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Mike Bithell @mikeBithell Manchester, at a computer

Game director + writer (John Wick Hex, Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular & Quarantine Circular). Sometimes interesting. He/him

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Submitted a bunch of @GameDevHeroes nominations recently and it felt so good. I'm usually too shy to gush at all th…
Retweeted by Mike BithellIt sure seems like Elizabeth Warren could make a stammering confused “billionaire”’out of Donald Trump too, no?
Retweeted by Mike BithellThere is a point with this where you start to wonder what the megacorps know that you don't. distracted having the debate on while I work.. I cannot look away from Bloomberg's "Dude who lied about h… GAME EVER MADE AND WILL BE MADE. 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Mike BithellOn average, if I mention a job on twitter, we get 50-100 applications. For one job. Rejection is a default, not a c… @MaxKriegerVG Yeah, I’m in suburbia right now, bet that’s why. @patrickhwillems Only if I can side trade into ‘Disneyland YouTuber’... @patrickhwillems lol, we are having the same morning, but substitute 'editing' with 'making the character jump properly' @cactusjackter lol.. this is prototype code.. it'll set fire the second anyone beyond core team touches it :DToday I implemented something for a genre I've never worked in before, based on gut feel, and it actually worked fi…
@nictringali Disneyland Paris is like that and it is weeeeiiirrddddCouple folks americasplaining to me.. but yeah, there’s something specifically weird about Starbucks. I think it’s… @nictringali This made me think... I think the fantasy of Disneyland makes it palletable in that context, which is interesting (to me, lol) @giordanobc It feels heightened to comedic levels in Starbucks.Americans.. is the Starbucks experience in the US weird for you too? The whole ‘we’re so happy you’re here!’ vibe c… @chetfaliszek I have the same question... hoping that if GDC is gonna get cancelled, they do it with as much notice as possible.I made some rigs and slapped together some animated stuff to the #beetlejuicebway soundtrack.
Retweeted by Mike Bithell @mode7games Tried. And. Tested.There’s a game in this aesthetic.. love that crunchy texture work. dealing with the emotional fallout of The Good Place final episode, tbh. Utterly perfect, loved it so much.It is always ok to not share the daft take.
@MitchyD thanks man.. yeah.. pragmatism seems to be working for us so far :) @FE_MarkG @itchio @DanniSnappy @aldersaur @allisonlsummers @IanMccamant @NathanJWinfield @CalDonaldson92 off a call with a prospective producer about my need for better attention management because I need to dial… lives. just your periodic reminder.
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🧱🐍 🆚💧🐍❗️❗️❗️ @SirEelBiscuits (Secretly, me too ;P) @PinchLemon they all share links, but I think we'll continue to jump around @foofly oh, lol, I didn't know that was the biz case for EPs, cool @GreyTheTick Honestly? DLC didn't make sense, Volume had been out a while at that point, nobody was waiting on more… @QuickThinker1 looked like they were using a bunch of Vives, with custom tracking used for their cameras, rigs and dollies.So yeah. We'll ship more Circular games. When you see one, if you're interested in the business side, enjoy the met… went so well, that when we knew we'd spend months negotiating John Wick (the partners all rocked, but licensed g… hit this issue a few years back when a project of ours got cancelled.. I hatched a plan to make a game in 4 mont…'doing something' requires a lead in, be it contractual dealings with publishers, pre-production, planning.. a whol… is a nightmare. You obviously have a bunch of folks around being paid to be there, but often, it can be ge… q comes in a lot, so let me answer it here, and use it to jump off into a thread. Yes. There will absolutely… EPISODE OF FUCK YEAH, DOCTOR WHO WITH @MIKEBITHELL!
Retweeted by Mike BithellBoy, the Lion King VR camera doc on Disney+ is awesome. Getting all those sweet traditional film making skills into a virtual environment. @MOOMANiBE Our Circular games are specifically designed for this. @Koosvary @Rangutang @adam_orth Anyways, I’ve over invested in American politics for the night. It’s sad, it’s odd… @Koosvary @Rangutang @adam_orth I’ve never really understood that argument. It’s not like Ned Kelly didn’t have a g… @Rangutang @adam_orth I don’t have the stats to hand, but yes, Britain has a strong hunting tradition too (presumab… @Rangutang @adam_orth Good and fair q: the answer is yes, when our first major school shooting occurred, we immedi… @adam_orth Financially crippling healthcare and school shootings. Two completely unsolveable problems that none of…
@haikus_by_KN I imagine the teen guys would be too.Source Code @EuanDewar Thanks for that clarification :)Always very odd hearing Americans talk about universal healthcare like it’s an impossible, unworkable dream. @squaredspekz @DanNerdCubed Recording it right now, lolGonna retire and get a job as a cast-member. saw a notable artist claim there’s no luck and you just need to work hard to get opportunities. I can’t tell y…
Retweeted by Mike BithellI hadn’t tweeted about Dreams because I’ve not played it since official release... but damn... watching it grow ove…
@biancathemaker :) appreciate that.@Kerry_Dyer’s clocks make me feel a bit special. still fall into this trap often. My solution is largely to surround myself with smart people like Bianca. getting to the boss fight with Osborn in John Wick Hex
Retweeted by Mike BithellThe most important thing you can do if you like an indie game to support the devs is tell your friends.
Retweeted by Mike Bithellhi Portland! love everyone in this photo.
Ah, jackpot, the empty seat next to me and behind me for guilt free reclining combo! (Yes, existential guilt for i… envy how articulately @awintory can speak about his own work. Lots of interesting stuff in this. @loko08 Butterscotch I think? Not great @BangBangClick @TrentKusters @BangBangClick @TrentKusters One day we will take it back, as soon as we can figure out how to achieve anything as a team. @BangBangClick @TrentKusters *generic potato man face #213* @adam_orth Which gate you at? I’ll come look at him grumpily with you @jude_diggens Not really, just lots I love @Nick_Kempton It’s between Reboot Develop and DICE Europe. Both are relaxed and always educational. @jude_diggens That’s such a tough question @CobTheCreator Build me up buttercup, it would remind them how much more they enjoy buttercups @RobElse When I wanna ;) @S_de_Incognito Much better, and much worse... there’s a broader range in quality both directions @gankstrr @Nick_Scarpino @GameOverGreggy Curses. I’m going through security. Next time. @Lr_K Lots of travel! Much of it for work, but also making some time for exploring @gankstrr @Nick_Scarpino @GameOverGreggy Where yyyoouuuusss guuuuuyyyyyss aaaaaaaat @subtleleigh @BiancaAnsems Nope.. but it’s definitely bigger than a uk venti... I’ve gotten through about half and… @tha_rami @house_house_ This tweet was less successful than it deserved @CodeBison You too man! @FistyDollars Yorkshire. @AndyScholes1 Three @tweetcharisreid Boring answer but probably Animal Farm. That’s also my answer to second question. @TheGreatBritAnt We did a volume expansion in VR which was fun, and i love my quest :) @Ruubez I haven’t seen last ep, but there have been a couple zingers this season @Staggly Marvel UA :) @salehczk I’m a filthy casual with board games, but I’d love to do something with that kind of shared storytelling at some point. @Eternz That one is in development hell. @RiotRMD @remedygames @Official_AIAS Massively earned. Thanks for making a great game, and thanks for the brave AAA… @dannywallace It’s entirely possible. @BiancaAnsems This is a grande here (AirPod case for scale) @GamesWriting Does ‘baseball, but only the mathematical moneyball side’ count? @Eternz Yes, but only after I finish Circular Ultimatum: Next Triumvirate. @Hademars Dollars. Exotic.Bored in an airport drinking a massive Frappuccino because I forgot how much bigger Starbucks portions are in the US.. AMA.I’m a very happy tipper, but lol at US hotel staff always actually forcibly pulling luggage out of my hand to ‘help… @JumpOvertheAge I love your game's aesthetic so much, Gareth @adam_orth @Kerry_Dyer You too manAlways. Be. Referencing. @Lin_Manuel. @tha_rami @Kerry_Dyer Take care sir, and see you soon