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Hyrule Worrier @mikalkhill skHullcrusher mountain, nc

Rap music, videogames, Japanese alt-idol music, cancer survivorship, wrestling & information security. I rap & produce. He/him.

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@themajin_kai @MegaRan @mclars @schafferthedark @mc_frontalot @KadeshFlow @otisjuliusmusic 💖 @SamsoniteMoore Not kirby (but Kirby was my main on 64)Sociopath who doesn't understand right from wrong.
@cecilnick @dualcoremusic I think I texted you because I knew you would appreciate the horror of what was happening. @TPoe228 Truly horrific. LolI snapped this photo as it was happening. @Trollacoaster
Retweeted by Hyrule WorrierA few years ago @dualcoremusic and I played a show then went bar hopping afterwards. Randomly wound up in a bar in… @EFFYlives Too many to count.Thinking about being extremely mad on the internet.
Nah, man. Hell nah. never watch tv shows, really, but I watched Godless. It is problematic in a handful of ways but I liked it. It's… yourself with two muppets. GSA is like the TSA but for goblins.In RDO he's not orange at all, he's a Siberian Husky.My dog's name in Red Dead Online is Tubbs McButter. I'm massively allergic to dogs and cats so I don't get to have… @shawngorlando Facts.*borat voice*
This makes it sound like I am much sadder than I am.Literally tearing up listening to this song while I sit alone in my empty house hours away from my family eating th… the anime, School-Live! (a slice of life anime that happens during an apocolypse). this song gives me pretty…! if true perfect to see Amazon using the pinkertons. @TheBrandiRhodes plz have @SexyChuckieT on Shot of Brandi.Plz have kenny join Best Friends. @bobdisgea What are we looking at on the ceiling?? LolCouldn't be me. I never take a good picture. @Muzzysaurus :[If I could only say three words to my 18 year old self they would be "Say 'no' more."
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @alextomeisreal The indie stuff gives me the same vibe as dope punk shows. lol @john_anderson Nice! Yeah, I had a huge gap in watching, got back into it via AEW and then different indie promoti… haven't been to a live wrestling show since I was like 10. I got back into wrestling right as a global pandemic…
"The Thing," a movie about a group of people who don't even really like each other stuck together in a single, snow…
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @AlxRogan No, but you get to play as Hetsu.ya - and I can't stress this enough - haha #HyruleWarriors #AgeofCalamity #Zelda #NintendoSwitch @dylannorthrup I'll have to check it out!:)
They've discovered my secret stash of Ecto Cooler. @IndieScent Be safe. Glad to hear you will not be around him alone anymore.Brake not breakEmily just went from Mariah Carey to PEDRO to Lil John back to back in her new playlist and the transition has been… @Zoozoosean It's Summertime all over again.
Hello I will debut my dog’s new haircut tonight live on Twitch at 6:15 pm EST Please join me as a licker kills me…
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @KevinNewburn He is talented and seemed nice enough but I was never privy to any of this edgelord stuff. @KevinNewburn A few months ago I followed him on twitter for about 2 days before we had a mild back and forth about… @KevinNewburn I'm familiar with louie from seeing him around twitch... didn't see people had pulled up old tweets… @KevinNewburn Huh?
@sohelpmegosh @JesseDangrsly @JesseDangrsly I blocked him and lost my og status.Spotted
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @gdbeeart This is dope af.Pelosi has been a gatekeeper to block progressive action my entire adult life. She's used her position to protect w…
Retweeted by Hyrule WorrierMy default equipment, seething anger. man is gonna be a dad
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @jonmoxIeys Being mean to orange is guaranteed heat for heels so I think it's just gonna always happen forever @ValPancakes They are heeling it up hard lately.Well, @TopFlight612 are dope.
This is god damned hilarious.
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @Lyngay @tequilisb @tequilisb Lolol @tequilisb @tequilisb Me, lately. I had a monstrously hard time last month but this week I have been able to go all day without disassociating.I love ridiculous merch ideas and as such.... I want this. village Christmas lights are designed by the local primary kids and they are the single best thing about the fe…
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @1980bpm I hate his gear tho. Lol @1980bpm I actually like him, saw him on dark originally and kept up with him in the indies. I was stoked to see they signed him
@cecilnick @0xdade Ithink i remember that. lol @samtheboss ☹️If All Student Loan Debt Is Cancelled, How Will I Have An Automatic Advantage Over My Peers?:…
Retweeted by Hyrule WorrierFirst Girl you wouldn’t last a minute vs me and I’d fight you in full on drag! Btw clothes are fabric they don’t ha…
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @0xdade I thought it was a great idea. LolWhen we put out one of our albums 5 or 6 years ago I released a sampler that was one minute of each song on the alb… @ArielaNyx Yikes!it's irritating when somebody describes something i do as "artsy". that's literally my job. do i go around and tell…
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @MissRinAelia Glad to see another Japanese rapper calling him out for it.... Confused why @risano_0928 is following this guy, tho.lolol @laurakhill just won a 5th Avenue candy bar from @EFFYlives on the twitch stream. You too could be winning f… am far away from @laurakhill but she made me minestrone and i reheated it and I'm eating it and it is good.Hulu Live is going up 10 a month next month to pay for this. Gonna cancel my subscription, I think. @Joe_Hunter No, I think he won some sort of run off and is a senator now
2020 @ZillaPersona Wrong usage of their but oh whale @ZillaPersona Holy shit I haven't heard that song since i was like 13. Not a stones fan but the only album of there… love these throwback promos they are doing with Tony. @TheBlackNerd Festive AF @w0mbat5eoul 💖💖💖 @dualcoremusic @Kryscolour I tell you wahtLook at this art @Kryscolour did of me. Lol. Kinda want to put this on beer coozies... this back to the timeline just in case people forgot how to think critically re: defunding po po
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @froonding_loom If I was to write the joker I would simply mcfreakin lose it.
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @shidahikaru @YouTube Nice!Miitomo was *the* best social media service. dot com thread is amazing.
Retweeted by Hyrule Worrier @NylaRoseBeast My son pulled out mine today and I had to explain to him it is the worst thing.If you said blissful sorrow you should stop doing Thanksgiving with the people you've been doing it with. dickbutt shirt was tempting, tho. LolWWF gimmicks in the early ‘90s
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