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iTheta @MiiTheta Tallahassee, FL

Competitive Smash Player, Mii Trio, #2 North Florida, #2 Tallahassee | FSU '23 Meteorology

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environmental storytelling
Retweeted by iTheta @FireThePyro Not enough government data for this shit @FireThePyro How many unique songs do you think there are in the livestreammy therapist mentioned that when you feel off you should check the HALT abbreviation (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)…
Retweeted by iThetaTimestamp your favorite song mine is at 3141:59:26 @GeezDood Geez the Rivals player LESGOO
Retweeted by iTheta @Rutherfugules @GusBus6Volt @HalleniumGaming @danfornace But will you nerf Wrastor @RangoSSB Bowser got dummy tho @RangoSSB Even, Bowser is such a fucked character
Retweeted by iTheta @A_Wild_Josh 🤮2, I'm short and young and my only threat is "I am the manager" just registered for CEO Dreamland 2020 I will be playing Rivals, Ultimate, and Wii U! Come see me here!… @breaditors @DiscoDude45My mindset as Mii Gunner @Rutherfugules HUH
@solidsazz I hate you but I hate this image even more @solidsazz Did you take this from my qrt @SeanSherit It was me who couldn't find or even make the time to hang out so there's that part but it's fine I gues… relieving as it is to have a breakup with mutual understanding this shit still hurts so much I can't help but fe…'m mad that I heard an image of synthasia THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN PLAYED IN MY LIFE is easily the worst image I've come across all month and I feel like you guys have to suffer with me
Retweeted by iTheta @Mlickles'M AT SOUP just watched the Sonic movie and we're now playing Brawl
Stages with tilts always will be inferior in my mind, even when I counterpick Yoshi's I know the stage is garbage.… STOP SUPPORTING LYLAT PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING LYLAT PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING LYLAT PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING LYLAT… @A_Wild_Josh I hate this image @JimmyCaldero @JurassicJack93 YERR
@The_6_Master Bruh @ItsEpic_Gabriel 👀 @A_Wild_Josh Yes fuck youTilted #2 Results! 1. @upair_upair 2. @MiiTheta 3. Mr.Sensei 4. Brat 5. @NGChez 5. @norizumont 7. Faewyn 7. Ja…
Retweeted by iThetaDon't come to Florida we have -ROBs, Yoshis, Miis, and everything in between -5+ subregions nobody can decide on -w… woke up late to my Chem exam but I was the first to finish, and with confidence. College life is good. @Chunky_Kong_Ape He's been plotting since the very beginning... @RyuchiKorioto @GooberPT He is literally Mii SwordfighterIRAR xd
Thank you @LiquidHbox for saying what we're all thinking. "Nintendo, I need to say, I love you guys but you are t…
Retweeted by iTheta @Kil0JayFalcon 'rang = boomerang That move gets m a s h e d @Kil0JayFalcon You 'rang? @Rutherfugules said poggy woggy in the group chat and everyone hates me even more now @_AverageDaniel Happened twice yesterday @Rutherfugules @StrangeMentle NoThe World Of Light FD that ain't even selectable without mods
Retweeted by iThetaI feel attacked @SSBU_H I love that second one @anrorcim @PJiggles_ No @AkashicGaming We get paid supplemental if we dont make enough tips but it's still an awful concept @eviL_SSB @AkashicGaming Sus @CDUltimate I had 4 in a row and did not make money until 2 hours into my shiftI am currently 7 orders into my shift as a driver and only 2 people have tipped and I rely on tips to make money si… you order delivery and tell your driver to have a nice day and then proceed not to tip them then you are fucking lying
@gaulding54 I'm seriously at my limit rn @gaulding54 @norizumont trying to get me to sleep it's not happeningHe thinks he'll win a fight how cuteHe thinks I'm going to sleep lmao @The_6_Master UCF said trans rights @EpicSark L
@FinallyRJ For mii brawler! @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme @BiigLord @FireThePyro @imnotlawful @TapuMeme
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ Mii brawler reps @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme @BiigLord @FireThePyro @imnotlawful
Retweeted by iTheta @Down_Air @Down_Air I suck lmao Fr DiZ chill I just joke around a lot, he's a good player. Jeff is good too I got outplayed,… @Down_Air DiZ sucks lmaoWhy is K in PINK so good until the latter half I'm so upset @Cagt3000 Can vouch as a pool captain that I finish ridiculously fast and didn't even need to be informed on this method to get it @ItsEpic_Gabriel @NGChez @Cagt3000 Straight legendsFeel like @NGChez and @Cagt3000 don't get enough attention. Literally the best tournament organizers and real ones
Retweeted by iTheta @DMGAlliance @Actylo @tesawv @ruuqii @kidkwo Does this mean content @UltimateViolet CODY NOOOOOOGonna RT again but the opportunity to compete at a major via compendium voting is something I've dreamed of. Be sur…
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@sword_ssb I meant the vod @sword_ssb Watch any set of mine vs a Chrom that's not BlankYO MAMA SO FAT, THEY BUFFED SHIELD SIZES IN 7.0.0 JUST SO SHE COULD FIT IN ONE
Retweeted by iTheta @sword_ssb Mii Swordfighter in ADVANTAGE who are you fighting @hidrossb Shower thought"I'M GONNA FUCKIN KILL SOMEONE" The kid named Inkilsum Wan: @DiZJMO No @DiZJMO Link @DiZJMO Yes @DiZJMO Wait where @Rutherfugules As sad as it is to see I understand and appreciate all you've done man @FinallyRJ for Brawler: @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme @BiigLord @FireThePyro @imnotlawful
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ This is for the miis! For Brawler, @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme
Retweeted by iThetai didn't even play AA4 but this keeps haunting me at every chance it gets
Retweeted by iThetaI worked open to close minus one hour that was me being in class we on that GRIND baby @FinallyRJ @imnotlawful @MiiTheta are both epic brawlers
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ brawler: @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme @BiigLord @FireThePyro @imnotlawful
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ Yall need @MiiTheta for Brawler
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Retweeted by iTheta @norizumont @FinallyRJ Love u bb @FinallyRJ @MiiTheta for brawler😏
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ @MiiTheta free for brawler
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ For brawler: @deltawarri0r and @MiiTheta
Retweeted by iTheta @FinallyRJ For brawler: @MiiTheta @leetofsmash @HungryLunchBoxx @SSBGhost @TapuMeme @BiigLord @FireThePyro @imnotlawful
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