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BLM | LGBTQ+ friendly 🤗 🏳️‍🌈 apparently 11 years old but I’m sure I’m 22 and I am a “fucking lgbtq as bitch” tho

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@ritasfenty I did then he died from a rare disease like... um i hate it here @Krys_King Lol @GordonRamsay did a reaction video to it too
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @evergreenenby @stolensunss And they thought it was a good idea... sir.. @stolensunss @evergreenenby Why would they eat a dead person. I am confusion
@sarahschauer Of course most of them aren’t wearing masks too 😒Katy perry and taylor swift 🚮 @MightyMightySD @FadyRoumieh No??????? Lmaoif you've never worked a job where you had to clean the bathrooms ur opinion does not matter to me 💘
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Decades of "the customer is always right" has created legions of the most entitled pricks in human history.
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @jbfan911 LMAOOO i wish i was a horse. just galloping
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️corona is that nigga who already graduated but won’t stop coming up to the school
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr In all honesty, if you’re 15, you shouldn’t be on this app. You’re a child. @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr So sorry that I’m human and can make the occasional spelling error lmao @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr It’s weird for consenting people to love one another? @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr “Droppend” @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr I litterally laughed out loud by the ridiculousness of that really bad… @Mysolaz @m_neeron @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr You droppend this king ... 👑 @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr Homophobia doesn’t look good on anyone, sweety. 💅 @Mysolaz @m_neeron @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr Usually people say I look sixteen lol i guess when I’m 30 in 8 years fr… @m_neeron @Mysolaz @luccccid @GettinMoneyJr Still got that bag tho
Honestly? I don’t give a shit about the kids being born from some celebrity’s designer vagina.Hold onto your hats- gettin' my old one back on this week , and facing off dinosaurs once again. Best yet .Excited…
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️#BillClintonIsAPedo no shit, huhI honestly don’t give a shit what china knows about me. What they gonna say? That I’m a horse girl? @ElawReads I’ve seen Jurassic Park at least around 50 times. Favorite movie ever @ElawReads Spirit stallion of the cimarron
@Peppermint_Finn @MikeSaul14 @newscientist If ventilators help kill paitents then why didn’t my 64 year old uncle d… @AnimeVibxs @CaucasianJames Remember when you lost your verification mark because you said boobTHEY’RE BRINGING BACK THE VIBRATIONS ON THE LIKE BUTTON WE DID THIS BABY OUR POWER
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️My son asked what year I was born in I said 93 he asked me did I meet Martin Luther King 💔💔
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@carlybburke You okay???????? @deepwebegirl Nah, I just deleted my old accountTHEY OPENED AN INVESTIGATION FOR THE DEATH OF BREONNA TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️my roomate has lost her damn mind.
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️why have a baby when u can have a dog
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️Her: I actually think Ratatouille is a boring movie Me *shakes head at waiter bringing the engagement ring*
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Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @P3NIS_M4N @itsmattfred An* @P3NIS_M4N @itsmattfred It would since a stallion is an older male and a mare is a older female (4 years and up) a… Lee Jones refusing to applaud Beavis and Butthead at the Oscars
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️Bitches be crying over dudes... I be just looking at this frog 𓆏
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @bunnydelphine @A7William Those are good in cuban espressos3rd eye spongebob 🧿 RT FOR GOOD LUCK AND SPIRITUAL CLARITY
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @WIDEEYEDJOKER I’m looking at stuffed animals and crying because I just want to hug them
@itsmattfred Why is it Fillies when it could be called Mares? It would make more sense that way @bohemianmelodi @everythingloria People shit on others for liking tom or joaquin for some reason @everythingloria Hate all you want but me this mannnnnnnn 😩😩😩 @everythingloria KEANU REEEEVES Tom Holland Hugh Jackman Zac Efron @everythingloria Penn Badgley Paul Rudd Jason Bateman do be givin off them daddy vibes tho 👀 Joaquin Phoenix (hate… @subtleferret Rating women is weird.Wow
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @jackharlow From one louisvillian to another, dm @brittany_broski 😏😏 @brittany_broski I hate facebook. Me and my homies hate facebookare therapists ever like, babe what
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @mybIueberryIife Max California from 8mm 😂😂😂 @hdebeaufort @evergreenenby Oh a 1000 calories? Guess I’m not eating todaythere is absolutely NO evidence that showing the amount of calories in meals on the menu will prevent people from e…
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@prettisusu I don’t see anything wrong with it? She loves him and took the initiative to show it.Oh WOW
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @billielurked Please try to brush with itMy Grandma recently learned how iMessage text effects work, so naturally I’ve been documenting her using them inapp…
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if adults called you an "old soul" when you were a kid you're on at least one anti-depressant now
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️how much of this are we going to take
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@ChaneysPunkRock Muhammed Ali -louisville ky @ChaneysPunkRock Jennifer Lawrence -Louisville, Ky
@nypost If I had the money to move out of this bitch, I wouldFor those w severe anxiety know that your intrusive thoughts do NOT manifest, they are not yours, pay them no mind,…
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @avgeI What’s it like to be prettyAhhh wow…. Rest In Peace Regis.
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @STlNKYP_SSY your dick small then simply grow it
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️Fun Fact: this episode helped to clear a Latino man wrongly charged with murder. He went to a Dodgers game that day…
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️Girl you know you can take a picture of the bed without you in it right? The post is about the bed... right? @deepwebegirl Why are you in an athenian philosopher’s closetmen with muscles? no thanks. we no longer have a need for it. as a society we’ve outgrown it. moved on. evolved.
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️when jeff bezos dies he should go to a hell where he has to work minumum wage jobs until he’s able to actually earn…
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I don’t think my plug understood me..
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @connorfranta Damn what’s that likeLOOK AT HIM
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @lgarf3 @cptnrawrpnts Because if I don’t eat meat, I’ll get sick because I have an iron problem and I’m already ane…
No jokes, no memes, just simple facts: Until we see Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove arrested…
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @andersforever Love how I filed for unemployment after being fired and replaced because I “missed work too much” (B… least we know it’s not made out of cake.
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️If you’re tired of hearing about #BreonnaTaylor, you’re part of the problem. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️CNN said the world is 217 trillion dollars in debt.. who tf we owe? Thanos?
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @livparkin It makes me feel better. I get so hung up on my body dysmorphia that it sometimes debilitating even thou… @CaucasianJames The only thing I care about
Came across this tiktok, and i need everyone to see this 🥺🥺
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️THE 18 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MCR’S FIRST ALBUM IS TOMORROW #mychemicalromance
Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️Hwhat @clairewillett It’s so normal for me to be on high alert when I’m near a stranger (ESPECIALLY a man) because I’ve b…🚫🦆
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Retweeted by ♊️sara☮️ @KylePlantEmoji Two cornersin case you forgot. i love you
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