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@MaxWildstein Was this in RS? @BAT1STA @stephhhhh_xo @Giancarlo818 Lmao. Just tagged you the same time you replied. @stephhhhh_xo @Giancarlo818 @BAT1STA ?
@BAT1STA @Yankees Bring me with you!
Retweeted by Mike @wiffleballmagic YESNY Courts tell "@NYCMayor to look in the mirror when it comes to responsibility for the dramatic surge in NYC gun v…
Retweeted by Mike @RealMattTomo A rocket to leave Earth @tuttibaci @NYGovCuomo He’s being sarcasticGerrit Cole wears a mask. Be like Cole and wear a mask, too! (Photo by @MLB)
Retweeted by Mike @glovechick @BNightengale @MLBNetwork I’m sure will stream it too @Frankthetank_k We shall see. I’m still 50/50
@CantH0LDMe Happy Birthday man
@JustinTuck Justice? He was 2000 ALCS MVP @DannyVietti Chris Davis for opposing pitchers @Sangi0vese1 @MikeLsports @DannyVietti I’m guessing JR is Jimmy Rollins? @BAT1STA @Yankees Congrats man and thank you for serving.From ICE ICE Baby to ICU ICU Gradnma @bsmithers41 @SarcasticPunk26 Yes because it’s Bobby Bonilla Day.
@GetLitCandle @SarcasticPunk26 Clearly you’re not focused on your team if you brought up the Yankees @mattweiss_ Didn’t say otherwise. This isn’t about the Yankees though. @mattweiss_ Cool. How many WS have they won? The answer: @BessieBest77 @JulianGuilarte1 LOL!Mets fans trying to claim it’s David Wright Day because of the draft pick they got , acting as if David Wright’s st… @EmSheDoesIt Mets fans are trying to declare it David Wright Day @theaceofspaeder @baseball_ref @sean_forman Hey Ryan, what other players with deferred contracts will still be bein… Mets or The Meths? @Ken_Rosenthal yes, of course, happy Bobby Bonilla day, too!
Retweeted by Mike @YankeeNation14 Bastard lol @MLBTheShow @NYCritix That was a movie (and it was great!)Wtf does this even mean?? Derek Jeter says 'There is no trust' between players, owners.
Retweeted by Mike @GluTapSports @cdixon25 @TriviaCrack @Yankees No clue @YankeeNation14 Stop it! Lol
@dorikins420 Omg that was a classic. @realDonaldTrump @the_Annelis @cdixon25 Ha. When i saw him i thought you were talking about All That or Kenan & Kel LOL @joetalksstuff Hey Dude was underrated. Great theme song too.Here’s how you know baseball is back: We’ve got a trade — and a player to be named later! The San Diego Padres are…
Retweeted by Mike @BriggsBoom Lmao. I remember these emails @jfranklin2678 Great pick @kevinfinnertyy Dammit. I should’ve wrote early 90s lol @J_Steinberger97 I was considering writing Early 90s lolMy favorite was Salute Your ShortsWhat was the best 90s Nickelodeon show? @Nickyb_04 @BAT1STA @Stephy_steph25 Have a great birthday @bleepinjavy17 Probably Jacob Wohl’s father @DanInsinga @Nickyb_04 @BAT1STA @shann_anigans @AaronCornielle @stephhhhh_xo @Eric_M888 @EmSheDoesIt @kathyvl_ @BAT1STA VIP @BAT1STA @Eric_M888 Awesome!!!
@JulianGuilarte1 @mklein176 Guess we wait and see @Frankthetank_k Good choices @mikescudiero Yep. @JulianGuilarte1 Wonder how many more will be joining. @mklein176 @LttleGel Protests and rally’s are first amendment rights @estebandqu @Breaking911 We need more than “some police”. Have you seen how much crime, particularly homicides have… @itsmrstealyour_ Bars agree. Restaurants i would say very limited. And no 2 tables close. But it is what it is. Safety always first. @LttleGel If it works then why not? Other countries which have improved did all this and look where they are now. W… @LttleGel Could be anything honestly. NYC has seen no spike in COVID and that’s with hundreds of thousands of prote… @LttleGel Pittsburgh getting worse with COVID? @blackrebirth52 @LttleGel They just suspended it @SBNation Yankees/Red Sox @jdmalnes @SBNation W goes to youLmaooo @estebandqu @Breaking911 I think you need to look up what abolished means. You want all police gone?Fireworks are dangerous and illegal. The @nyspolice will launch a detail to prevent illegal fireworks from being b…
Retweeted by Mike @nyy_cate @ggoldsmith824 Would definitely rather have that! @JimWilson4Prez @realDonaldTrump Calls people stupid that don’t like him. What a POS. @kingdj_5297 @ggoldsmith824 Can’t say for sure. Someone else tweeted that. Vin Scully should never be cancelled. @kingdj_5297 @ggoldsmith824 I think there was a quote from him in 2017 saying he was against kneeling or something. @morbs21 @FrankiesTooLoud @mrsstealyobase @AndrewwM_ The Dugout was my spot @BichonSnuggles @mauryrempel @MintChipMusic The person who took the photo @MikeFrancesa Ok @VamosYankees His wife, but that’s about it @Yankee21_andy Congrats Andrew
@Eric_M888 Doing well. Drinking coffee (maybe I should’ve had an Irish coffee) @YankeeNation14 Way to to. By the way after 99 prestige does it reset to bronze 1 again or do you just remain there? @Yankees 6 catchers is a lotThe New York Yankees 2020 Player Pool, which stands at 58 players.
Retweeted by Mike @CMusky4213 Omg lmaoHS vs Now @Nickyb_04 😂 😂 @Eric_M888 Had the same thing!!States expanded economic activity while cases were at an elevated plateau with lots of ongoing transmissions. In c…
Retweeted by Mike @tinyy86 Sure @JOE__B__91 Hope you had a great time Joe @_justinddiamond @DidiG18 @retrodiscman @PassonJim Lmao. My 3rd response to you. Deleted the last 2 because i keep reading the wrong thing.… @melmastro18 1!
@_JoeSeppi @Eric_M888 @bleepinjavy17 You forgot Denzel @PassonJim Did not expect Greinke’s to be that high. Vastly underrated pitcher in this era @SavageNtheBox @MakeUp_MoFo Haha. Same here.September 19. Yankees clinched the AL East