdinaPrincipal @NatGeoEducation Congratulations!!Steve is an awesome educator! Well deserved! #IamEPS @smbeaverson And I should have given you credit!
Another option, Food: Junk vs. Healthy... @triciapettis10 @MichaelaMLoo Did you learn this in Harper's?
Health teachers & Media teachers, check this out! @MrJHealth tool for parents trying to decide. #parentingtips the intentional student agency being built here! #IamEPS #LearningFramework Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @AaronNagler @HamillHimself @MarkChubb3 #packers #edchat
Good day for Bucky yesterday! Saban! Hire PJ! #BamaVsAuburn
Lots of time left...need to Venmo the refs at least 2 more times.... #WISvsMINN @shareski Snyders of Hanover Honey Mustard bits. The official snack of Walker family road trips.Just a note to my friends at TCF Bank Stadium...precipitation ending in 5 o'clock hour. #hypothermiaisrealIf “deep learning” is the goal it can’t be first rooted in curriculum but rather student choice. Curriculum may com…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerSo much for, "3 yards and a cloud of dust!" #OSUvsMICH @MarkJWestpfahl @BadgerFootball @UWBuckyBadger @UWMadison Red with "Motion W!" @MrAndersonGov Is that you with the "Paul Chryst eats Moose Soup" sign? #CollegeGameDay @pernilleripp When are the books usually announced? I’m hoping to order ahead of time to have them in the school li…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerTAKE. IT. BACK. #OnWisconsin
Retweeted by Michael WalkerHey, we have tools for that! props to anyone on the Northrup Mall right now, with sleet coming down. #CollegeGameDay @espn will definitely s…
Instruction built on social and emotional skills, rich play, toys, games, art, music and movement complements expli…
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Right on cue! Happy Thanksgiving! @Apple iPad ad. At the start, an example of poor parental use of screens, then finishes with the kids u… @MrAndersonGov @GopherFootball Finally, something we can agree on! Working on my sign for #GameDay @laubygirlx12 Penn State alum?!
@stades44 DeNiro on Colbert the other night was great! @CharlieBerens Fodder for the next episode! 104-year-old woman kills buck to become Wisconsin’s oldest hunter.
Thankful to get to work and learn with this guy! #IamEPS You? updates!
Best tweet of the day nominee...#IamEPS @karlfisch Thanks for the challenge!The Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @UWBadgers @ilhurvitz @msenese #edchat #edtech
@spencerideas Wow! Can't un-see that! @laubygirlx12 Too soon!Compare our 7th graders to college Ss in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Voters Discuss Impeachment… Physics Analysis of Tesla's Shattered Cybertruck Windows #scichat @DrewCol94476354
@gunnellAP @ToddWhitaker @Jeff_Zoul @newfrontier21 @DaisyDyerDuerr @SarahSajohnson @Joe_Sanfelippo @joeschroeder23 today's climate is not easy. Kudos, Jason! #EdinaProud
@wfryer @Procreate @drmarciatate Thanks. I just was trying to see if there was research on Sketchnoting 1st, or whe… @wfryer @Procreate @drmarciatate Wondering...Do you feel that creating a sketchnote is growing YOUR dendrites more… best advice is leave them at home. #DigCitCommit @MrAndersonGov
Great list, but make sure you check the ToS to see what age the student needs to be, or if you need parent consent… grade #STEM with @DahlHouse500 #iameps @Catlin_Tucker saw that giving #feedback at the end of an assignment was too late to impact student work. S…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerHappy Birthday to my amazing colleague @smbeaverson!
Learning about the News Literacy Project which is part of the Sourcewell Conference. #mnitemTalking privacy and security with @sherder23 at SourcewellKIC. can we best support the #inquiry student? Here are a few ideas to consider... #InquiryMindset #DiveintoInquiry
Retweeted by Michael WalkerQuestions to ask yourself before sharing from @CLOUTIERSEC #KIC
Retweeted by Michael WalkerHonored to work with these amazing educators! #IamEPS @MarkJWestpfahl @kareysizemore @LincolnsCottage @FordsEdu Sent a DM.
@sherder23 I've got my hat and shades for tomorrow! @MrAndersonGov Sorry Saturday's game made your kid so sick! At least you'll be the first person they see when they wake up!Teaching impeaching: History comes to life in school as teachers seize on this historic moment. Here’s what some ar…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @MarkJWestpfahl @LincolnsCottage @FordsEdu Wow! That looks awesome! Any resources you can share?The Michael Walker Daily is out! Stories via @engageducate @prtaylorca @nvlevy #edchat #edtech
@jonbecker Thanks! @jonbecker Would love to hear more about the hotspot topic. Source? @sendero11 You're on to something! is a BIG number! I used to ask kids how old they have to be to reach 1 Billion seconds old? 31 years, 259 days! report was mentioned at a meeting I am attending. Kudos to @MPS_News for their work. Report dives into why inc… @MnDeptEd First step in recruiting a more diverse teaching pool. analogy ever! example of #STEAM to support learning! @gopherwarren Thanks for sharing today!Looking at all the cool tools the have developed for education with Ryan Warren. Wish they were all free to MN districts! @JonathanJahnke You CAN teach old dogs new tricks! Go for the Certificate! @JonathanJahnke Yes, yes I did! Did you? Do you need a place to stay?A few weeks ago I commented on how happy I was that my son’s social studies teacher was engaging his students in cu…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerNow I can't yell at @jeffkvb1 to question his calls tonight! Oh, who am I kidding! Of course I can! #Badgers
@SarahNelson11 @RyanCarlson8 @SVMSEdina @SVMSDean @MichaelaMLoo @triciapettis10 #GoBadgers! @RyanCarlson8 @SVMSEdina @SVMSDean @MichaelaMLoo @triciapettis10 Great day of learning! Well done team! #EdinaProudWisdom from an Edina 8th grader during a panel discussion today: “I didn’t know how much I wanted to learn until I…
Retweeted by Michael Walker @misterwashburn @irvspanish @PhilipPulley @PaulDarvasi I think it is easier and possible to do this in Word. Did you create section breaks? @chrislehmann This thread reminded me of a picture I took, and the quote that goes with it. @triciapettis10 I thought of this during your talk on feedback today!⁦@edinaschools⁩ hosting personalized learning conversations with metro peers. We are smarter when we all work toget…
Retweeted by Michael Walker.@therealVVMS Ss using Flex spaces to work collaboratively on Social Studies and Science #FutureReady the combination of old school and new school required on this project! #STEM more days until our annual FREE ONLINE conference! Invite your friends and colleagues. Here's a sampling from 201…
Retweeted by Michael WalkerTap into the “most underutilized resource in most classrooms today-the learners themselves.” @drrickabaugh
Retweeted by Michael WalkerStudent on @SVMSEdina panel: "Some people see this as something only advanced learners would do. We are ALL Advanced Learners!" #EdinaProudLove hearing students articulately reflect on their learning @SVMSEdina How they used Flex time to collaborate on g… group of student Web Leaders welcoming visitors to @SVMSEdina today! to Jason Pusey of ⁦@SVMSEdina⁩, showing the way on how to tackle controversial yet important topics!…
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