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APRIL 20TH, 2021 — brussels, belgium
Retweeted by Clau 💖APRIL 22ND, 2021 — amsterdam, netherlands
Retweeted by Clau 💖The way i started crying when seeing that notif from Michael popping up... I really missed their activity on this apphope everyone is happy and doing well. miss you all ❤️
Retweeted by Clau 💖 @Michael5SOS Hope youre doing well too🖤 ᴅᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴏᴜʀ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ, ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʜᴏsᴛ ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜ 🖤 In memorial of all my loved ones that aren't on earth anymore…
Retweeted by Clau 💖hello, again
Retweeted by Clau 💖 @Michael5SOS ITS ALIVECan somebody maybe make me a wattpad cover? Like i wanna pick it up again and write own stories about my personal l… was ik de hele avond aan het stralen en bruh het is too obvious voor iedereen dat ik m leuk vind maar idc… al wezen drinken met mn crush en na 3 biertjes werd hij wat touchy (op een goeie manier dw) en ik smelt ge… 2de solli gesprek en als ik aangenomen wordt ga ik weer drinken met mn crush, en dan ga ik moves maken sksksjs
I just had a date and akdnekslsk im so fucking whipped for him @Goji_Saurus @mavroskeravnos @TyGarStories @CharliesTete @gamazoar Oh and a flower girl who adores a scorpian woman, dont forget them @Goji_Saurus @mavroskeravnos @TyGarStories @CharliesTete @gamazoar And 2 certain princesses who are also canonnally married? @spencermusic @Louis_Tomlinson OMG YES PLEASE!!
@OUAodonoghue Bet
@OUAodonoghue Bih i live in europe remember? @OUAodonoghue I WANT ONE TOO DAMNITGoing drinking with my crush this sunday dkskwkw @5SOS @vmas Bet I did Me is nominated for Best Cinematography // Thank you @VMAs //
Retweeted by Clau 💖.@VMAs // Vote Wildflower for Best Music Video From Home //
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I feel like im the only one on stan twitter who hasnt been s worded or locked out of my account once....
HE DID BUT ITS FOR WHEN COROBITCH IS OVER BUT STILL SKWKSNSI think i just got asked on a date????? By my crush??? @wildfIowercaIum ik jat je quotes ffOm het op zn sannes te zeggen: ik wil mn grafI just sent my crush a fucking spicy picture THAT WAS MWANT FOR MY GIRL FRIEND BC I GOT A NEW BRALETTE SKDMNEE KILL ME @alwayswithluke Yeah, but i asked for 2 notes and they said thats okay lmaoZojuist vvv van mn werk gekregen en damn dr staat echt veel op @Madhouse5SOS Jep... @alwayswithluke Exactly like that! I paid 2 items, asked for 2 dofferent notes and got 1 with both names in it.... like huh?Bruh they did my 2 separate voice notes in 1.... so this isnt even for me alone but for me and @Madhouse5SOS her friend too 😶I GOT A MICHAEL VOIXE NOTE BIT IM SCARED TO LISYEN TO IT HELP @OUAodonoghue Like its supposed to be
Bruh ik heb liefdesadvies nodig help @Sastastisch_ Jazekuuurh haha @oceansfl9ke Honestly als jij er niet tussen zou zitten he imma riot @mndyXXEST OBVI DUUHLove it how all of 5sos are in my inner circle and my close moots are in the outer one???So i made one and are u there? @OUAodonoghue Same omfg, but im outer ring so imma step up my game (also drop a link to do this) @OUAodonoghue Yush i see myself 😊
Today we are proud to partner with our friend Sanyu Nicholas on a new merch range in which 100% of profits will ben…
Retweeted by Clau 💖We started @wearefof over a year ago as a vehicle to create community on a local and global level, raising awarenes…
Retweeted by Clau 💖Black Trans Lives Matter. We stand with the Black transgender community in their fight for equality, recognition, a…
Retweeted by Clau 💖 @wildfIowercaIum Before or after quinn?Donderdag video sollicitatie bij coolblue. Imma be happy
I want a pendulumKan niet wachten tot ik ander werk heb wauwOk ze hebben een collega uitgenodigd die 40 is.. de rest is 19 tot 25 jaar???Altijd leuk om tr zien dat collegas een feestje hebben zonder jou... terwijl je van dezelfde fucking afdeling bentBen aan het solliciteren en alleen krijg ik het voor elkaar om een LEEG CV te sturen
I wish he was mine...
@HazbinHotel i literally just spent over $100 on your merch and now you drop this? imma go bankruptI need help with making a bookcover. I have the original cover but I want one line to be removed but i cant find th…
Ik HAAT het hier oprecht zo ergI still dont have my voice notes... imma riot i want them @onedirection @wildfIowercaIum Nog steeds een dwerg 🤣🤣🤣Im watching the glee episode dedicated to Cory, and im sobbing so hardA part of my lamp came down the ceiling. Its 5:40am and im wide awake due to the noice. My heart is racing like cra…
Does anybody remember the pc game Funkeys??Who the fuck is binging l*rzaylea back onto my tl? I hate it hereThrowback to the MYT Tour at the Eventim Apollo back in 2018! Got to snuck my camera inside and took some hella gre…
@girlstalkcurls But also knowing WHICH PICTIRES WERE USED?!?!?This voting is the tiem to proof 5sos that we are a family. We should put all our dramas and fights aside and unite… SCROLLING! This is a 5sos meme point! Drop your most recent 5sos meme in the replies with #MTVHottest 5 Seco… the way blaine proposed to kurt has me in tears. ITS BEAUTIFULWings from Little Mix is being used in GLEE!?!?!? YASSSSS
Which do you like better, rain or snow? — Snowwww had #AddictMV on repeat for hours now and I cant stop. This song slaps and the video just keeps breaking my hea… fact that Angel probably has ptsd from Valentino is saddening me. He really got treated like he was just a whor… IS SUCH A GREAT SONG OMG! @SilvaHound I LOVE IT SO MUCH @VivziePop YOU SLAY#MTVHottest 5sosOhgod mtvhottest has started again? Im getting war flashbacks from 2016-2018 of this... #MTVHottest 5 Seconds Of SummerHave you ever cut your own hair? — Yes when i was little added my pronouns in my bio and eh... idk
I feel like oure shit atm... its 9:30pm and i still need to paint all my walls a 2nd or maybe a 3rd time BEFORE TOM… you ask people to help renovating your room, half of then say they will let me know if they can, and in the en… @cartlum Jsksjssbssj soon we meet again im sure!!! @spencermusic Had the worst one a couple weeks ago unfortunatelyWhere is you favorite place to eat? — Mojo or just at home❤️
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Have you ever been to Africa? — Nope @cartlum ☀️
Mn kamer is een bouwval maar moet voor as zaterdag helemaal geverfd zijn.... okBen al sinds 1 uur aan het werk, en ren me de naad uit. Heb nu pas mn eerste pauze van de dag 💀💀PLEASE ASHTONS NOTES ARE THE SOFTEST IM GONNA SOB IN A CORNERPLEASE HIS VOICE IM SOBBING did i miss in 5sos land and why is there so much drama suddenly? Somebody fill me in
@wildfIowercaIum Nu ben ik so blessed om een goeie hfk vinyl te hebben omg @wildfIowercaIum Its so ugly i wanna smash it omg @wildfIowercaIum MIJNE ZIET ER UIT ZOALS T HOORT SKSKKSKSS WANNEER IS DEZE GEMAAKT OMG @wildfIowercaIum WHAT IS DAT @wildfIowercaIum Ik zou letterlijk mn lege portemonnee naar hun hoofd yeetenWait its #NonbinaryAwarenessWeek ?!Happy #NonbinaryAwarenessWeek to all my non-binary friends! It costs nothing to respect someones identity, even i…
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