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i am gourded off my ass rn and this video is giving me an insane power
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Retweeted by michael @IrateGamerHD what did he eat
@JamesBaroz sell cold brewsocialmusicstore 2 soon
Retweeted by michaeli see you "alt right" new breed nazis in my fanbase u kids deserve all the bullying u got in school n plz dont ever listen to my shit again
Retweeted by michaelim fucking crying at this dude "what do you believe in?"
Retweeted by michael @Cake_irl umm.mmmmm ummmmmm noI live where minwage is $14/hr and my mcdonald cheeseburger is still $1minimum wage is bad because uh *reads notes* places (in america!) with nearly 100% higher minimum wages have <5% more expensive hamburgers @Locar1111 @NaturallyKatz @JamieIs4PF you're so embarrassing it's funny
Retweeted by michaelRaising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by michaelThe MAGFest Board of Directors have resigned, effective immediately. MAGFest starts a new chapter today, but first…
Retweeted by michaelNic cage Willy wonderland can't come out yet I haven't seen Mandy yetad infinitum
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Retweeted by michaelgood morning hustlers how are we today @dudeswatcheva @itthetrashman This is Pequod, arriving shortly at LZ.
Retweeted by michaelgay looking rat @ivy_hollivana awesome anyone like to draw my homunculus-sona @andosux harvest @wackycatslol yes
are you a loremite or a hyperpopper?Who Are You @solomonlspencer who is Gary @goblin_sorcerer You are too strong for this appyou are not immune to liking a "good" billionairelove to log in and be confused
@MoMoButFaster Verywho want play ffxiv with me :) (in aether/jenova) just about got an old character to lvl 50 and need to do uh anything raid related @abisoos he was just walking around with undies on his mouth and straps around his skullwas at target and a dude was using a jockstrap as a mask
@nelward64 im sorryOnline shopping am the michaelestpugilist
Retweeted by michaelI feel like this a lot do not own ShadowFuckersi renewed my sub so now i am vibing @Judahb44 just renewed subi want to play final fantasy fourteen
@emcardle TRUUUUUUUUUE @socoolandnormal POOP????????????? @hun____ter Hun ter.Yes. morning antifa
kids in the 90s: hey arnold kids today: damn daniel i want to cry
Retweeted by michaeli am a simple they them. i see the @fraxiommusic fursona, i draw the fraxiom music fursona
Retweeted by michaelsince frax's fursona is finally public here is what I drew for mike's birthday back in september @fraxiommusic
Retweeted by michaelo also i can actually tweet this @elenafortunee masterpiece he uhh 4 my birthday 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by michaelim he feel like a ringtone remixSo the artist Ayako Ishiguro, who's married to Junji Ito, did a painting of the Addams family as cats and I need to…
Retweeted by michaelhow do I connect my elgato capture card to my Amazon brain chip @elenafortunee @fraxiommusic Ougghhh elena fortune legend momentA reminder that @teespring banned the word ‘Antifa’ but allows ‘Auschwitz’
Retweeted by michaelHello I have commissions open for 150 usd (Paypal only)! Please contact me if you're interested!
Retweeted by michaelAriel Pink live at magfest 2022Thx
Retweeted by michael this hamburger. ballsMe: I'm not gonna drink much tonight. Maybe 1 mixed drink at most. Me: 1 hour and 10 shots of alcohol later.
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evewryone please look at my wife's wonderful creature @RainbowFloof everything simultaneouslyWooow .. Eminem Rap GOD 😄😎 Greatest Of All Time...USA And Beyond .. !!
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Retweeted by michaelTHIS JUST IN!!! @FRAXIOMMUSIC IS BNUY 😮😮
Retweeted by michael @dontlovemesound want this, need this @oblivlad @gupimusic his hands are too big @gupimusic
Retweeted by michaelretweet if you shit
Retweeted by michael @abisoos definitely one of the best songs of last year @fraxiommusic Uh oh @newguy___ Shitting with Babish @catboiardee First Person Shooterdj mutuals this was promoted to me, you need this skin. @jedwill1999 @hunter_hhhh @umru_ cry
Retweeted by michael @GodFatherOfSwag Maybe. @umru_ @weedhitter skadj-punk @FilmCritGRINCH rumor is that they are coming from out of the skyAll I do is shit and poop @camstacey_ I believe it, still looks like a future bass youtube video thoThis is, without a doubt, the best tweet of all time. RIP soldier
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Retweeted by michaelsomeone named poopgirl just joined pictochat room B. her color is brown and she's really mysterious
Retweeted by michaelwhy does target have future bass youtube beer
Retweeted by michaelgimme that SAUCE
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Retweeted by michaelI might @pooldad frick u Micah don't even joke about pitbulls demise I will cryno its called propaganda the united states government and hegemony cannot gaslight you
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