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WOW I thought Konerko being a six pack deep coming outta the pen was my favorite ‘05 World Series story but this on…
Retweeted by Midway MinuteFolks, this is amazing. Farmio took a station ID right before the slam, missed the call, but made up for it. A must…
Retweeted by Midway MinuteThis is amazing... I had no idea! Farmer was absolutely one of the greats, and this is just more evidence of that f…
Retweeted by Midway Minute“Only three people knew" The untold story of how Ed Farmer missed the call on Paul Konerko’s grand slam in the Wor…
Aaron Rodgers Raffi Torres LeBron James AJ Pierzynski
Retweeted by Midway Minute @YahooSchwab Charles Martin goes on the cheap-shot artist Mt. with Raffi TorresIn this morning’s newsletter, I asked the question: Who’s on the Mt. Rushmore of all-time most-hated athletes in… morning, frents! Sign up now to get the #Chicago sports email that will get you ready for the day ahead. I…
@SLGreenberg A WINNER IS YOUOne correction to today’s newsletter: Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of World Series Game 1 and the 4th of the Cu… morning, frents! Stan Bowman went on a media tour rivaling Chris Evans the week before an Avengers movie. But…
Doc Emerick’s voice will forever be the soundtrack to our memories of the #Blackhawks golden era. #ThankYouDoc
Retweeted by Midway MinuteGood morning, frents! It's Victory Monday! Read all about your first-place @ChicagoBears in this morning's news… down the @ChicagoBears as they move to 5-1 and into first place. the @Rams would like to play like this next Monday night, it would be very much appreciated.
5-1 @maggiehendricks I didn’t hate itVictory formationYou can’t ask Nagy to step in someone’s throat and then slam him when he tries and Allen Robinson drops a pass.Nothing is f’ed here, dudeRoquan Kmet’s TD seems like 5 days ago.Awful @alexquigley Blergh @alexquigley @alexquigley It can never be easyGTFOH, I guessOk, no excuses here. Seven points or GTFOH.Kmet!!!!Now that’s a start!Let’s go Bears! Let’s move to 5-1 for this guy. #DaBears Bears fans! If you aren't already getting this sweet pregame newsletter, ask yourself why. It's a great way to…
Retweeted by Midway MinuteFinally, our pregame show with @KevinKaduk and @sdkoral. Can the @ChicagoBears overcome their poor record in games… PREDICTIONS! Almost everyone is back on the bandwagon .. @KevinKaduk: CHI 24, CAR 23 @sdkoral: CAR 24, C…'m running three straight weeks of going 2-for-3 on prop bet picks ... if you want to take a peek at this week's s… you on the list to get our @ChicagoBears pregame newsletter each week? Sign up now to get predictions, prop bet… Ditka met the Unabomber. morning, frents. It’s the second of five gamedays for the Bears that Matt will be facing off against Matt.… @boywonder777 Yeah, Dr. Phil is pretty good
@dancingbearfeat @TheBigHurt_35 So what’s the play, you think? Right fielder throwing in on a wide turn from the ru… 👇 @rebernak @TheBigHurt_35 It’s kind of crazy, right? Maybe the guy hit a single and is getting back to first after… @rebernak @TheBigHurt_35 But at which base? The angle is weird and there’s so much dirt behind him.Anyone ever wondered what’s going on in this card? Is Frank making a play at first? Or is it third? We need yo…
Amalfitano never managed a full season, though, so going to pull privilege and bring back 83-year-old Lee Elia.If every #Chicago team re-hired its oldest living coach: Bears: Mike Ditka (80) Bulls: Stan Albeck (89) Cubs: Joe…
2020 Tony La Russa’s first game as White Sox manager 8/3/1997 Luis Robert born @AndrewSimonMLB LaRussa’s first game with Sox: 8/3/1979 Luis Robert born: 8/3/1997The @ChicagoBears are 4-1. But can they get to 10-6? Here’s what the path looks like: morning, frents. Happy Santo-Banks Day. long ago was this? Luis Robert was born exactly 18 years later.
Who did this??
@SlangsOnSports @stevesher6 Nardi Contreras move, Ricketts familyJerry Reinsdorf is burning through cash in the middle of a pandemic to try and fix his teams and Chicago should be… Quenneville? morning, frents. Do you trust Stan Bowman with the future of the Blackhawks? titles in the last 50 years: Lakers: 12 Canadiens: 8 Yankees: 7 Bulls, Celtics, Steelers, Patriots: 6
Nice to just enjoy a Sunday of football without all the stress.
Brandon Saad is somehow still just 27 years old.Happy 10/10/20!
@KaylaH Thanks for responding! Totally cool!When you get Olympic judo gold medalist @kaylah to weigh in on @FiftyDeuce’s throw technique 🥋 🥇 🏈 😂 out the @MidwayMinute breakdown of last night's Bears win over the Bucs with @sdkoral morning, frents! The @ChicagoBears are 4-1, the defense is back and Joe Buck can no longer tell us that Nick… many losses does Tom Brady have to Nick Foles and Eli Manning?
Retweeted by Midway MinuteFeels like that win was more satisfying than the first three put together. @ChicagoBearsBank it 💰💰 Third straight week cashing 2/3 props from the pregame newsletter. Want next week’s? Sign up for fre… Somehow.Oh thank godSantos, never a doubtTroy Aikman not having a great gameTom Brady not happy with the ugly linemanYo @kaylah, can we get some analysis of the form here?Judo champion Khalil Mack 🏅 it 💰 Kmet sighting! @BN_Bears @Hub_Arkush Papa Bear would have loved them. @chicagobears lead the league in pulling their fans back in. touchdown ... does ... not ... compute .... @BAKuntz1 Now that’s a great pullJust put Trubisky back inTrubisky
Retweeted by Midway Minute @liam_donoghue an old Chicago Bears quarterback you’d rather see out there right now.SO close to that Jaylon Johnson INT prop 👀
@ChicagoBears @Buccaneers @sdkoral @KevinKaduk Tonight's @ChicagoBears-@Buccaneers picks: TRAITORS @KevinKaduk: TB… to @lawonthedraw for that factoidTom Brady has been won offensive player of the week a record 31 times in his career, including last week. In the… is a @patriots parody and it’s still making me cry. Damn you, @pixar! down tonight's @ChicagoBears vs. @Buccaneers game with @sdkoral @ChicagoBears pregame newsletter is out with predictions, drinking menu and a Tom Brady GIF that Brian Urlacher…
Let’s say the @chicagobears got Tom Brady in the offseason and the @Buccaneers traded for Nick Foles. Who would yo… is what Eddie Vedder looked like at Game 7 of the 2003 NLCS. sports fans watching playoff baseball and Jimmy Butler in the Finals tonight like ...