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The Midnight Gospel @MidnightGospel The Chromatic Ribbon

From comedian Duncan Trussell and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, The Midnight Gospel is now streaming.

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I’m partial to “god destroyer.”
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelJag alum Joe Wong (@thetrapset) did the score for the most exceptional cartoon of The Isolation Era @MidnightGospel
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@Kavakavactonico @thetrapset @duncantrussell sing it @NewhouseNate @thetrapset @duncantrussell YOU’RE ENLIGHTENED NOW @ampolista @thetrapset @duncantrussell hey no prob enjoy! @marciovitorbola @duncantrussell @thetrapset love worm songs you warm on The Ribbon and cool in your hearts, we bring you The Midnight Gospel Soundtrack featuring songs…
To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we have a duty to our Black members…
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blowing a horn to get tf off a planet never looked so appealing men, what is preventing you from looking like this? n Charlotte #TheMidnightGospel @MidnightGospel
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be honest. who watched the midnight gospel high? and how was it?
Thank you @duncantrussell & @buenothebear for creating such an amazing masterpiece! I never had a show speak so mu…
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Retweeted by The Midnight GospelThe Midnight Gospel - production sketchbook 🔮 episode 1 - part 3 🔮 @MidnightGospel @TitmouseInc @netflix
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospelcontract constrict release breathe
@padraigcarroll @duncantrussell trudyyyyy @InventAnxiety whoaaaaanger is a sweet flower with bitter roots
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelThe Midnight Gospel - production sketchbook 🔮 episode 1 sketches - part 1 🔮 @themidnightgospel @titmouseinc
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospelmom? ask questions, so much mystery. perfect for spacecast.[...], hi! i play music.'am, my name is clancy., captain! (clancy's faces when he first meets his spacecast guests)
Cheeky lil shoutout to @MidnightGospel in this @nytimes article about how the pandemic is making us think about our…
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospelnot alive. never died. 🤘 @duncantrussell
until you figure it out what you are doing and go watch #TheMidnightGospel #Clancygilroy
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @lifewithBianca get new zoom friends
@NXOnNetflix how does it feel? @CruisingAltit2d he could have at least taken a bite idk @paranoidream language is such a crazy thing @419_tj still making me hungry @__danmit @patria_cabrera don't it tho @dinizzzzzz_ eye messiah suxቿልፕ ጠቿ የረቿልነቿ the house is always going to get knocked down. That’s part of life. There’s just no way out of that. But if…
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @JayCar_11 @cullenbrody13 just listen to your country
@Toonguy94 true clancy does all the traveling for us @NXOnNetflix still thinking about that orgy tent idkmy plans 2020 are some more boring avatar options. take your pick. @MidnightGospel Lol Siri now calls me “The enlightened one”
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @brandt_brickell OMG BRILLIANT @TheAcidPunk mm creamy @CrezueI any suggestions? @pseudosentence where's the orgy tent @Ussattiartz what u got in that bag @boyfrndstudios good choices @CeilClaw what u waiting for @RyuHachii aren't we all just ladies at home rni made you some boring avatars, enlightened one. which are you picking? @questlove the nicest kind of compliment 😈Storyboards for that POV moving bg shot in Midnight Gospel Episode 2!! Those meat tubes!!!!! I was nervous about do…
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @EbenOfficial 💧💧💧💧cried like a baby watching the last episode of @MidnightGospel
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelDude, @MidnightGospel is dangerously genius
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel"even in there, in a hellish situation, i was doing what i was put here to do, which was magic." @damienechols
@lauvsongs hieeeee clancy says sup @lauvsongs carve some time out for a good cry episode 8 of the midnight gospel if you do one thing today do that
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @aannggeellll my bugs!Many, many worlds 🌍 Behind the psychedelic scenes of the new Netflix series @MidnightGospel >…
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@duncantrussell my fluorescent drawing of the ending of season 1 #midnightgospel
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelGonna share pages of my production sketchbook from #TheMidnightGospel over the next few weeks! Stay tuned...
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelNo words have ever resonated like this #TheMidnightGospel
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@AppleFinnJack truudddyyyyy @13levelsP could use one more pair to fix the other two2 feet 4 shoes
My wife's drawing of Clancy from #midnightgospel @duncantrussell @MidnightGospel
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospelwhen the shoes aren't your size but you gotta cop em anyway'm tellin ya @MidnightGospel is a journey and I will take it again and again. Thanks for breaking open my heart…
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*SIMULATION COMPLETE* We teamed up with @TheShoeSurgeon to bring Clancy's Earth 4-169 sneakers to life. Stay tuned…
pov: you get to take one pair of shoes from Clancy's collection. which are you taking? @sammiekaang ☕️☕️☕️
@tyleroakley I'M ENLIGHTENED NUH WUH I GOT ENLIGHJRSKJ UH @Strandofoaks @duncantrussell ❤️❤️❤️ @alexsa_cabrera YES YES YESGreetings, Master. @TheShoeSurgeon has created blueprints for sneakers from Earth 4-169. Prototype coming soon... @duncantrussell what is the symbolism of shoes in the midnight gospel?
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelDid clancy collect those shoes just to remember his journey?? @MidnightGospel
Retweeted by The Midnight GospelClancy literaly walking a mile in someone elses shoes every episode is just awesome symbolism (intended or not)…
Retweeted by The Midnight Gospel @Not_Jame @TheShoeSurgeon you'll need them in the chromatic ribbon @RyuHachii @TheShoeSurgeon what planet u going to? @AstroIoxy @TheShoeSurgeon these about to knock your socks off 🧦 @psycholojester @TheShoeSurgeon exactlyyyy 👟👟👟👟 @TheShoeSurgeon x The Midnight Gospel 👟 coming soon...
@recoyle still waiting @Anu_Tau is this heaven @aoeui_d ok that works @_Qlone where’d you get my daily schedulename a more iconic trio @oBrunoLobo my heart hurts @MatheusAbelard respects paid