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Game director +writer (The Solitaire Conspiracy, North Star Rising, John Wick Hex, Thomas Was Alone, Volume, The Circular Series). Sometimes interesting. He/him

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@Kid_Desimo I'll stop if I have to, man. industry needs you in it. @theindieboy1 @GameOverGreggy Gotta give Greg credit, he was an absolute pro, showed up prepared and ready to go. I…! Stopping now! @JackquinShoenix yeah, for a little while it was a space opera.. but I'd just done that with North Star Rising, so… @Goodie2212 cheers! And full credit to @Estirdalin for her amazing work on that art. I think I'd love to do more in… @dmlash123 ah, no, sadly not. No dog to pet either sadly @dmlash123 stock up on ibuprofen now @syke @THQNordic I think, bluntly, that Tak's theme and world hasn't aged well, so no, but I'd love more 3D platformers in general. @dmlash123 SNES and up @Wiecz0r It was fun! Lockdown made it tricky and limited scale, but if people like this I'm dying to go more extravagant @Daartv05 grab an engine and start simple. Make Pong or Snake in Unity or Unreal. @QMiqueou All of 'em, but I rewatched a lot of Mission Impossible making this game ;) @Gavinm91 Yep! Except Wick because I don't own that universe (although.. we snuck in a reference) @Core_Blaster launch day stats.. steam algo rewards games that are already doing well.. so anything I can do to boo… @OjOojmed not planned right now, but never say never @Daartv05 We're not currently, but I respect the hustle and wish you luck :) @VFXTanner lol, I did @animtree hehe.. great concept art and displacement maps :) @GaryBusey456 @amarikwa9212 erm, 3 core team members, and then about 10 doing small or supportive roles on this gam… @Palhil Nah, but they do something else that's rather pretty. @BruellaDeville Don't tempt me. @TheFireRises20 This one was probably making the jump to fmv... I've never directed live action performances before… @jessedeansquire @GameOverGreggy I pressume 50% of Greg's money goes in that direction, so indirectly, yes @BradenA8 nope, it definitely started with solitaire rather than spies.. now we've done it though, I've kinda falle… @robin_nonbinary we definitely arrived at solitaire first, then tried to figure out some cool themes to go with it.… @Gavinm91 Yep, lots of connective tissue there :) @c_r_5 My plan is to wait til I've aged and matured enough to do something meaningful.. TWA is very much a game mad… @amarikwa9212 'bout 5 months? I started pottering on a prototype after North Star Rising, then put a team together… @IndieGamerChick It was originated by Lawrence Olivier @KapuraMax None that I'm aware ofLet's AMA for a bit.. anyone got any pressing The Solitaire Conspiracy questions? (we'll do consoles if it sells w… @RaveofRavendale yuuuuuuuuup @russt_k Truly this is a win for all of us (but mostly for me, ;P) @mrgaming2004 @jimmywestcott96 @Charalanahzard Ah, ok, fair play.. I see we're not gonna get anywhere. Best of luck… @mrgaming2004 @jimmywestcott96 @Charalanahzard just jumping in with a couple notes for future conversations.. - Am…, @mikeBithell decided to release an indie game in 2020, and we’re covering the process on the next couple of wee…
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@lifeasyoshi My stock answer is, buy the game wherever you wanna play it :)Hello. In today's Show I talk about Bethesda being sold, @mikeBithell’s new game and an Anime that I actually want…
Retweeted by Mike Bithell, fan of wishlisters @DanNerdCubed lol, it's been too long since we talked shit, man :) @Cappy_Turin makes sense.. it is currently our worst ever selling game ;)I just put in @JonEverist's score for The Solitaire Conspiracy's final cutscene and *chef's kiss*. Lol, we're maki… @AlexBelaire @Charalanahzard @TroyBakerVA @awintory awesome!This is a very specific and weird flex.
Retweeted by Mike Bithell, fan of wishlistersout of context podcast update.. good job folks @robearific good man! @ShayneWaugh cheers Shayne! :) I like the less Bithell heavy ones myself :) @ricflairandrew THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE HOW WE INDIES GET TO KEEP PRODUCING THE WORK WE LOVE!Today on the show, we talk about a lot of things, but a lot about the Solitaire Conspiracy announcement, how we put…
It's been a few hours, I assume all of you have at this point? Right? @XuHe_HX @NetspeakGames nice! @Staggly @JonCheetham1 if it sells, yep :) .. ultimately we'll wait and see how it does on the first platforms and go from there @XuHe_HX @NetspeakGames 1) it varies, basically, anything they're proud of.. so sometimes it might be a cool bit of… @AeornFlippout (you're right to raise this as a question.. these sorts of things can quickly turn into competitive… @AeornFlippout nope, entirely non-compulsory, with zero pressure (I actively sit out showing stuff myself quite oft… @robearific doing the maths, will let you know.. maybeFridays are awesome, we do our show and tell in the afternoon and I get to be reminded how immensely talented every… @JonCheetham1 not technically a deck builder, tbh, but hope you dig it :)Hey. Have you wishlisted Solitaire Conspiracy yet? @axelallnight nah, he'll mean that he didn't send review codes to those sitesIt's really fucked up how machine learning not only makes scientists think that phrenology and physiognomy were not…
Retweeted by Mike Bithell, fan of wishlistersLol at the meta critic thing, but this thread is fascinating top to bottom criticism: "The premise of Volume is absurd. How would Locksley have real-time fully mapped interiors of rich…
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@xoxogossipgita At press events, there are people who's names I see on the interview schedule and I exhale a little… some fmv tweaks earlier.. @inel has something important to tell you... soon far better reason to visit steam today. .. But while your there- @DJ_Link oh, I see we're having the same dayIn depth videogame business insight from @Sliwinski. Wishlist it, lol. @spadgy_OTA @Michael_French wish I had the self confidence to pull those offIt’s time you started to meet your teams, Spymaster. Mantis Group are the operators you call when nobody else can… Bithell of Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex fame debuts his new game
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@CaseyExplosion aww, too kind, appreciatedAndrew gets it. Be like Andrew. also wishlist the game on steam) (this music is awesome) @TonisESP @adamdraven hehe, we'll see based on how it performs on desktop @Hawk_SE this one's entirely in house @TheAnnison very fairMy inner teen gets so proud whenever one of our games makes Famitsu... oh, did I mention you should wishlist it?… @bpcupid you nailed it, it's about maximising page views and day one sales.. steam algo rewards games that are doin… @DWaterMalone thanks, as always, you're seeing the product of several very talented people there :) @GardinerAlan in a quieter moment I need to check in on that.. I'm a mac guy too, so would like that to work @BlackDogBlue83 let's see how it's received on desktop and go from there!feels good to see a new contender in my steam library (out oct 6th wishist it here Solitaire Conspiracy is a new game about cards and spies from Thomas Was Alone developer, Mike Bithell -…
Retweeted by Mike Bithell, fan of wishlisters @SCOTCHBOXVR I've not actually, and I should manage your expectations by saying this isn't heavy on the legacylike… looking good for The Solitaire Conspiracy, thanks to all of you who took the time to go do that yesterday… @DorrellEttienne Do it! @theindieboy1 @GameOverGreggy You know what? I bet he’d try real hard and do a great job. Guy doesn’t quit.Misspelt Greggs. This is my biggest twitter face plant yet. @AndyHeatherUK I like ‘em. Bit too salty, but tasty£10 and a Greg’s vegan sausage roll. Final offer.’re onto us lads, ger’ in the van. (Thanks for the lovely write up, Eurogamer) @JarlanPerez Cheers man @yarrrjun That seems like a decent way to go into itWhen we announce a thing, with a lot of new collaborators, and you lot go and send them positivity and make ‘em fee…
@ShamsJorjani cheers sir :) @Sliwinski Is it coming to Switch? @Adsinjapan that's really kind, thanks :) @lisyk HELLO AUSTRALIA (and also, specifically, Lisy) @AlexaRayC cheers! How's things with you? Been too long since.. disneyland, right?