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michigan j. frog ig: open_mike_eagle #teamfreethinkers

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Here goes a clip from our animated short film #HairLove. We're now playing in theaters in front of #AngryBirds2 so…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @theleanover can not describe to you how hard i related @FINALLEVEL @OneTrickTofani damn og. you made itwhy they document your errors like that in baseball. thats hella rude @PAPPADEMAS other people's kids love to horseplay around your trauma @lauratherad takes one more to know @PAPPADEMAS caught a chill when i read "other people's kids" @oilanddust definitely. very similar in fact @_meenan its only your job if you get paid for ita big part of my job is listening to the same beat 40,000 times
@meganamram that los angeles geopolitical subplot tho @nkjemisin I have the lovest hatest relationship with nierrisking it all
I swear the pastor at the memorial rode off the lot blowin tree.
Retweeted by Open Mike EagleGood evening! Just two weeks until I play the whole west coast with @schafferthedark & @YoEaves ...…
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Next week on #MortalPodkast: @Mike_Eagle vs. Jax 💪💪
Retweeted by Open Mike EaglePeep the Company I Keep. #GriftCompany #TooManySecrets Company Dro ft. Open @Mike_Eagle x Prod. by @dos4gw x Artwo…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @_harry_tuttle_ yespeople used to get mad if you tweeted about stupid shit on the same day as a tragedy. now everybody gets it.little rock arkansas on a Monday on a door deal with no local support. 6 people in a room that held 250. the guy I…
.@BarackObama just put Colson Whitehead’s The Nickel Boys on his summer reading list. Well, on the first edition…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @KarenKilgariff whatever that is I want to keep not knowing about it @SophiaEris very me too @ItsTheBrandi i usually avoid these types of things @BigSto oh meaning that the user base is smaller? @BigSto whats presumed install base?no. ANNOUNCED: The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival 10/24: An Evening with @mariabamfoo 10/25: @thenewnegroes ft.…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @CorbinReiff tribe @BillOReilly im sure you looked very hard billy1. Robin gets on my nervvvves 2. My hair was cute
Retweeted by Open Mike Eaglej cole doing the 2021 halftime show in sandals
🔥Vote for our SXSW panel “Art, Entertainment & Social Justice feat. Ron Funches, Open Mike Eagle and Laganja Estran…
Retweeted by Open Mike EagleI'm finally a real Patreon creator. My first post is about the depression that put my writing career in limbo for n…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eaglethis lineup has that SUMMER HEAT🔥🔥🔥 we’re back 8/25 @TheVirgil grab tix here 👉🏾
Retweeted by Open Mike EagleJoin us + @TigNotaro Oct. 24-27 for #BentzenBall, celebrating 10 years of comedy + friendship! All access passes a…
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@BackwoodzHipHop don't feel specific enough but maybe because i have a particular type of interaction in mind @TySandwich thats too harsh tho @MrMadness its missing the "since they got on" partAEW putting orange cassidy on my tv every week is AEW fulfilling its promisemainstream english needs a term that means the same as what 'funny acting' means in hood parlanceA deep dive into art and effective messaging surrounding cannabis legalization: cast your vote for our SXSW panel w…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @vicsepulveda @Yo_its_Yaniii no. go look it up. use your internet to educate yourself instead of looking at everyth… @vicsepulveda @Yo_its_Yaniii did you look it up?
@vicsepulveda @Yo_its_Yaniii look it up @vicsepulveda @Yo_its_Yaniii many times he allegedly rode without secret service @flexymorals no its not. there are victims. its not either or. this is part of the conversation.
@Yo_its_Yaniii @PFTompkins "sir I did not have sexual intercourse with that airplane"we joking but bill clinton is on the pedo plane logs 26 timesfootball is turn basedwe should bring back gumshoe @finallyzach followed for jojo content🚨NEW PROJECT ALERT🚨 I’ve collaborated with Bill Burr & Al Madrigals’ @allthingscomedy to bring you my interview ser…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @TaylorRMcKay stop selling guns
@ellieisntfunny a euphemism for sureok so who the f is jd power and who made him and his associates king shit?ok so we're gonna whiff on this for another 30 fucking years. great'how can I be down' is the realest question nobody ever wants to ask @AP @TuckerCarlsonyall not about to trick me into being emotionally invested in who the director of national intelligence is. call me… @afuturegoat thanks? @TLanoix mostly
@CraigSJ i turned that shit off so fastlineup drop 💯we’re having a HOT SHOW SUMMER ova here 💫NEXT UP 8/25 at @thevirgilbar 🙌🏾🙌🏾 grab tix here…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eaglemeg as todoroki got me in my feelings @nikkiLynette @hallublin @danielleradford @rachelsamevans nope not at all weird @DavidATorres12 @kimKBaltimore no its not. its not at all. thats not how any of those words work and I dont know wh… @giovanni_marks thats my new rap name @notalent___ get one. its good to have a professional to talk to
hollywood is cooooold @hallublin @danielleradford @rachelsamevans new challengers await @danielleradford no I think its right there for you @BillyWayneDavis @barvonblaq clear instructions in the tweet @nothankyyouu me tooIm on hot noodles this week. here is me doing noodle ASMR. dont ask just go look at the whole thing… @Matrix_Refugee @kimKBaltimore I mean call it out every time.Lights-years ahead of his time, the prolific and beloved musician Ras G died last week at the age of 40 – but not b…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @kimKBaltimore why wouldnt you want to call out white supremacy regardless? @mc_frontalot
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagleok now lets do everybody's top 50 orthodontists @aNuChallenger 🙏🏾🙏🏾rest in peace Toni Morrison @Alaska_Atoms @ZillaRocca @curly_castro her last album bangs too thoIt’s not much, but I just sent an email to my Senators urging them to pass Smarter Gun Laws. Will you join me? Send…
Retweeted by Open Mike Eaglewhoa shit. rest in peace @PatenLocke damn @Alaska_Atoms @ZillaRocca @curly_castro yall got some wild fiona apple takes
@KikiGMakeup i concur! @printmatic @atmosphere @rhymesayers holy shitour most recent limited edition shirt ships out this week. all 150 went in one day so please be on the look out for… @realDonaldTrump denounce white supremacy @DragonflyJonez @jdesmondharris same
@humbleasaslug its a pax
Can we talk about how special this card is? #ABlackLadySketchShow
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @Mike_Eagle TONIGHT 10pm after comedy @brassrailfw with SIRIUS BLVCK & GLITTER MONEYYY $15
Retweeted by Open Mike Eagle @GloriousWin right cause when you grow up your genes change @Rob_Sonic same