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ima demon 😈
Retweeted by XTRA Middi @PAPERCLIPXCII @VoxieFN dont listen to voxie, hes too short to even see the screen so he has no clue what he is playing @oBiggreens2k ye fosho @XTRA_Former hbd bb mamaATTACK ON TITAN IS SO GOOD BRO TF @jojiFN fax @Lxdesman4 @Safarooniee my friend has one, i used it while we had a sleepover, its actually so shit @Safarooniee best thing ive ever used @SirSwillium W @TweaksOT @FNCompetitive LOL @Dabzi_ wtfuhm HAS THIS GAME COME TO LMFAOOAOAOO
Retweeted by XTRA Middi @TurtleTavernTV i hope u get unbanned bro this mus suck
@riftfn nice shot @arteaga_elijah @Teeqo @Teeqo v @captainyFN homie shark jus tweeted @playac17 @01Cold_ dms @LucasIsBadBurn ye @RichHomieQu1nnn :( @POTUS This doesnt change the fact that a Greek-Canadian man invented the "Hawaiian" pizza. @NewAgeTNA @T0XlN @YouTube good stuff @saloful woodrow wilson @2dTiki lets go tiki, proud of u @closr9 @Lxdesman4 @Reguletor @jojiFN @RichHomieQu1nnn @ManagedbyRy oh @Lxdesman4 @Reguletor @jojiFN @RichHomieQu1nnn @ManagedbyRy @closr9 i thought i was blocked @Reguletor @jojiFN @Lxdesman4 @RichHomieQu1nnn @ManagedbyRy couldnt find his @ @jojiFN ye i lived with this @Lxdesman4 and @Reguletor and @RichHomieQu1nnn guy @Reetlol @Th0masHD u seemed shocked LOL @symetrical YO @kenshifnbr LMFAO @BeckTHD @calebfnx @saloful mute up salo @seanpcc HOLY SHIT LMFAO @Ewok OKAY EWOK @jojiFN @5PEHS @5PEHS fucking respond wyd? @5PEHS @jojiFN @jojiFN @wavyjacob1 @Thomuss_ liked
vibin before scrims !twitter @FrayFN @ENDL8SS W @G2Coop GASGOD VIDEO ⛽️ IT UP
Retweeted by XTRA Middi @cyfaree gas @JoeBiden This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3… @RamiFNBR @Traxxx_ yea ur fucking blocked idgaf @bluzro LOL YEA BROOO @Paolaojedda puke @bluzro yk exactly where @codepolitikos homie, NOBODYS WATCHING A CONSOLE PLAYER @bluzro yes u r stupid @4fluent @bluzro lost* @bluzro nah no need for me to post clip right @bluzro didnt i 1v3 you yesterday? @The_FortniteGuy @iBUYPOWER YO WSP GUYS IM GIVING AWAY THESE PCS TO MY PLAYERS. MARC CAN I GET UR OPINION ON HOW KN… @Ewok currently on the moon and ur tweet has landed @playac17 ur nuts bro @jojiFN @playac17 @xtra_sly V @Pinaantt @cyfaree v @HovFN u werent gonna qual tho? @norcalnugzz THEY ALL DIE LMFAO @noshfn :( @StableRonaldo LMFAO @lgreverb @jojiFN @Luminosity @jojiFN NICE! @vnshmax @JayFNBR owa owa @Ajerss ajers imma be completely honest, use performance, i LITERALLY get 195-200 CAPPED endgame in prac. like its nuts @fnivyss dude im ngl, no one cares LOLman attack of titans plot jus wows methere was dust on the mic sorry @Venor HBD BBLOL NICE @MonyyFN @JasBTwitch yes @AIliege @Paolaojedda v @Paolaojedda @calebfnx im 5'5 @calebfnx shitcan i dont wanna hear it squeaker @calebfnx stfu @ZinqxzFN nice finally the underdog is back @SHlRAZ its jus a black screen @PlaIism im 240 @frapaii LOL YEp @Evan1xx @RealKnives @N1GHTJAY W @RealKnives @N1GHTJAY W @reaXion1x @EpicGames clown emoji @N1GHTJAY w @nolanrogerss ugly but has sum nice chug jugs @Safarooniee @calebfnx @cyfaree quit @symetrical @slaysfn @SpaydeOT @RealGTEdog @G2Coop @ScrubzFC @Reetlol LMFAO @slaysfn @symetrical @SpaydeOT @RealGTEdog @G2Coop @ScrubzFC @Reetlol powurs duo wasuppp @MonyyFN LMFAO @ScrubzFC @SpaydeOT WOWOWOWOW @chimemolina v @2dTiki ? @kidvoet ❤️ @ShadowCustomsgg artisan hein soft @nataliasuarez @YoungLeyends @shaww_311 @Havocx1x V @ZoneBuzas @fxtterr ur bio says 1k mute upall console players, now is the time to go find a new game since u aint getting no cash dis year @ohkiwii 😳 @BNRCompalomp NOTI GANG LIKE RN @caleighbtw liked
@LucasIsBadBurn @wuvhunny uhm