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@BobbyDukeArts You're a hero, you big smexy mayn. We're all here for ya.
@HackinTimSeeley @nachosarah @Mirkand "I've seen...some things..." @ComicGirlAshley While I love the Injustice story, I just don't see any good guys in it. Superman explains itself.… @Demonpuppy No question about it. I just wish companies such as these would reward people who bring in money a bit… @HackinTimSeeley I definitely miss a time when reporting news was about reporting events in an unbias manner, or at… @HackinTimSeeley It sorta defeats the purpose of writing creative fiction if you're trying to make it that realisti… @Demonpuppy There's a tiktok creator who covered a song which was then claimed by the label of the original song. N… @Philjimeneznyc @kellysue And my axe!
Society is in a weird place when I am frequently attacked for replying to women as a man with an opinion completely… @HackinTimSeeley You can bullshit safely with me buddy. Let's talk about stuff. @TomKingTK EXCITING though! @alwaystheself Star Trek is one of so few futures that aren't dystopian - Humanity figured it out (mostly). It just feels good.
@erikroos @alwaystheself That's true too. First time I watched, I couldn't stand him. He sorta grew on me. @alwaystheself That's where it's like "Really, changelings?" You're totally right. If they can figure out the intri… @alwaystheself From what I know of the lore, being a "solid" is really weird to them. It's like us trying to figure… @alwaystheself I feel differently, but I understand where you'd see that. @alwaystheself There were a lot of things that didn't make sense about Riker. I get his love for Enterprise/her cre…
There's a moment of sheer panic when you drop something with a dab of superglue right next to your glassesSearching for a wife specifically to use her tiny fingers to hold very small screws in place since my big fucking s… @Heckcetera A harmonica @BenBlacker This amazing Loki and Star Wars mashup: @HeatherAntos Wanna go grab some pizza?
@Steph_Smash Fuzzyfive
@Demonpuppy So much detail. You're a madman, well friggen done. @ArtbyMFN @ComicGirlAshley Tell that to Batman @HarperRoseD He just has zero sense of humor. If I propositioned someon for "pix" and got that, I'd die laughing. @DCComics Batman. While I might lead, I'm not as smart or logical as he is, and he would be better suited to put to… @MilitechMatty I agree. -hides in a pocket dimension- @ComicGirlAshley @ComicGirlAshley Let's talk about it. Not me, I just wanna see the fireworks in comments.#ThursdayThoughts
Retweeted by Mike#StarTrek hot take. Riker has the best "Red Alert, shields up" declaration of all the crew members in all the series.
Retweeted by Mike @HeatherAntos You're the DM, staight up. You are knowledgable, a creative mind, should be in charge and everyone's… 37, I need to learn to stop being so hard on myself for taking my time to live life. This man is an inspiration… better, Blizzard.
Retweeted by Mike#Top3Marvel - 1. (Hulk) Planet/World War Hulk - @gregpak, and it's 100% for the story. 2. (Multiverse) Secret War… @VikBogdanovic Bat'thulu. I, for one, welcome our new brooding overlord. @Doncates I personally thought it was brilliant. It fits with the previous themes and still has that modern feel. E… @MitchGerads Jesus: "Okay seriously about the stone casting, you see this friggen guy?" @alwaystheself I am now a follower because of one of my followers liked your post. Trekkie and proud. Dorn got did… am thoroughly disgusted. What was once my favorite gaming company is now the biggest disgrace and disappointment… @VikBogdanovic When you're trying to eat a sandwich that's just too big for your face
No i’m not okay.
Retweeted by MikeA lightsaber @PatrickZircher Sounds like RN stands for "really negative" to meNothing quite says "you don't fit" as much as expressing a compromise between two opposing viewpoints and attractin… @MitchGerads Comics twitter has become exhausting because of it. Can we just go back to arguing about Superman vs B… @VikBogdanovic "Now for the really icky part"
@KrystiPryde Oh you're a fan of classic rock too? @KauppinenMartti @MarvelMaestro @Steph_Smash Just buy and read the comics you like, guys. Left or right, gay or str… @Dylan_Macri Hey look, a casting! Not really, I just found this cosplayer and fell in love with the physique @maamsgaming I'm firing my nuclear positivity blaster at your face @Stormson21 @KauppinenMartti @Steph_Smash Not to mention that it shouldn't even be a comparison. One style of comic… @KauppinenMartti @Steph_Smash I'm sorry you think this is justification to be rude. This is the logic of people who… @KauppinenMartti @Steph_Smash There's a vast difference in a paying customer with an opinion and this guy. @Steph_Smash The sheer ego of someone to think they can say "that's something I'm not gonna forget," suggesting they matter *that* much.small ass appreciation day
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There comes a point when motivation is gone and energy runs out. @Heckcetera Halloween is when we say it is.
@Demonpuppy Somehow so heartbreaking.She’s not wrong…
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@bloody_cap @HeatherAntos Hey it's okay to not be okay. At the same time, it's also okay to just let things that an… @bloody_cap @HeatherAntos Good lord the attitude for absolutely no reason. You alright? @Heckcetera Hey same. Look at my cat. LOOK AT HIM. He fat. @Heckcetera CatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatMy playlist progression today: - Mad Max: Fury Road sountrack - Labouche - Alanis Morissette - System of a Down -… @zoethorogood Thought. Dammit, I had one job. @zoethorogood I had a similar though yesterday: "I don't really want to live in a post apocalyptic world...until I'… @dibujantemierda Artists support artists, we're here for it all. @PatrickZircher I think at that point we'd just have a lot of alt accounts, which is probably worse because it's ev… @dibujantemierda @VikBogdanovic UNTIL TODAY. @dibujantemierda Your art is the shit
@VikBogdanovic 1. I'm an artist learning how to be THAT kind of artist. b. It's the GENESIS of a comic. 4. It's def… -working on autopilot- My brain: You ever wonder how many times you've guest starred in other people's photographs? Me: ... @VikBogdanovic Jokes on you, I LOVE seeing penciled pagesSo dang happy with my new glasses! god this mashup is JUICY. It's incredible!
@HeatherAntos Oh no. I'll be doing the same thing in a couple months. "Jesus why did I buy so many comics," while h… @invisiblewanda AGREED! The production value goes up through the progressive movies. It's like you go from good to… @HeatherAntos That being said, Jonathan Majors absolutely crushed his lines. I did enjoy his presence. @HeatherAntos Me too, and honestly right up until he practically looked at the camera, smiled, and said "A conquero… am IN for this. Loki just changed everything about the MCU. #LokiFinale #secretwars #godkingdoom Wars. SECRET WARS. I wish I could say more without spoiling the Loki finale. FUCKING SECRET WARS. @PackardShow There is a comic or comic story for anyone. ANYONE. To say you don't like comics without giving them a…
@leesherwhy Stunning! @XisforPodcast Cable, Nate Grey, Storm, Legion, Franklin Richards, led by both Charles Xavier and Magneto as partners.When you're working another workday and your brain is like, "Hey you're 37 and odds are you're going to be alone be… @AnniePhantomTV @everybody_1982 It's like how much I want a beard until I have it, then I want it off my fffffface. @BxBulletTV @OhHeyTracyy Yeah this place sucks sometimes, and I hate getting drawn into this stuff lol, woops @OhHeyTracyy @BxBulletTV I don't think it's wrong at all to look for silver linings in negative situations - let al… @OhHeyTracyy @BxBulletTV Tracy, I understand where you're coming from. I don't agree with the term 'mansplaining.'… @BxBulletTV @OhHeyTracyy There's definitely some sort of irony in being an advocate against cyberbullying, then say…
@BxBulletTV Oh. Well hey, congrats on the big boobs @jpalmiotti Thank you! I've seen so much hate for it, and sure Taskmaster wasn't comic authentic, but I liked the t… @Jellyzine People in this thread are really optimistic to think that 90% of the pools they've swam in haven't been peed in @maamsgaming People have no idea the odd expenses that happen when you're homeless, like when you don't have a frid… @maamsgaming And I don't usually have an issue with blanket advice, EXCEPT that a looot of people who say it think… @maamsgaming Absolutely. I've been in your shoes, and it took me 10 months to get out of my situation. There was a… @aliastager The expression in the third panel of, "Oh. Oh no." @maamsgaming to ignore the hard lessons learned and consider "This is okay, it can happen and there's no problem."…