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Mikeal Rogers @mikeal San Francisco, CA

Accurate predictions about things that already happened. IPLD Lead @ Protocol Labs.

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“Data gives us the illusion that we know the world, but the world is more than we know.” -Norman FischerWarrior Nun!!! @ThatKevinSmith @marcbernardin You guys, your Hallmark show about the demon and angel that fall in love could take… @mjackson @_developit isn’t Youtube Kids already free? we have it and there are no ads and we don’t pay anything
@naugtur hrm... doesn’t seem to be working right now @naugtur DUUUDE! You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this. I sat down to write it multiple times but for only one channel :) @bitandbang that statement is kind of absurd. open source developers have access to tech industry employment which… @bitandbang also, like all things Google, the platform captures most of the revenue, not the creators @bitandbang i just watch videos on buddhism that i dont think are even signed up for payment. i donate to some of the orgs directly tho.Why is YouTube Premium so expensive? They’ve stopped producing most of the original content, so you’re paying 12 do… “The Art of Doing Science and Engineering” and you may be surprised to find out that argueing about linters…
@IndieScripter What I mean is, there is no “peak” for any programming language while the growth of all programming… @IndieScripter @andrestaltz @BenNadel @bmeurer @BrendanEich @_ericelliott @rage_monk @rauschma Shifts in market sha… @IndieScripter @andrestaltz @BenNadel @bmeurer @BrendanEich @_ericelliott @rage_monk @rauschma This doesn’t really…
@thom_is_coding @evanplaice just chat in #welcome or is there a channel? @evanplaice @thom_is_coding I’m pretty deep in all of this right now, we should sync up at some point. I’ve got a… @robpalmer2 @j03m @BenjaminCoe i’m using c8 in Node.js, working on a toolchain to get it working in browser, but im… @robpalmer2 A bit more, and source maps on coverage have always been problematic at best. I haven’t seen anyone who… when I saw this. Heavy mentions of “Nodejitsu” in the official Node.js Docs. Thes… to native ESM is an interesting opportunity to hit the reset button on test frameworks and tools. It’s go… @pfrazee never attribute to malice something that can be explained by incompetence 😉Look at Chrome and V8. Possibly days of investment to get the setup running, lots of custom build tools, not to men… that depend on external contributors will always feel the pain of their dev environment more and be more r… it makes sense when you think about it. The more experienced the developers on a project are, the more they ar… the most part, projects with the worst development environment, the most onerous setup, are the ones with big “…
I was wondering “will anyone be able to make a dope music video during the pandemic?” New Marlowe!!!!!!’m just tryna get power!
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Does anyone know if there is a digital service I can watch Bamboozled on? It’s 20 years old and relevant as ever b… was skeptical that npm deprecation warnings were sufficiently annoying to drive people to migrate. When I deprec… know if Node.js v12.x will ever be able to take the V8 version shipping in v14.x right now? There are impor…
@cramforce Discovered 🤯 a few months ago and it 🤯 @cramforce I’m curious if it’s the lack of memes or the slow migration to emoji that shows it? @lynncyrin I named my daughter Kora ;) @sanishiver @kshay @polotek Yup, watched the pilot the other day, it’s *really* dark. @kwyntastic nobody thinks The Rookie needs to exist more than new episodes of Firefly should exist. @kwyntastic So good. I still have hope that one will come back some day. Enough that I actually get mad when the a… @polotek I think an important part of not getting awful when you get old is recognizing that new things aren’t for… another “I’m definitely old now” moment I recognized that I just can’t figure out how to identify with memes as…
I'll be participating in #HackFS, hosted by @ethglobal and @protocollabs. Come build a decentralized web! • Prizes…
Snowpack just merged support for package.json export maps. Coming soon to a release near you! PR:…
Retweeted by Mikeal RogersThis is amazing @el_piranna @JustinBeckwith if you’re running a GitHub Action on push then the test will already send you an email… @ljharb @DavidWells @wesleytodd @BenjaminCoe @UseExpressJS @npmjs i just don’t have the time. this stuff all accumu… @DavidWells @ljharb @wesleytodd @BenjaminCoe @UseExpressJS @npmjs It’s not that I believe 100% means there are neve… @flovilmart We do, but we usually know which deps we would need to follow their semver for, so this could be automa… @matteocollina Me either :/ @flovilmart That is mostly true. Problem is, if I’m taking a dependency that produces an object with a particular… @giltayar Ya, latest 12.x and 14.x only @wesleytodd @DavidWells @BenjaminCoe @ljharb @UseExpressJS @npmjs I started doing 100% test coverage when I started… @wesleytodd @DavidWells @BenjaminCoe @ljharb I’ve noticed that we fall into this strange active vs passive trust in… Officials locked the polling doors at 6pm. Voters were still waiting. The people demanded the doors open.…
Retweeted by Mikeal Rogers @wesleytodd @DavidWells @BenjaminCoe that’s cool, but im not gonna do that ;) for me, the point of automation is f… @DavidWells @BenjaminCoe @erezrokah hopefully this can all get solved within GitHub now that they own npm @DavidWells The only thing I know of is setting ip some infrastructure to basically manage the token scopes for you… @ronkorving I look forward to turning off email notifications. The new notifications UI is missing a few things for… @EvanTahler @github you still need to interact with it in order to merge tho 🤷‍♂️ @DavidWells turned it off because it makes the automation impossible, which is unfortunate
@DotProto fixed.First post on, breaking down how to write an ESM module that works in all compiles, Node.js… Gibson adamant that he didn’t make comments in private like the ones he’s been recorded making on numerous occasions.A lot can go wrong, so compiling a require() based version of the tests is huge. It also confirms that you’re expor… compile all .js files to .cjs in a dist dir. Compile all the tests as well and *you must* convert the r… need to align the filename with the export map if you don’t want to have trouble with bundlers because they won… you’re looking for an example of a module written in ESM that still works w/ require() and all current bundlers… @EvanTahler That could at least theoretically be consolidated into a single PR tho ;)I keep it 💯 Turing was born #OTD in 1912. He was a mathematician and computer scientist whose work on cracking the ENIGMA…
Retweeted by Mikeal Rogers @JustinBeckwith i don’t even want a PR, even automerged it’s too much noiseNew GitHub UI caught me by surprise but I think I like it already.The honeymoon I had with greenkeeper and dependabot is over. They are still great tools for applications, but for…”Africa” by Toto is in the spotlight, which means it’s a great time to see this brutal Steve Almond rant about it
Something @thichnhathanh does that so few buddhist writers can do is make the teachings sound as easy and effortles…
@nickvalluri @DanGill @ryan The way they created and edited together those flashbacks was incredible. How did this show not win every award?
The worst thing about Taika Waititi is that there aren’t like 7 more of him making things concurrently.Spiderverse over all else. Then both Taika movies. that 3 Democrats in the Senate are so delusional about centrism that they voted to confirm Barr are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole…
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@wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs The wonderful thing about the web development community is that people bu… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs Sure, but none of this is exacerbated by how Node.js ESM is implemented.… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs Applications are actually pretty easy to migrate to ESM. It’s not a very… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs Not necessarily. It means “old Node.js” is more than an afterthought (it… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs I’m lucky enough to be working on some stuff that is already looking pret… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs Not quite. ESM can *consume* CJS just fine, so when you adopt ESM you don… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs CJS has been around for 13 years, so of course it is. But I don’t think… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs There are some browser native workflows you can do with ESM, without a co… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan @nodejs Most of what I write is libraries for other people to consume. For me, ev… @MylesBorins @GregWildSmith @IamStan What I mean by “Node.js saying” is “this path you’re being pushed down by what… @MylesBorins @GregWildSmith @IamStan Ya, it’s not like Node.js Core team is anti-ESM. Quite the opposite, it’s just… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan yup, browsers, which is the dominant use case for JS (still) and about 80% of the use case for npm ;) @matteocollina @MylesBorins @IamStan i think “mature” is a hard statement to make here. esm is more mature in the… @bradleymeck @matteocollina @MylesBorins @IamStan what is the use case for hot reloading outside of development whe… @wesleytodd @MylesBorins @IamStan the gains are outside of Node.js. there’s a lot of new tooling that leverages ESM… @MylesBorins @IamStan yup. in totality, Node.js is still telling people they *should* be writing things in CJS bec… @MylesBorins @IamStan it’s alright, that’s a dep i manage and i can get a compile step into that library. @MylesBorins @IamStan i see! i thought rollup would compile the deps into the target as well. @MylesBorins @IamStan also updated to include v14. same error but the line number is a litt… @MylesBorins @IamStan exactly the same error actually, same lines and everything, which is in the .js extension cod… @MylesBorins @IamStan changed and pushed. same error tho :( @MylesBorins @IamStan sure, pushed to this branch npm run build here’s what happens when… @Aikar It’s not just async though. JS is parsed and then executed. `import` work starts before execution even begi…