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@yamato_route 🤣 @MZ_GOV_PL wysoki zarobek @Turretoforth again :D @taakii2001 100%🐰 @ihatemondaysVR not valid in 3 2 1 @taakii2001 私も🤭 @ihatemondaysVR the day i get an xbox or ps @KiwasoYT 👀😇 @3xc4l1burCh here @3xc4l1burCh link on github in commentsリモコン @Wolf_Electronic @skknyuki 320 mb .... @ShadowRaiden @Alease_VR ah yes now its attack @ShadowRaiden @Alease_VR u know your model is to similar to tda u know it will make people question you u know it w… @ShadowRaiden @Alease_VR then dont sell there ? @ShadowRaiden @Alease_VR then why not provide this as evidence to everyone and not finished product wireframe @AndieLau69 @12emma30 was thinking same idea @kyo_609387_ @ryou_Ein lewd hentai 🤭 @h4zim_kib0u @vr_jar doubt u could make votes in sdk2 @VRAbaddonSloth gonna try making that a vrc map this weekend in udon @Alease_VR so if i retopo a tda head and sell it its ok cus the shape did not change but mesh topology did ?
@Saberspark @BViddyCent @dBPony @NotRuder if thats gonna be in the video im gonna become a simp @DLMKII @KaruYasuraka soon vrchat map ? 🔨 😋 @KaruYasuraka @Turretoforth 😇 @Turretoforth but then writes will take a bigger break from everything and not sure if will be back ☺️ @FunikoVR could not use water cus he didnt wanted to go @HanJiC0 👀👀🦋🛵 @idrillo @MagoryNET @zazuchna @MZ_GOV_PL pewnie dlatego ze kontakt 👍 @MagoryNET @idrillo @zazuchna @MZ_GOV_PL musza byc tez duszkosci zeby byc testowanym sama gorączka to za mało @NayukitheFae @idrillo @YooongisTongue @zazuchna @MZ_GOV_PL testy kosztuja ... @martiniock @MZ_GOV_PL dobre @idrillo @zazuchna @MZ_GOV_PL a co najlepsze to dali im izolacje do końca tygodnia wiec nawet nie 4 dni @idrillo @zazuchna @MZ_GOV_PL jest prawda bo w szkole gdzie wykryli nauczycielkę z pozytywem dali wszystkim izolacj… @MZ_GOV_PL Ze ile ?フォロワー聞いてください 今L4D2という神ゲーが約10年振りの大型アップデートを迎えてるんですけどそれに合わせてセールで200円とかいうアホみたいな安さになってるので今PC持ってなくてもとりあえずSteamアカウントだけ作って買え
Retweeted by migero @HanJiC0 🐰🎉💞 @ShadowRaiden @furedy2 demand builds supply ? @ShadowRaiden @furedy2 and i dont think thats fair @ShadowRaiden @furedy2 well im not editing it im modeling on top of the original @NayukitheFae so we went from its made from scrath to its a reference to using someone's materials to start is what people do @ShadowRaiden @furedy2 k guess im gonna retopo some booth model and sell it back @NayukitheFae uses reference = creativity .......... @ShadowRaiden @furedy2 well go read on TDA rules then @NayukitheFae but then says hey used a reference model so how is that "made from scratch" @Shimoo_ @ItsSkyVR and u be simp now @NayukitheFae only evidence i need @ItsSkyVR some references from VRChat. xD ? @furedy2 well next time try to not make a replica @NayukitheFae well to similar @ItsSkyVR well if u retogolize ofc u need a new UV duh it is made scratch but was traced from TDA
@storyj21674 #VRChat @misooo1107 🥺😞 @Kino_Tabi14 deadly kino @FunikoVR they recreated a body based on tda that is way to similar in shape making many question actual effort put in @DLMKII 😞 @yaya73055183 複製しやすい booth 🚫😞
おやすみ 🐇👋 @yamato_route with 30LY jump range 🥺 @yamato_route was never that far max 1200 Ly 🥺 @taakii2001 ☺️ @15my avatar 3.0 🚫😞 PEGI 12 #DestinyChild @ttobeeb @fantakyu its missing a panel when it turns out little guy is the imposter @CottontailVA block me then @nathanlawkc your interview was a great insight of what's going on right now in Hong Kong
Retweeted by migeroセクシーミゲロちゃん🐰💕
Retweeted by migero @taakii2001 😋🐰
バックグラウンドのキャラクターマスター @ledah_lo did read 💞 @una_giman reminds me of @Kino_Tabi14 💞 @torinyannyan1 @oculus facebook would like to know your location @yamato_route 👍☺️ @taakii2001 私は毎日 ウサギのように🐰 @yamato_route how it looks @taakii2001 🤭💦 @BoskiKarol1 @zibi_koss @PremierRP @MZ_GOV_PL jeszcze dodal dotego bila gejtsa ktory tez spiskuje i NASA @DzidaMocy @PremierRP @MZ_GOV_PL ty sie smiej a to zdecie wziete z chin lak ludzie wyszli z domu podczas kwarantann… @sra_mik @MariuszBednarko @PremierRP @MZ_GOV_PL i wlasnie dlatego antymaskowcy tak bojkotuja bo raz mowi sie tak a… @jatilfrihet1 @PremierRP @MZ_GOV_PL to jest stare gdy był poczatek pandemi i brak masek @yamato_route i want sol permit 🥺 @taakii2001 ding ding 🐰 @taakii2001 star trek 😋 👍 @LittleYui3 antialiasing hurts my eyes @yamato_route 💚 @Nekoyamatojp AFK 24/7 😅 @ledah_lo 🐰💞
your worst nightmare @WhatsOnSteam are you serious ? @YUJI_JPN_VRC 🎉 @taakii2001 🤭😇