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Jonny Mounsor @MightyMounse London, England

Podcasts @Spotify. Surname rhymes with bouncer, if you were wondering.

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@Tshilham I hear you, I really do. But I still eat them all... @emil_franchi I ruled them out of this, like Pardew ruling himself out of the England job. Not troubling the top 4!Whose chocolate tastes the worst?For me it’s probably Roses - there’s too many underwhelming ones. Heroes are my favourite, but the leftover Eclairs… is the worst big box of chocolates? @Simontaylor66 @thepaulwilliams Which one was that mate? @thepaulwilliams Not sure myself. I’m fuming with those 12 blokes, easy to post an apology but they’ve stripped us of England debutantes. @SilentVic Awesome 🙌to remind you
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@manpreetpinder Moana for a girl, Jonathon for a boy. Don’t need apps with friends like me xx @Joel_Grove That was a new one for me. Can’t believe he’d rip them off like that!I really like the bit in All Of The Lights where Kanye just lists all the different types of lights. @joshweller @wtf1official @F1 @PeterDWindsor Felipe! So close.
@RugbyLAD7 @Barbarian_FC What a perfect photo @nickw84 Getting a handle on the candle scandal? @SophiaLouise77 I would argue this is exactly what you should expect where you work! @watsoncomedian @watsonathon Ahhhhh I really miss these! If I can do anything to help, let me know. @PickardJE Completely agree, it's a weird middle ground where places have to stay open even though people can't go… @paulfoxcroft “This is my Pet” could be a whole show on its own and I’d watch every minute. @joshweller @wtf1official @F1 @PeterDWindsor Kimi, 2008, Chiron? @KentishIzzie I love your work! @JayJson Of course 👍
People always ask if me if there are too many podcasts, but never if there are too many TV shows 🤔 @RMotti Hey, I think you’re brilliant.SPOTIFY PODCAST JOB: Podcast Producer Are you creative, brilliant, organised, loads of fun and would like to work…
Retweeted by Jonny Mounsor @RugbyInsideLine Youngs and Heinz. FFS.
@drunkwomenpod @sarahecallaghan @Spotify Can’t wait to hear this 🙌
@Mattyfatpants I feel like you made some errors along this journey, but that’s also a very positive move for your relationship. @Mattyfatpants I’m absolutely addicted, it’s the best and worst decision I’ve ever made. Currently in the conferenc…
@tfalex1892 Yes 3-0 Toon @samrobertsrugby Wonderful man @beff1_ @LukeSmithF1 Great work mate x @Remel_London @MoTheComedian Two of the very best people right there 👏 @Scientits I treated myself to a burger, chips and coleslaw! It really is the little things. @RichardAmofa It’s very football manager lower leagues @Sofgottalotta If anything, you'd be TOO good.SPOTIFY PODCAST JOB: Podcast Producer Are you creative, brilliant, organised, loads of fun and would like to work… @emil_franchi His time has finally come @FootieBookClub I am excited for this. @watsoncomedian Ahh mate you look so happy! I'm sure they will fly off the shelves and shelves' digital equivalent. @LittleMelmaid @Alanis 👏👏👏 @emmahopkins @Alanis This is why you’re in my life, Emma. @emmahopkins @Alanis Hoppers on the artwork?Had an idea for a new show with @Alanis, so far it’s just a name and we’ll work on the format later but “One Hand I… @charliejburness 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️ @alex_adey I’m sorry Alex but I’m doing some science @hattiehattie Hope you’re ok Hattie, it will pass you’re absolutely right. None of us have ever done this before!
@Heydawro @MarcellaRobin I hate it when that happens @MarcellaRobin Thanks Marcella 🙌 miss you! @C4Press @Remel_London @MoTheComedian @EddieKadi @angielemar @BabatundeComedy @munyachawawa @Channel4 This is awesome Remel! 🙌 @allymccrae I like this a lot! @RugbyInsideLine Can’t disagree. He gave Gloucester an absolute lesson at Kingsholm. @Pursehouse I'm so pleased! @samthomson_ @DYWSYB Added to the list! @emil_franchi @TheSmart7pod We like that so much we've put it in Your Daily Drive! @katiehooperr The world moves in such mysterious ways, HoopsOk reading this tweet back I now look absolutely insane, but last time I did this I got to hear some really interes… @theprestburyboy True. I think it’s best we get all of it. @WTDavies I don’t know where you’re storing them all at this stage but I hope they’re well @WTDavies Smart. Good thinking. It’s a mix of Smarties and Ice Cream. And it comes in a cardboard container. @emjkerr ❤️❤️ @NickJWReilly So good at quizzing, that some people thought he was cheating. Can you BELIEVE that Nick? (My assistant wrote that) @MrSamFowler Hand me my spatula, let’s go.Oh shit @VapianoUK You guys know @thesecretpsych Cheers Doc 🙌If this tweet gets 1k likes I'll develop a vaccine @nlpedwards @Barker_JE Only if you drink it through a shot glass. Literally a glass that you have shot. @lewpfiasco2 @Tom_Chamberlain Unfortunately London never ends - it just goes south, where it is known as French London. @chrissandys @FBL72 Once every 6 weeks you will have a lovely evening. @hgreen91_ You can still go to uni for your workshops as long as exactly three members of your course wear a studde… that’s cleared up some of the confusion, stay safe out there everyone xx6) You can be fined £200 for the first offence, doubling for further offences up to a maximum of £6,400, but only i… Meeting in larger groups is against the law. There are certain exceptions (see below*). The police can take acti… You may continue to see friends and family you do not live with outside, including in a garden or other outdoor… Stay in your support bubble. A support bubble is a group of people you have got drunk and cried with after a dif… You must not meet socially with friends and family indoors in any setting unless one of them is a wizard, goblin… anyone struggling on Tier 2 guidelines, here are some pointers. 1) First of all, you should remember ‘Hands. F… @Barker_JE Only you’re carrying a grouseSaddened to hear London will move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 at weekend, imagine how upset you’d be if you actually knew what any of this meant.This video is wild. How do the kids in the park know his political opinions? And why’s he hanging out with kids in… what you’ve started @RishiSunak
Retweeted by Jonny MounsorPrince Andrew @AniaMags IncredibleThis is a great example of how today’s launch from @anchor + @spotify can be used to create something truly origina…
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@natmetcalfe @georgiecraw17 @suziruffell @DaneBaptweets @Milenasanchezx Excellent colour on you! @HannahMGeorge Thanks! Can’t wait to see the Drunk Women versions 🙌 @JemalPolson @welnhidingrn What a delightful existence that would be thoughThis is a massive Original Podcast launch for us. Danny and Dani Dyer are proper hilarious, and really nice people…
Retweeted by Jonny Mounsor @5tevieM Glad you think so! How are yours looking?Hello podcasters! We've made it even easier to share your podcast and individual episodes with your listeners on so…
Retweeted by Jonny Mounsor @hannvarr @georgiecraw17 @suziruffell @DaneBaptweets @Milenasanchezx Yes - looks great! Needs more pink though... @MLSUKShow @Spotify @Henry__Hewitt @ElliotHolman Looks amazing! 🏆 @TheSpoilist Looks amazing with your artwork!You can edit the size to fit whichever social media platform you're using, here are some examples of how they look… podcasters! We've made it even easier to share your podcast and individual episodes with your listeners on so… again, @tomrosenthal releases an absolute belter of a video that is packed with JOY. I fully recommend watchin… two are absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Hope you enjoy it!
@dinosofos @liamhadleyy @BBCSounds Absolutely bonkers. Great job Hadders, you’re a very clever boy.
@WimbledonBrew This sounds like the sort of thing we could get involved in @oliverjhill_